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Ventilators, Mechanical
MeSH HeadingVentilators, Mechanical
Tree NumberE07.950
Scope NoteMechanical devices used to produce or assist pulmonary ventilation.
Entry TermPulmonary Ventilator
Entry TermPulmonary Ventilators
Entry TermRespirators
Entry TermVentilator, Pulmonary
Entry TermVentilators
Entry TermVentilators, Pulmonary
See AlsoLiquid Ventilation
See AlsoRespiration, Artificial
See AlsoVentilator-Induced Lung Injury
Allowable QualifiersAE CL CT EC ES HI MI PS SD SN ST TD UT VE VI
Online Noteuse VENTILATORS, MECHANICAL to search RESPIRATORS 1966-88
History Note89; was RESPIRATORS 1963-88
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD012122

MeSH Tree Structures

Equipment and Supplies [E07]
Air Filters [E07.039]
Atmosphere Exposure Chambers [E07.079]
Bandages [E07.101]  +
Bioreactors [E07.115]  +
Capillary Tubing [E07.123]
Catheters [E07.132]  +
Compressed Air [E07.161]
Contraceptive Devices [E07.190]  +
Culture Media [E07.206]  +
Dental Equipment [E07.222]  +
Diagnostic Equipment [E07.230]  +
Diffusion Chambers, Culture [E07.241]
Disposable Equipment [E07.252]
Durable Medical Equipment [E07.278]
Electrical Equipment and Supplies [E07.305]  +
Emergency Medical Tags [E07.315]
Equipment and Supplies, Hospital [E07.325]  +
Feminine Hygiene Products [E07.357]  +
Gamma Cameras [E07.420]
Gas Scavengers [E07.427]
Gastric Balloon [E07.430]
Gravity Suits [E07.440]
Incubators [E07.461]  +
Infant Equipment [E07.490]  +
Infusion Pumps [E07.505]  +
Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Devices [E07.515]
Medicine Chests [E07.546]
Microbubbles [E07.553]
Micropore Filters [E07.560]
Microspheres [E07.565]
Nanospheres [E07.595]
Nebulizers and Vaporizers [E07.605]  +
Needles [E07.612]
Optical Devices [E07.632]  +
Oxygenators [E07.652]  +
Phantoms, Imaging [E07.671]
Prostheses and Implants [E07.695]  +
Protective Devices [E07.700]  +
Quantum Dots [E07.705]
Radiation Equipment and Supplies [E07.710]  +
Radio Frequency Identification Device [E07.715]
Reagent Kits, Diagnostic [E07.720]  +
Self-Help Devices [E07.796]  +
Sensory Aids [E07.814]  +
Surgical Equipment [E07.858]  +
Surgically-Created Structures [E07.862]  +
Syringes [E07.877]
Thermometers [E07.900]
Tomography Scanners, X-Ray Computed [E07.913]
Tourniquets [E07.926]
Transdermal Patch [E07.935]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeVentilators, Mechanical [E07.950]
Ventilators, Negative-Pressure [E07.950.500]
X-Ray Film [E07.960]
X-Ray Intensifying Screens [E07.970]

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