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Library Schools
MeSH HeadingLibrary Schools
Tree NumberI02.783.388
Tree NumberL01.583.430
Annotationspecify geog if pertinent
Scope NoteEducational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of library science or information.
Entry TermSchools, Library
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ES HI LJ MA OG SD SN ST TD UT
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD007997

MeSH Tree Structures

Education [I02]
   Schools [I02.783]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeLibrary Schools [I02.783.388]
Schools, Health Occupations [I02.783.660]  +
Universities [I02.783.850]

Information Science [L01]
   Library Science [L01.583]
Library Administration [L01.583.363]
Library Associations [L01.583.390]
Library Automation [L01.583.400]
Library Collection Development [L01.583.410]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeLibrary Schools [L01.583.430]
Library Services [L01.583.464]  +
Library Surveys [L01.583.564]
Library Technical Services [L01.583.782]

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