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B-Cell Differentiation Antigens  see Antigens, Differentiation, B-Lymphocyte
B-Cell Leukemia, Chronic  see Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-Cell
B-Cells  see B-Lymphocytes
B Fibers  see Nerve Fibers, Myelinated
B-K Mole Syndrome  see Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome
B-Lymphocyte Differentiation Antigens  see Antigens, Differentiation, B-Lymphocyte
Mesh BrowserB-Lymphocytes  WH 200 
See also Lymphocyte Cooperation
B-Lymphocytic Leukemia, Chronic  see Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-Cell
B16 Melanoma  see Melanoma, Experimental
Babesiasis  see Babesiosis
Mesh BrowserBabesiosis SF 791
Human infections  WC 600
Baboon, Gelada  see Theropithecus
Baboons  see Papio
Baboons, Savanna  see Papio
Mesh BrowserBacillaceae  QW 127.5.B2 
Bacillary Dysentery  see Dysentery, Bacillary
Mesh BrowserBacillus  QW 127.5.B2 
Mesh BrowserBacillus anthracis  QW 127.5.B2 
Bacillus Calmette Guerin Vaccine  see BCG Vaccine
Mesh BrowserBacillus megaterium  QW 127.5.B2 
Mesh BrowserBacillus subtilis  QW 127.5.B2 
Mesh BrowserBacillus thuringiensis  QW 127.5.B2 
Mesh BrowserBacitracin  QV 350 
Mesh BrowserBack  WE 720-755 
Mesh BrowserBack Injuries  WE 720-755 
See also Spinal Injuries
Mesh BrowserBack Pain  WE 720 
See also Low Back Pain  WE 755
Backache  see Back Pain
Backcrossing  see Inbreeding
Mesh BrowserBackground Radiation  WN 105 
Mesh BrowserBaclofen  QV 140 
Baclophen  see Baclofen
Mesh BrowserBacteremia  WC 240 
See also Endotoxemia  WC 240
Mesh BrowserBacteria  QW 
General works  QW 50
Anatomy and morphology  QW 51
As cause of disease  QZ 65
Invasiveness  QW 730
Metabolism  QW 52
Physiology see Bacterial Physiological Phenomena  QW 52
See also specific orders or types of bacteria, e.g., Actinomycetales  QW 125
See also Pili, Sex  QW 51
Mesh BrowserBacteria, Anaerobic  QW 52 
Bacteria, Purple  see Proteobacteria
Mesh BrowserBacterial Adhesion  QW 52 
Bacterial Antibodies  see Antibodies, Bacterial
Bacterial Antigens  see Antigens, Bacterial
Bacterial Conjugation  see Conjugation, Genetic
Bacterial DNA  see DNA, Bacterial
Bacterial Gene Expression Regulation  see Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial
Bacterial Gene Products  see Bacterial Proteins
Bacterial Gene Proteins  see Bacterial Proteins
Bacterial Genetics  see Genetics, Microbial
Bacterial Genome  see Genome, Bacterial
Mesh BrowserBacterial Infections  WC 200-425 
Enteric  WC 260-290
In plants SB 734
Infant or child  WC 200-425
Nursing  WY 153
Of the kidney  WJ 351
Other particular organ affected, by organ or region
Veterinary SF 780.3
Specific infection see name of infection
Bacterial Infections, Central Nervous System  see Central Nervous System Bacterial Infections
Bacterial Meningitis  see Meningitis, Bacterial
Mesh BrowserBacterial Outer Membrane Proteins  QW 52 
Mesh BrowserBacterial Physiological Phenomena  QW 52 
See also Genetics, Microbial
Bacterial Physiology  see Bacterial Physiological Phenomena
Bacterial Polysaccharides  see Polysaccharides, Bacterial
Mesh BrowserBacterial Proteins  QW 52 
Therapeutic use, with the disease being treated
Bacterial RNA  see RNA, Bacterial
Bacterial Sensitivity Tests  see Microbial Sensitivity Tests
Bacterial Spores  see Spores, Bacterial
Mesh BrowserBacterial Toxins  QW 630.5.B2 
Bacterial Transformation  see Transformation, Bacterial
Mesh BrowserBacterial Vaccines
General  WC 200
Pyrogenic  WB 469
Bacterial Viability  see Microbial Viability
Bacterial Warfare  see Biological Warfare
Bactericidal Action of Antibodies  see Bacteriolysis
Mesh BrowserBacteriocins  QV 350 
Mesh BrowserBacteriological Techniques
General  QW 25.5.B2
Clinical pathology  QY 100
