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DNA Transformation Competence
MeSH HeadingDNA Transformation Competence
Tree NumberG05.232
Tree NumberG06.099.112.805.500
Scope NoteThe ability of bacterial cells to take up exogenous DNA and be genetically transformed by it.
Entry TermCompetence, DNA Transformation
Allowable QualifiersDE GE IM PH RE
Previous IndexingTransformation, Genetic or specifics(1976-2011)
History Note2012
Date of Entry20110624
Unique IDD061269

MeSH Tree Structures

Genetic Phenomena [G05]
Consanguinity [G05.180]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDNA Transformation Competence [G05.232]
Founder Effect [G05.285]
Gene Frequency [G05.330]  +
Gene Order [G05.340]
Gene Pool [G05.345]
Genetic Fitness [G05.347]
Genetic Load [G05.350]
Genetic Processes [G05.355]  +
Genetic Structures [G05.360]  +
Genetic Variation [G05.365]  +
Genomic Instability [G05.370]  +
Genotype [G05.380]  +
Hybrid Vigor [G05.400]
Inheritance Patterns [G05.420]  +
Genetic Linkage [G05.540]  +
Phenotype [G05.695]  +
Phylogeny [G05.697]
Ploidies [G05.700]  +
Sequence Homology [G05.810]  +
Sex Ratio [G05.815]
Structural Homology, Protein [G05.820]
Sympatry [G05.910]

Microbiological Phenomena [G06]
   Bacterial Physiological Phenomena [G06.099]
      Bacterial Processes [G06.099.112]
         Transformation, Bacterial [G06.099.112.805]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDNA Transformation Competence [G06.099.112.805.500]

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