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Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes
MeSH HeadingLogical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes
Tree NumberL01.453.245.945.500
AnnotationCATALOG: use NAF entry
Scope NoteA vocabulary database of universal identifiers for laboratory and clinical test results. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange and pooling of results for clinical care, outcomes management, and research. It is produced by the Regenstrief Institute. ( LOINC and RELMA [Internet]. Indianapolis: The Regenstrief Institute; c1995-2001 [cited 2002 Apr 2]. Available from
Entry TermLOINC
Previous Indexing Vocabulary, Controlled (1996-2002)
History Note2003
Date of Entry20020703
Unique IDD039703

MeSH Tree Structures

Information Science [L01]
   Information Services [L01.453]
      Documentation [L01.453.245]
         Vocabulary, Controlled [L01.453.245.945]
Biological Ontologies [L01.453.245.945.079]  +
Current Procedural Terminology [L01.453.245.945.160]
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [L01.453.245.945.200]
Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System [L01.453.245.945.380]
International Classification of Diseases [L01.453.245.945.400]
International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health [L01.453.245.945.450]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeLogical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes [L01.453.245.945.500]
Subject Headings [L01.453.245.945.700]  +
Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine [L01.453.245.945.720]
Unified Medical Language System [L01.453.245.945.800]

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