Veterinary  QW 70
See also Culture Media
Mesh BrowserBacteriology
As a profession  QW 21
See also Bacterial Physiological Phenomena
Mesh BrowserBacteriolysis  QW 660 
Mesh BrowserBacteriophage lambda  QW 161.5.C6 
Mesh BrowserBacteriophage Typing  QW 25.5.B2 
Mesh BrowserBacteriophages  QW 161 
See also Genetic Vectors
See also Lysogeny
Bacteriophages T  see T-Phages
Bacteriorhodopsin  see Bacteriorhodopsins
Mesh BrowserBacteriorhodopsins  QW 52 
Mesh BrowserBacteriuria  WJ 351 
In urine analysis  QY 185
Mesh BrowserBacteroides  QW 133 
Mesh BrowserBacteroides Infections  WC 200 
Mesh BrowserBacteroidetes  QW 128 
Badminton  see Racquet Sports
Bagassosis  see Pneumoconiosis
Baiji  see Dolphins
Mesh BrowserBalantidiasis  WC 735 
Mesh BrowserBalantidium  QX 151 
Balanus  see Thoracica
Baldness  see Alopecia
Balint Psychoanalytic Therapy  see Psychoanalytic Therapy
Ballismus  see Dyskinesias
Ballistics  see Forensic Ballistics
Ballistics, Wound  see Forensic Ballistics
Mesh BrowserBallistocardiography  WG 141.5.B2 
Balloon Angioplasty  see Angioplasty, Balloon
Balloon Dilatation, Coronary Artery  see Angioplasty, Balloon, Coronary
Mesh BrowserBalloon Occlusion  WB 365 
In cardiovascular diseases  WG 166.5.B2
In other diseases, with the disease or site
See also Blood Vessel Prosthesis Implantation
Balloon Tamponade  see Balloon Occlusion
Mesh BrowserBalneology  WB 525 
See also Health Resorts
See also Mineral Waters
Balneotherapy  see Balneology
Balo Concentric Sclerosis  see Diffuse Cerebral Sclerosis of Schilder
Mesh BrowserBalsams  QV 241 
Bancroftian Elephantiasis  see Elephantiasis, Filarial
Band 3 Protein  see Anion Exchange Protein 1, Erythrocyte
Mesh BrowserBandages
First aid  WA 292
Surgical  WO 167
See also Occlusive Dressings  WO 167
Bandages, Occlusive  see Occlusive Dressings
Bandicoot Rats  see Murinae
Bandicota  see Murinae
Banding, Chromosome  see Chromosome Banding
Bang's Disease  see Brucellosis, Bovine
Baptisia  see Fabaceae
Bar Codes  see Automatic Data Processing
Barany Test  see Caloric Tests
Barany's Test  see Caloric Tests
Barbary Ape  see Macaca
Barbels  see Cyprinidae
Mesh BrowserBarber Surgeons
General  WO 11
As dentists  WU 11
Collective WZ 112.5.S8
Individual WZ 100
Mesh BrowserBarbering
Care of hair  WR 465
Public health aspects of barber shops  WA 744
Registration of barbers  WA 32
See also Barber Surgeons
Mesh BrowserBarbiturates  QV 88 
See also Anesthetics, Intravenous  WO 285
See also Anticonvulsants  QV 85
See also Hypnotics and Sedatives
Barbituric Acid Derivatives  see Barbiturates
Barefoot Doctors  see Community Health Workers
Mesh BrowserBariatric Medicine  WD 210 
See also Bariatric Surgery
See also Bariatrics
Mesh BrowserBariatric Surgery
General  WI 900
See also Bariatrics
See also Obesity, Morbid  WD 210
Mesh BrowserBariatrics  WD 210 
See also Bariatric Medicine
See also Obesity
Mesh BrowserBarium
Toxicology  QV 290
As a contrast medium in radiology  WN 160
Barlow's Disease  see Scurvy
Barnacles  see Thoracica
Baroreceptors  see Pressoreceptors
Mesh BrowserBarotrauma
In high altitude  WD 710
Underwater  WD 650
See also Atmospheric Pressure
See also Decompression Sickness
Barr Bodies  see Sex Chromatin
Mesh BrowserBarrett Esophagus  WI 250 
Barrett Syndrome  see Barrett Esophagus
Barrier Contraception  see Contraception, Barrier
Barriers, Architectural  see Architectural Accessibility
Mesh BrowserBartholin's Glands  WP 200 
Mesh BrowserBartonella Infections  WC 640 
Mesh BrowserBartonellaceae Infections  WC 640 
Bartonellosis  see Bartonella Infections
Mesh BrowserBartter Syndrome  WK 770 
Basal Anesthesia  see Preanesthetic Medication
Mesh BrowserBasal Ganglia  WL 307 
Mesh BrowserBasal Ganglia Diseases  WL 307 
