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Electronic Supplementary Materials
MeSH HeadingElectronic Supplementary Materials
Tree NumberV01.255
Annotationnot used for indexing or cataloging
Scope NoteSupporting content or information, such as animation, datasets, multimedia files, video, movies, audio files, text files, or software, which is submitted for publication in an online journal or an online edition of a journal. This information may be referenced in the text of the article with a link to the supplementary data provided. CATALOG: do not use
Entry TermElectronic Supplementary Material
Entry TermSupplementary Information
Entry TermSupplementary Material
Entry TermSupporting Information
History Note2011
Date of Entry20100625
Unique IDD058537

MeSH Tree Structures

Publication Components [V01]
Abstracts [V01.070]
Advertisements [V01.100]
Animation [V01.110]
Architectural Drawings [V01.140]
Bibliography [V01.165]  +
Biography [V01.175]
Book Illustrations [V01.185]  +
Bookplates [V01.195]
Charts [V01.200]
Comment [V01.205]
Editorial [V01.250]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeElectronic Supplementary Materials [V01.255]
Video-Audio Media [V01.255.500]  +
English Abstract [V01.260]
Letter [V01.550]
News [V01.630]
Patient Education Handout [V01.665]
Published Erratum [V01.700]
Retraction of Publication [V01.775]

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