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Identity Crisis
MeSH HeadingIdentity Crisis
Tree NumberF01.752.747.423
Annotationno qualif
Scope NoteChaotic concept of self wherein one's role in life appears to be an insoluble dilemma often expressed by isolation, withdrawal, rebellion and extremism.
Previous Indexing Defense Mechanisms (1966-1967)
Previous Indexing Identification (Psychology) (1968-1970)
Previous Indexing Self Concept (1966-1970)
History Note1973(1971)
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD007063

MeSH Tree Structures

Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms [F01]
   Personality [F01.752]
      Personality Development [F01.752.747]
Ego [F01.752.747.189]  +
Extraversion (Psychology) [F01.752.747.246]
Id [F01.752.747.347]
Identification (Psychology) [F01.752.747.385]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeIdentity Crisis [F01.752.747.423]
Individuation [F01.752.747.466]
Introversion (Psychology) [F01.752.747.511]
Moral Development [F01.752.747.616]
Psychosexual Development [F01.752.747.722]  +
Self Concept [F01.752.747.792]  +
Superego [F01.752.747.859]
Type A Personality [F01.752.747.880]
Type B Personality [F01.752.747.905]
Type D Personality [F01.752.747.917]
Unconscious (Psychology) [F01.752.747.930]

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