See also names of specific disorders, e.g., Parkinson Disease  WL 359
Mesh BrowserBasal Metabolism  QU 125 
See also Calorimetry
Basal Nuclei  see Basal Ganglia
Basal Vein  see Cerebral Veins
Mesh BrowserBase Sequence  QU 470 
Base Sequence Homology  see Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid
Mesh BrowserBaseball  QT 260.5.B2 
Basedow's Disease  see Graves Disease
Basic Cardiac Life Support  see Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Basic Life Support  see Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Basic Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor  see Aprotinin
Basicranium  see Skull Base
Basidiomycetes  see Basidiomycota
Mesh BrowserBasidiomycota  QW 180.5.B2 
Mesh BrowserBasilar Artery  WG 595.B2 
Basilar Artery Aneurysm  see Intracranial Aneurysm
Basilar Artery Insufficiency  see Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency
Basilar Artery Stenosis  see Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency
Basilar Impression  see Platybasia
Mesh BrowserBasilar Membrane  WV 250 
Basilar Migraine  see Migraine with Aura
Basilar Papilla  see Organ of Corti
Basilar Steal Syndrome  see Subclavian Steal Syndrome
Basilar-Type Migraine  see Migraine with Aura
Mesh BrowserBasketball  QT 260.5.B3 
Basophilism, Pituitary  see Cushing Syndrome
Mesh BrowserBasophils  WH 200 
Basophils, Tissue  see Mast Cells
Mesh BrowserBathing Beaches  WA 820 
Mesh BrowserBaths
Hygiene  QT 240
Mud see Mud Therapy  WB 525
Public  WA 820
Sand see Ammotherapy  WB 525
See also Balneology  WB 525
See also Hydrotherapy  WB 520
See also Steam Bath  WB 525
Baths, Finnish  see Steam Bath
Baths, Sand  see Ammotherapy
Bats  see Chiroptera
Batten Disease  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Batten-Spielmeyer-Vogt Disease  see Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses
Mesh BrowserBattered Child Syndrome  WA 325 
Mesh BrowserBattered Women
General and public health aspects  WA 309
Battered woman syndrome  WM 167
Crisis Intervention  WM 401
Psychology see Crime Victims  WM 167
Specific psychological aspects by aspect, e.g., Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic  WM 172.5
See also Spouse Abuse
Battle Fatigue  see Combat Disorders
Baylisascaris  see Ascaridoidea
BCG  see Mycobacterium bovis
Mesh BrowserBCG Vaccine  WF 250 
Beaches, Bathing  see Bathing Beaches
Beaked Whales  see Whales
Beans  see Fabaceae
Beard  see Hair
Mesh BrowserBeauty BH
Plastic surgery  WO 600
Women HQ 1219-1220
Mesh BrowserBeauty Culture
Hygienic aspects  QT 275
Public health aspects  WA 744
Registration of beauticians and cosmeticians  WA 32
Beauty Salons  see Beauty Culture
Beavers  see Rodentia
Bechterew Disease  see Spondylitis, Ankylosing
Bechterew's Disease  see Spondylitis, Ankylosing
Mesh BrowserBeclomethasone  WK 755 
Beclomethasone Dipropionate  see Beclomethasone
Bed Capacity, Hospital  see Hospital Bed Capacity
Mesh BrowserBed Conversion  WX 140 
In special type of facilities, with the facility
Bed Nucleus of Stria Terminalis  see Septal Nuclei
Mesh BrowserBed Occupancy  WX 16 
See also Hospital Bed Capacity
Bed Size, Hospital  see Hospital Bed Capacity
Mesh BrowserBedbugs  QX 503 
Mesh BrowserBedding and Linens  WX 165 
Home care of sick  W 26
Bedouins  see Arabs
Mesh BrowserBeds
Home care of sick  W 26
Hospitals  WX 147
Beds, Swing  see Bed Conversion
Bedside Computing  see Point-of-Care Systems
Bedside Testing  see Point-of-Care Systems
Bedsore  see Pressure Ulcer
Bedwetting  see Nocturnal Enuresis
Mesh BrowserBee Venoms  WD 430 
See also Apitherapy
Mesh BrowserBeer
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 444
Microorganisms of fermentation  QW 85
Public health aspects  WA 695-701
See also Alcoholism  WM 274
See also Ethanol  QV 84, etc.
