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Physician Incentive Plans
MeSH HeadingPhysician Incentive Plans
Tree NumberN04.452.677.740
Scope NoteCompensatory plans designed to motivate physicians in relation to patient referral, physician recruitment, and efficient use of the health facility.
Entry TermIncentive Plans, Physician
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ES HI LJ OG SN ST TD UT
Previous Indexing Employee Incentive Plans (1979-1987)
Previous Indexing Personnel Management (1966-1987)
History Note91(88); was see under PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT 1988-90
Date of Entry19870504
Unique IDD010816

MeSH Tree Structures

Health Services Administration [N04]
   Organization and Administration [N04.452]
      Personnel Management [N04.452.677]
Career Mobility [N04.452.677.300]
Collective Bargaining [N04.452.677.356]
Employee Discipline [N04.452.677.358]
Employee Grievances [N04.452.677.362]
Employee Incentive Plans [N04.452.677.368]
Employee Performance Appraisal [N04.452.677.370]
Job Application [N04.452.677.400]
Job Description [N04.452.677.410]
Management Quality Circles [N04.452.677.420]
Negotiating [N04.452.677.430]
Personnel Administration, Hospital [N04.452.677.440]
Personnel Delegation [N04.452.677.445]
Personnel Downsizing [N04.452.677.450]
Personnel Loyalty [N04.452.677.460]
Personnel Selection [N04.452.677.500]
Personnel Staffing and Scheduling [N04.452.677.650]
Personnel Turnover [N04.452.677.680]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodePhysician Incentive Plans [N04.452.677.740]
Salaries and Fringe Benefits [N04.452.677.800]  +
Staff Development [N04.452.677.822]
Strikes, Employee [N04.452.677.842]
Workload [N04.452.677.950]
Workplace [N04.452.677.975]

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