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DNA Packaging
MeSH HeadingDNA Packaging
Tree NumberG04.299.452
Tree NumberG05.355.192
Scope NoteThe folding of an organism's DNA molecule into a compact, orderly structure that fits within the limited space of a CELL or VIRUS PARTICLE.
Allowable QualifiersDE ES GE IM PH RE
History Note2004
Date of Entry20030709
Unique IDD042003

MeSH Tree Structures

Cell Physiological Phenomena [G04]
   Cell Physiological Processes [G04.299]
Cell Adhesion [G04.299.117]
Cell Aging [G04.299.119]  +
Cell Communication [G04.299.122]  +
Cell Compartmentation [G04.299.125]  +
Cell Cycle [G04.299.134]  +
Cell Death [G04.299.139]  +
Cell Dedifferentiation [G04.299.145]
Cell Differentiation [G04.299.151]  +
Cell Fusion [G04.299.217]
Cell Growth Processes [G04.299.233]  +
Cell Movement [G04.299.283]  +
Cell Respiration [G04.299.305]  +
Cell Survival [G04.299.316]
Cell Transdifferentiation [G04.299.335]  +
Cell-in-Cell Formation [G04.299.345]  +
Clonal Evolution [G04.299.350]
Contact Inhibition [G04.299.355]
Cytoplasmic Streaming [G04.299.418]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDNA Packaging [G04.299.452]
Chromatin Assembly and Disassembly [G04.299.452.095]
Endocytosis [G04.299.482]  +
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress [G04.299.486]
Exocytosis [G04.299.490]  +
Ion Channel Gating [G04.299.500]
Lymphocyte Cooperation [G04.299.540]
Membrane Fusion [G04.299.570]
Mitochondrial Swelling [G04.299.580]
Mitochondrial Turnover [G04.299.630]  +
Radiation Tolerance [G04.299.680]  +
Re-Epithelialization [G04.299.730]
Receptor Aggregation [G04.299.780]  +
Receptor Cross-Talk [G04.299.785]
Signal Transduction [G04.299.880]  +

Genetic Phenomena [G05]
   Genetic Processes [G05.355]
Biological Evolution [G05.355.044]  +
Breeding [G05.355.090]  +
Cell Division [G05.355.105]  +
Clonal Evolution [G05.355.123]
DNA Cleavage [G05.355.142]
DNA Damage [G05.355.180]  +
DNA Methylation [G05.355.190]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDNA Packaging [G05.355.192]
Chromatin Assembly and Disassembly [G05.355.192.095]
DNA Repair [G05.355.195]  +
DNA Replication [G05.355.200]  +
Gene Expression [G05.355.310]  +
Gene Expression Regulation [G05.355.315]  +
Gene Rearrangement [G05.355.330]  +
Heredity [G05.355.380]
Molecular Mimicry [G05.355.590]
Mutagenesis [G05.355.600]  +
Nuclear Reprogramming [G05.355.680]
Nucleic Acid Denaturation [G05.355.720]
Recombination, Genetic [G05.355.760]  +
RNA Cleavage [G05.355.780]
Selection, Genetic [G05.355.800]
Sex Determination Processes [G05.355.865]
Virus Integration [G05.355.930]  +

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