Mesh BrowserBees  QX 565 
See also Honey
See also Propolis
Mesh BrowserBeetles  QX 555 
Mesh BrowserBeginning of Human Life
Biological concept see Biogenesis QH 325
Legal establishment  W 789
Philosphical religious aspects  W 61
Beginning of Life  see Beginning of Human Life
Mesh BrowserBehavior
Adolescent  WS 462
Infant or child  WS 105
Psychology (General) BF 110-149
Sex see Sexual Behavior HQ 12-30.7, etc.
Classify psychiatric aspects in WM
Special topics, by subject
See also Genetics, Behavioral
Behavior, Adaptive  see Adaptation, Psychological
Mesh BrowserBehavior, Addictive  WM 176 
See also Substance-Related Disorders
Behavior, Adolescent  see Adolescent Behavior
Mesh BrowserBehavior, Animal QL 750.3-795
See also Infant Care
Behavior, Assaultive  see Violence
Behavior, Child  see Child Behavior
Behavior, Compulsive  see Compulsive Behavior
Mesh BrowserBehavior Control
Special topics, by subject
See also Behavior Therapy  WM 425, etc.
See also Conditioning, Operant BF 319.5.O6
See also Persuasive Communication BF 637.P4
Behavior, Dangerous  see Dangerous Behavior
Behavior Disorders  see Mental Disorders
Behavior, Exploratory  see Exploratory Behavior
Behavior, Infant  see Infant Behavior
Behavior Modification  see Behavior Therapy
Mesh BrowserBehavior Therapy  WM 425 
Adolescent  WS 463
In nursing  WY 160
See also Counseling WY 87, etc.
See also Nurse-Patient Relations WY 88
Infant or child  WS 350.6
See also Behavior Control
Behavior Therapy, Cognitive  see Cognitive Therapy
Behavioral Laterality  see Functional Laterality
Behavioral Manipulation  see Behavior Control
Mesh BrowserBehavioral Medicine  WB 103 
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserBehavioral Research
General  WM 20
Specific topics, by subject
Form number 20 or 20.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable
Mesh BrowserBehavioral Sciences
Animals see Ethology QL 750.3-795
Psychiatric aspects  WM
Psychological aspects BF
Sociological aspects HM
Other special topics, by subject, e.g., statistics for the Behavioral Sciences HA 29-29.5
Mesh BrowserBehavioral Symptoms
General  WM 165
Specific symptoms, with the related disorder
Mesh BrowserBehaviorism BF 199
Behcet Disease  see Behcet Syndrome
Mesh BrowserBehcet Syndrome  WW 240 
Behcet's Syndrome  see Behcet Syndrome
Bejel  see Treponemal Infections
Belching  see Eructation
Belgian Hare  see Rabbits
Belladonna  see Atropa belladonna
Mesh BrowserBence Jones Protein  WH 540 
Mesh BrowserBenchmarking  W 84.4 
Benchmarking, Health Care  see Benchmarking
Mesh BrowserBender-Gestalt Test  WM 145.5.B4 
Bends  see Decompression Sickness
Beneckea  see Vibrio
Benedict Syndrome  see Brain Stem Infarctions
Benefit-Risk Assessment  see Risk Assessment
Benhydramin  see Diphenhydramine
Benign Cerebellar Neoplasms  see Cerebellar Neoplasms
Benign Essential Tremor  see Essential Tremor
Benign Intracranial Hypertension  see Pseudotumor Cerebri
Benign Meningioma  see Meningioma
Benign Monoclonal Gammopathies  see Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia  see Prostatic Hyperplasia
Mesh BrowserBenz(a)Anthracenes
Chemistry QD 341.H9
Toxicology  QV 633
Other special topics, with the subject
Benzalkonium  see Benzalkonium Compounds
Benzalkonium Chloride  see Benzalkonium Compounds
Mesh BrowserBenzalkonium Compounds  QV 233 
Mesh BrowserBenzamides
Biochemistry  QU 62
Pharmacology  QV 77.2-77.9
Mesh BrowserBenzene
