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Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation
MeSH HeadingHealth Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation
Tree NumberN05
Annotationused for searching: indexers and catalogers apply specifics
Scope NoteThe concept concerned with all aspects of the quality, accessibility, and appraisal of health care and health care delivery.
Entry TermHealthcare Quality, Access, and Evaluation
History Note98; use explode
Date of Entry19920625
Unique IDD017530

MeSH Tree Structures

Arrow pointing to current tree node Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation [N05]
Delivery of Health Care [N05.300]  +
Ethics [N05.350]  +
Health Services Research [N05.425]  +
Quality Assurance, Health Care [N05.700]  +
Quality of Health Care [N05.715]  +

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