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Social Networking
MeSH HeadingSocial Networking
Tree NumberL01.143.910
Annotationdo not confuse with SOCIAL NETWORKS see SOCIAL SUPPORT
Scope NoteIndividuals connecting by family, work or other interests. It also includes connectivity facilitated by computer-based communications.
Allowable QualifiersHI
History Note2012
Date of Entry20110624
Unique IDD060756

MeSH Tree Structures

Information Science [L01]
   Communication [L01.143]
Access to Information [L01.143.024]
Advertising as Topic [L01.143.050]
Answering Services [L01.143.140]
Communication Barriers [L01.143.230]
Computer Literacy [L01.143.256]
Cybernetics [L01.143.283]  +
Diffusion of Innovation [L01.143.320]  +
Disclosure [L01.143.335]
Health Communication [L01.143.350]
Hotlines [L01.143.380]
Information Dissemination [L01.143.443]
Information Literacy [L01.143.450]  +
Information Seeking Behavior [L01.143.458]
Interdisciplinary Communication [L01.143.474]
Language [L01.143.506]  +
Negotiating [L01.143.620]
Nonverbal Communication [L01.143.649]  +
Persuasive Communication [L01.143.762]
Propaganda [L01.143.790]
Reminder Systems [L01.143.820]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeSocial Networking [L01.143.910]

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