Organic chemistry QD 341.H9
Toxicology  QV 633.5.B4
Mesh BrowserBenzene Derivatives
Organic chemistry QD 341.H9
Toxicology  QV 633.5.B4
Benzene Hexachloride  see Lindane
Mesh BrowserBenzimidazoles
As anthelmintics  QV 253
Organic chemistry QD 401
See also Imidazoles
Mesh BrowserBenzo(a)pyrene  QZ 202 
Benzodiazepine-Gaba Receptors  see Receptors, GABA-A
Mesh BrowserBenzodiazepines
See also Anti-Anxiety Agents  QV 77.9
See also Receptors, GABA-A  QU 60
Mesh BrowserBenzoin  QV 241 
Benzol  see Benzene
Mesh BrowserBenzophenoneidum  QV 632 
Mesh BrowserBenzopyrans
Organic chemistry QD 405
Mesh BrowserBenzopyrenes
Toxicology  QV 633
Mesh BrowserBenzothiadiazines
Organic chemistry QD 401
Benzylpenicillin  see Penicillin G
Berardius  see Whales
Mesh BrowserBereavement BF 575.G7
Adolescent  WS 462
Infant or child  WS 105.5.E5
See also Grief
Bereavement Care  see Hospice Care
Bereitschaftspotential  see Contingent Negative Variation
Berger Disease  see Glomerulonephritis, IGA
Berger's Disease  see Glomerulonephritis, IGA
Mesh BrowserBeriberi  WD 122 
Beriberi, Cerebral  see Wernicke Encephalopathy
Berries  see Fruit
Berry Aneurysm  see Intracranial Aneurysm
Bertielliasis  see Cestode Infections
Mesh BrowserBerylliosis  WF 654 
Mesh BrowserBeryllium  QV 275 
Beryllium Disease  see Berylliosis
Besnier-Boeck Disease  see Sarcoidosis
Besnoitiasis  see Coccidiosis
Best Practice Analysis  see Benchmarking
Best Practices  see Practice Guidelines as Topic
Bestiality  see Paraphilias
Mesh Browserbeta 2-Microglobulin  WH 400 
Clinical analysis  QY 455
beta-Adrenergic Agonists  see Adrenergic beta-Agonists
beta-Adrenergic Receptor Agonists  see Adrenergic beta-Agonists
beta-Adrenergic Receptors  see Receptors, Adrenergic, beta
Mesh Browserbeta-Aminoethyl Isothiourea  WN 650 
beta-Aminoethylisothiuronium Diacetate  see beta-Aminoethyl Isothiourea
beta-Aminoethylisothiuronium Dihydrobromide  see beta-Aminoethyl Isothiourea
beta-Aminopropionitrile  see Aminopropionitrile
beta,beta-Dimethylcysteine  see Penicillamine
Mesh Browserbeta Carotene  QU 110 
beta Cell, Artificial  see Insulin Infusion Systems
beta-Cell Tumor  see Insulinoma
Mesh BrowserBeta-Globulins  WH 400 
Clinical analysis  QY 455
beta-Hypophamine  see Vasopressins
beta-Lactamase I  see Penicillinase
Mesh Browserbeta-Lactamases  QU 136 
Mesh Browserbeta-Thalassemia  WH 170 
beta-Adrenergic Blocking Agents  see Adrenergic beta-Antagonists
beta-Adrenergic Receptor Blockaders  see Adrenergic beta-Antagonists
beta-Blockers, Adrenergic  see Adrenergic beta-Antagonists
Betacarotene  see beta Carotene
Betadexamethasone  see Betamethasone
Mesh BrowserBetamethasone  WK 755 
Betatrons  see Particle Accelerators
Mesh BrowserBeverages
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 433-444
Microbiology  QW 85
Public health aspects (General)  WA 695
Legislation (General) WA 697
See also names of specific beverages, e.g., Alcoholic Beverages
Mesh BrowserBezoars  WI 300 
Of the intestines  WI 400
Bhang  see Cannabis
Mesh BrowserBible BS
Medicine depicted in  WZ 330
Special topics, by subject, e.g., medical properties of Biblical plants  QV 766-770
Mesh BrowserBibliography
Of subjects not represented in NLM's classification, LC's Z schedule
Of subjects represented in NLM's classification, appropriate classification number preceded by the letter Z
See bibliography section of Introduction for further instructions
See also Abstracts
See also Biobibliography
