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Forensic Nursing
MeSH HeadingForensic Nursing
Tree NumberH02.478.676.227
Tree NumberI01.198.780.952
Scope NoteThe application of NURSING knowledge to questions of law. It is a specialty of nursing practice involving victims of crime which includes not only attending to the physical and emotional distress of victims, but also the identifying, collecting, and preserving evidence for law enforcement and the criminal justice system.
Entry TermNursing, Forensic
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA MT OG SN ST TD
Previous Indexing Specialties, Nursing (1993-2006)
History Note2007
Date of Entry20140626
Unique IDD053604

MeSH Tree Structures

Health Occupations [H02]
   Nursing [H02.478]
      Specialties, Nursing [H02.478.676]
Advanced Practice Nursing [H02.478.676.074]
Cardiovascular Nursing [H02.478.676.112]
Community Health Nursing [H02.478.676.150]  +
Critical Care Nursing [H02.478.676.175]
Emergency Nursing [H02.478.676.200]
Family Nursing [H02.478.676.218]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeForensic Nursing [H02.478.676.227]
Geriatric Nursing [H02.478.676.236]
Holistic Nursing [H02.478.676.313]
Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing [H02.478.676.350]
Maternal-Child Nursing [H02.478.676.390]  +
Midwifery [H02.478.676.416]
Military Nursing [H02.478.676.458]
Nephrology Nursing [H02.478.676.514]
Obstetric Nursing [H02.478.676.570]
Occupational Health Nursing [H02.478.676.590]
Oncology Nursing [H02.478.676.605]
Orthopedic Nursing [H02.478.676.615]
Pediatric Nursing [H02.478.676.631]  +
Perioperative Nursing [H02.478.676.650]  +
Psychiatric Nursing [H02.478.676.710]
Public Health Nursing [H02.478.676.755]
Rehabilitation Nursing [H02.478.676.789]
Rural Nursing [H02.478.676.806]
School Nursing [H02.478.676.824]
Transcultural Nursing [H02.478.676.920]

Social Sciences [I01]
   Criminology [I01.198]
      Forensic Sciences [I01.198.780]
Forensic Anthropology [I01.198.780.750]
Forensic Ballistics [I01.198.780.760]
Forensic Dentistry [I01.198.780.875]
Forensic Medicine [I01.198.780.937]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeForensic Nursing [I01.198.780.952]
Forensic Toxicology [I01.198.780.968]

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