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MeSH HeadingThanatology
Tree NumberK01.752.827
Annotation"the study of the theory, philosophy & doctrine of death"; do not confuse with DEATH, the physiol concept; DF: THANATOL
Scope NoteThe study of the theory, philosophy, and doctrine of death.
See AlsoDeath
Allowable QualifiersHI
Entry VersionTHANATOL
Previous Indexing Death (1966-1974)
Online Notesearch DEATH 1974
History Note90(75); was see under DEATH 1974-89
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD013795

MeSH Tree Structures

Humanities [K01]
   Philosophy [K01.752]
Esthetics [K01.752.210]  +
Existentialism [K01.752.304]
Life [K01.752.400]  +
Logic [K01.752.448]  +
Metaphysics [K01.752.511]
Morals [K01.752.566]  +
Philosophy, Dental [K01.752.622]  +
Philosophy, Medical [K01.752.667]  +
Philosophy, Nursing [K01.752.712]  +
Postmodernism [K01.752.720]
Qi [K01.752.730]
Symbolism [K01.752.798]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeThanatology [K01.752.827]
Utopias [K01.752.884]
Vitalism [K01.752.935]
Yin-Yang [K01.752.967]

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