See also Indexes
See also Resource Guides
Mesh BrowserBibliography, Descriptive Z 1001
Mesh BrowserBibliography, National Z 1201-4980
Mesh BrowserBibliography of Medicine
General works including monographs and serials
Issued as monograph ZWB 100
Issued as serial ZW 1
Of monographs ZWB 100
Issued serially ZW 1
Of serials ZW 1
On specific subject, NLM number for the subject preceded by Z
Bibliography, Statistical  see Bibliometrics
Mesh BrowserBibliometrics Z 669.8
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserBibliotherapy  WM 450.5.B5 
Bicarbonate Ions  see Bicarbonates
Mesh BrowserBicarbonates
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.C1
Pharmacology  QV 138.C1
Mesh BrowserBicuculline  QV 103 
Bicycle Ergometry Test  see Exercise Test
Mesh BrowserBicycling
General  QT 260.5.B5
Traffic Accidents  WA 275
Mesh BrowserBifidobacterium  QW 125.5.B4 
Bifocal Lenses  see Eyeglasses
Bilateral Wilms Tumor  see Wilms Tumor
Bilayer Fluidity  see Membrane Fluidity
Bilayers, Lipid  see Lipid Bilayers
Mesh BrowserBile  WI 703 
Mesh BrowserBile Acids and Salts  WI 703 
Bile Duct Cancer  see Bile Duct Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserBile Duct Diseases  WI 750 
Mesh BrowserBile Duct Neoplasms  WI 765 
Bile Duct Obstruction  see Cholestasis
Bile Duct Obstruction, Extrahepatic  see Cholestasis, Extrahepatic
Bile Duct Obstruction, Intrahepatic  see Cholestasis, Intrahepatic
Mesh BrowserBile Ducts  WI 750 
See also Cholangiography
See also Cholangiopancreatography, Endoscopic Retrograde
See also Common Bile Duct  WI 750
See also Cystic Duct  WI 750
See also Hepatic Duct, Common  WI 750
Mesh BrowserBile Ducts, Intrahepatic  WI 750 
Mesh BrowserBile Pigments  WI 703 
Clinical pathology  QY 143
Mesh BrowserBile Reflux  WI 703 
Bile Salts  see Bile Acids and Salts
Bilharzia  see Schistosoma
Bilharziasis  see Schistosomiasis
Mesh BrowserBiliary Atresia  WI 750 
Biliary Calculi  see Gallstones
Biliary Calculi, Common Bile Duct  see Gallstones
Mesh BrowserBiliary Fistula  WI 750 
Biliary Sludge  see Bile
Biliary Stasis  see Cholestasis
Biliary Stasis, Extrahepatic  see Cholestasis, Extrahepatic
Biliary Stasis, Intrahepatic  see Cholestasis, Intrahepatic
Biliary Surgery  see Biliary Tract Surgical Procedures
Biliary Surgical Procedures  see Biliary Tract Surgical Procedures
Mesh BrowserBiliary Tract  WI 750-770 
See also Cholagogues and Choleretics
See also Cholangiography
See also Cholecystography
Biliary Tract Cancer  see Biliary Tract Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserBiliary Tract Diseases  WI 750-770 
See also Cholangiography
Mesh BrowserBiliary Tract Neoplasms  WI 735 
Mesh BrowserBiliary Tract Surgical Procedures  WI 770 
Bilingualism  see Multilingualism
Mesh BrowserBilirubin  WI 703 
Clinical pathology  QY 143
See also Hyperbilirubinemia
Bilirubin Encephalopathy  see Kernicterus
Bilirubinemia  see Hyperbilirubinemia
Binding Proteins  see Carrier Proteins
Mesh BrowserBinding Sites
Biochemistry (General)  QU 34
Antigen-antibody reactions  QW 570
Immunochemistry  QW 504.5
Pharmacology  QV 36
See also Protein Binding
See also Receptors, Cell Surface
Mesh BrowserBinding Sites, Antibody  QW 575 
See also Agglutination  QW 640
See also Antibody Affinity
Mesh BrowserBinge Drinking  WM 274 
Mesh BrowserBinge-Eating Disorder
General  WM 175
Binocular Vision  see Vision, Binocular
Binswanger Disease  see Dementia, Vascular
