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MeSH HeadingEnvironment
Tree NumberG16.500.275
Tree NumberN06.230
Scope NoteThe external elements and conditions which surround, influence, and affect the life and development of an organism or population.
Entry TermEnvironmental Impact
Entry TermEnvironmental Impacts
Entry TermImpact, Environmental
Entry TermImpacts, Environmental
See AlsoEcosystem
See AlsoSocial Environment
Entry VersionENVIR
Entry Combinationmicrobiology:Environmental Microbiology
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD004777

MeSH Tree Structures

Biological Phenomena [G16]
   Ecological and Environmental Phenomena [G16.500]
Ecological and Environmental Processes [G16.500.240]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeEnvironment [G16.500.275]
Altitude [G16.500.275.058]
Atmosphere [G16.500.275.063]  +
Carbon Footprint [G16.500.275.066]
Caves [G16.500.275.067]
Cities [G16.500.275.069]
Climate [G16.500.275.071]  +
Confined Spaces [G16.500.275.074]
Ecosystem [G16.500.275.157]  +
Extraterrestrial Environment [G16.500.275.240]  +
Fresh Water [G16.500.275.280]  +
Ice [G16.500.275.410]  +
Islands [G16.500.275.505]
Noise [G16.500.275.600]
Odors [G16.500.275.640]
Seawater [G16.500.275.810]  +
Soil [G16.500.275.815]
Wetlands [G16.500.275.960]
Wilderness [G16.500.275.965]
Geologic Sediments [G16.500.320]
Meteorological Concepts [G16.500.750]  +
Steam [G16.500.887]

Environment and Public Health [N06]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeEnvironment [N06.230]
Altitude [N06.230.058]
Carbon Footprint [N06.230.063]
Caves [N06.230.066]
Cities [N06.230.069]
Confined Spaces [N06.230.074]
Conservation of Natural Resources [N06.230.080]  +
Disasters [N06.230.100]  +
Ecosystem [N06.230.124]  +
Energy-Generating Resources [N06.230.132]  +
Environment, Controlled [N06.230.150]  +
Environment Design [N06.230.200]
Environmental Policy [N06.230.204]
Explosions [N06.230.208]
Fires [N06.230.216]  +
Fresh Water [N06.230.232]  +
Greenhouse Effect [N06.230.265]
Ice [N06.230.291]  +
Islands [N06.230.295]
Meteorological Concepts [N06.230.300]  +
Noise [N06.230.400]  +
Odors [N06.230.480]
Rain [N06.230.520]  +
Seawater [N06.230.580]
Soil [N06.230.600]
Steam [N06.230.650]
Structure Collapse [N06.230.750]
Water Movements [N06.230.850]
Public Health [N06.850]  +
Public Health Dentistry [N06.890]  +

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