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MeSH HeadingHomeostasis
Tree NumberG07.700.345
Scope NoteThe processes whereby the internal environment of an organism tends to remain balanced and stable.
Entry TermAutoregulation
See AlsoNeuroimmunomodulation
Allowable QualifiersDE ES GE IM PH RE
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD006706

MeSH Tree Structures

Physiological Phenomena [G07]
   Physiological Processes [G07.700]
Adaptation, Physiological [G07.700.062]  +
Bacterial Shedding [G07.700.085]
Electrophysiological Processes [G07.700.240]  +
Fluid Shifts [G07.700.280]
Growth and Development [G07.700.320]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeHomeostasis [G07.700.345]
Acid-Base Equilibrium [G07.700.345.110]
Body Temperature Regulation [G07.700.345.421]  +
Feedback, Physiological [G07.700.345.732]  +
Osmoregulation [G07.700.345.810]  +
Hormesis [G07.700.370]
Movement [G07.700.560]  +
Nutrition Processes [G07.700.620]  +
Pharmacological Processes [G07.700.680]  +
Radiation Tolerance [G07.700.760]  +
Stress, Physiological [G07.700.830]  +
Thermosensing [G07.700.850]
Virus Shedding [G07.700.915]

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