Bio-Engineering  see Bioengineering
Bioartificial Liver  see Liver, Artificial
Mesh BrowserBioartificial Organs  WO 176 
See also names of specific artificial organs or the organ being replaced
See also Artificial Organs  WO 176
Bioassay  see Biological Assay
Bioavailability  see Biological Availability
Mesh BrowserBiobibliography
Physicians and specialists in medically related fields
Collective WZ 112-150
See also names of groups of persons or specialties, e.g., Pharmacists WZ 112.5.P4
Individual WZ 100
Scientists and behavioral scientists
Collective in appropriate LC number
Individual WZ 100
Persons in non-medically related fields, in appropriate LC number
See also Bibliography
See also Biography
Mesh BrowserBiocatalysis  QU 135 
Biochemical Markers  see Biological Markers
Mesh BrowserBiochemical Phenomena
General  QU 34
Fetus  WQ 210.5
Inorganic substances  QU 130
Of organs or systems, in the biochemistry number for the organ or system, e.g., Respiratory System  WF 110
Mesh BrowserBiochemical Processes  QU 34 
Mesh BrowserBiochemistry  QU 
As a profession  QU 21
See also Biochemical Phenomena
Biochemistry, Inorganic  see Chemistry, Bioinorganic
Biochemists  see Biochemistry
Biocompatibility Testing  see Materials Testing
Mesh BrowserBiocompatible Materials  QT 37 
Used for special purposes, by subject, e.g., Artificial Organs  WO 176
See also Biomimetic Materials
See also Materials Testing
Biocompatible Materials Testing  see Materials Testing
Biocontrol  see Pest Control, Biological
Mesh BrowserBiodegradation, Environmental
General  WA 671
Waste disposal  WA 778-788
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserBioelectric Energy Sources  QT 34 
Used for special purposes, by subject, e.g., Pacemaker, Artificial  WG 26
Bioenergetics  see Energy Metabolism
Mesh BrowserBioengineering  QT 36 
Bioequivalence  see Therapeutic Equivalency
Mesh BrowserBioethical Issues  WB 60 
Special topics by subject
See also Animal Experimentation
See also Euthanasia  WB 65
See also Human Experimentation  W 20.55.H9, etc.
See also Patient Rights  W 85
Bioethicists  see Ethicists
Mesh BrowserBioethics  WB 60 
Special topics, by subject
See also Ethicists
See also Ethics, Medical  W 50
Mesh BrowserBiofeedback, Psychology
General  WL 103.3
Behavior therapy  WM 425.5.B6
Biofeedback (Psychology)  see Biofeedback, Psychology
Mesh BrowserBiofilms
General  QW 90
See also Bacterial Adhesion
See also Dental Deposits
See also Prosthesis-Related Infections
Bioflavonoids  see Flavonoids
Mesh BrowserBiogenesis QH 325
Legal establishment of the beginning of life  W 789
Mesh BrowserBiogenic Amines  QU 61 
Special topics, by subject
Biogenic Stimulators  see Tissue Therapy
Mesh BrowserBiography
Physicians and specialists in medically related fields
By locality WZ 140
Prefer classification by specialty if applicable
By period WZ 121-135
Prefer specialty numbers, or if not applicable, locality number
By specialty WZ 112-150
Classify biography of individuals in WZ 100 regardless of specialty
Of special groups WZ 150
Prefer classification by specialty if applicable
See also names of groups of persons or specialties, e.g., Pharmacists WZ 112.5.P4
Individual WZ 100
Scientists and behavioral scientists
Collective in appropriate LC number
Individual WZ 100
Of persons with particular diseases, with the disease
Of persons with mental illness (general) WM 40
See also Famous Persons WZ 313, etc.
