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Medical Chaperones
MeSH HeadingMedical Chaperones
Tree NumberM01.526.485.500
Scope NoteIndividuals who are present as a third party during medical encounters such as physical examination by a healthcare professional of an individual of the opposite sex.
Entry TermPatient Chaperones
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ES HI LJ MA MT OG SD SN ST TD UT
History Note2012
Date of Entry20110624
Unique IDD061348

MeSH Tree Structures

Persons [M01]
   Occupational Groups [M01.526]
      Health Personnel [M01.526.485]
Allied Health Personnel [M01.526.485.067]  +
Anatomists [M01.526.485.133]
Caregivers [M01.526.485.200]
Coroners and Medical Examiners [M01.526.485.230]
Dental Staff [M01.526.485.290]  +
Dentists [M01.526.485.330]  +
Faculty, Dental [M01.526.485.360]
Faculty, Medical [M01.526.485.375]
Faculty, Nursing [M01.526.485.390]
Health Educators [M01.526.485.410]
Health Facility Administrators [M01.526.485.430]  +
Infection Control Practitioners [M01.526.485.490]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeMedical Chaperones [M01.526.485.500]
Medical Laboratory Personnel [M01.526.485.510]
Medical Staff [M01.526.485.630]  +
Nurses [M01.526.485.650]  +
Nursing Staff [M01.526.485.680]  +
Personnel, Hospital [M01.526.485.740]  +
Pharmacists [M01.526.485.780]
Physician Executives [M01.526.485.800]
Physicians [M01.526.485.810]  +
Veterinarians [M01.526.485.905]

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