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Economic Development
MeSH HeadingEconomic Development
Tree NumberI01.261.262
Tree NumberN03.219.206
Scope NoteMobilization of human, financial, capital, physical and or natural resources to generate goods and services.
Entry TermDevelopment, Economic
Entry TermEconomic Growth
Allowable QualifiersHI LJ SN TD
Previous Indexing Economics (1963-2009)
History Note2010; use ECONOMICS 1978-2009
Date of Entry20090706
Unique IDD057217

MeSH Tree Structures

Social Sciences [I01]
   Economics [I01.261]
Capitalism [I01.261.100]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeEconomic Development [I01.261.262]
Economic Recession [I01.261.425]
Gross Domestic Product [I01.261.587]
Resource Allocation [I01.261.750]  +

Health Care Economics and Organizations [N03]
   Economics [N03.219]
Compensation and Redress [N03.219.075]
Costs and Cost Analysis [N03.219.151]  +
Economic Competition [N03.219.188]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeEconomic Development [N03.219.206]
Economics, Behavioral [N03.219.215]
Economics, Dental [N03.219.224]  +
Economics, Hospital [N03.219.262]  +
Economics, Medical [N03.219.300]  +
Economics, Nursing [N03.219.338]
Economics, Pharmaceutical [N03.219.390]
External Debt [N03.219.416]
Fees and Charges [N03.219.442]  +
Financial Management [N03.219.463]  +
Financial Support [N03.219.483]  +
Financing, Organized [N03.219.521]  +
Financing, Personal [N03.219.559]  +
Health Care Sector [N03.219.650]
Inflation, Economic [N03.219.680]
Investments [N03.219.702]
Medical Indigency [N03.219.780]
Taxes [N03.219.900]  +

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