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Control Groups
MeSH HeadingControl Groups
Tree NumberE05.318.780.074
Tree NumberE05.581.500.149
Annotationdo not use routinely for the presence of control groups in a study design; reserve for discussions about control groups.
Scope NoteGroups that serve as a standard for comparison in experimental studies. They are similar in relevant characteristics to the experimental group but do not receive the experimental intervention.
See AlsoControlled Clinical Trials as Topic
Previous Indexing Research Design (1973-2002)
History Note2003
Date of Entry20020703
Unique IDD035061

MeSH Tree Structures

Investigative Techniques [E05]
   Epidemiologic Methods [E05.318]
      Epidemiologic Research Design [E05.318.780]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeControl Groups [E05.318.780.074]
Cross-Over Studies [E05.318.780.150]
Double-Blind Method [E05.318.780.300]
Genome-Wide Association Study [E05.318.780.392]
Lost to Follow-Up [E05.318.780.438]
Matched-Pair Analysis [E05.318.780.485]
Meta-Analysis as Topic [E05.318.780.500]
Random Allocation [E05.318.780.700]
Reproducibility of Results [E05.318.780.725]  +
Sample Size [E05.318.780.762]
Sensitivity and Specificity [E05.318.780.800]  +
Single-Blind Method [E05.318.780.850]

Investigative Techniques [E05]
   Methods [E05.581]
      Research Design [E05.581.500]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeControl Groups [E05.581.500.149]
Double-Blind Method [E05.581.500.300]
Early Termination of Clinical Trials [E05.581.500.400]
Meta-Analysis as Topic [E05.581.500.501]
Numbers Needed To Treat [E05.581.500.577]
Patient Selection [E05.581.500.653]
Random Allocation [E05.581.500.805]
Sample Size [E05.581.500.902]  +

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