Persons in non-medically related fields, in appropriate LC number
See also Autobiography
See also Biobibliography
Mesh BrowserBiography as Topic
As a form of literature CT 21
See also Autobiography as Topic
Biohazards  see Hazardous Substances
Biohazards Containment  see Containment of Biohazards
Bioinformatics  see Computational Biology
Bioinorganic Chemistry  see Chemistry, Bioinorganic
Mesh BrowserBiological Agents
General  QW 800
Pharmacology (General)  QV 241
Refrigeration  WA 730
Veterinary SF 918.B5
Special topics, by subjects
See also Technology, Pharmaceutical
See also Tissue Extracts
Mesh BrowserBiological Assay  QV 771 
Of hormones  QY 330
Of vitamins  QY 350
Mesh BrowserBiological Availability  QV 38 
Special topics, by subject
Biological Availability, Nutritional  see Nutritive Value
Biological Chemistry  see Biochemistry
Mesh BrowserBiological Clocks  QT 167 
See also Circadian Rhythm
Mesh BrowserBiological Dressings  WO 167 
Biological Energy Sources  see Bioelectric Energy Sources
Mesh BrowserBiological Evolution
General QH 366-366.2
Darwin's works QH 365
Human, anthropological aspects GN 281
Periodicals, numbered congresses, serial collections, yearbooks, in appropriate NLM numbers
Single organ, with the organ
See also Evolution, Molecular
See also Phylogeny
See also Sociobiology
Mesh BrowserBiological Factors  QU 102 
Mesh BrowserBiological Markers
General  QW 541
In the diagnosis of a particular disease, with the disease
See also Molecular Probes
Biological Markers, Pharmacological  see Biomarkers, Pharmacological
Biological Monitoring  see Environmental Monitoring
Biological Oscillators  see Biological Clocks
Biological Pest Control  see Pest Control, Biological
Mesh BrowserBiological Phenomena
General QH 307-307.2
Biological Products  see Biological Agents
Mesh BrowserBiological Psychiatry  WM 102 
Special topics, by subject
Biological Pump  see Membrane Transport Proteins
Biological Response Modifiers  see Immunologic Factors
Mesh BrowserBiological Science Disciplines
General works QH 307-307.2
Biological Sciences  see Biological Science Disciplines
Mesh BrowserBiological Specimen Banks  QU 23-24 
Biological Substance Banks  see Biological Specimen Banks
Biological Terrorism  see Bioterrorism
Mesh BrowserBiological Therapy
General works  WB 365
Of a particular disease, with the disease
See also names of specific therapies, e.g., Immunotherapy  QW 940-949
See also Organotherapy  WB 391
Mesh BrowserBiological Transport  QU 120 
See also Cell Membrane Permeability
See also Diffusion
See also Maternal-Fetal Exchange
See also Membrane Transport Proteins
See also Mucociliary Clearance
See also Osmosis
Mesh BrowserBiological Warfare
Bacteriological aspects  QW 300
Military aspects UG 447.8
Public health response  WA 295
See also Bioterrorism
See also Violence
Mesh BrowserBiological Warfare Agents
Bacteriological aspects  QW 300
Military aspects UG 447.8
Use of particular agents by agent or disease, e.g., Anthrax  WC 305
See also Bioterrorism
Biological Waste Disposal  see Medical Waste Disposal
Biologics  see Biological Agents
Mesh BrowserBiology
As a profession QH 314
If primarily autobiographical WZ 100
Special topics by subject
Collective WZ 112.5.B3
Individual WZ 100
History QH 305-305.2
In art N 72.B5
See also Biological Phenomena
See also Life QH 501, etc.
Bioluminescent Proteins  see Luminescent Proteins
Mesh BrowserBiomarkers, Pharmacological  QV 745 
Biomaterials  see Biocompatible Materials
Biomathematics  see Mathematics
Mesh BrowserBiomechanics  WE 103 
Mesh BrowserBiomedical and Dental Materials
Biomedical and biocompatible materials  QT 37
Dental materials  WU 190
Used for special purposes, by subject
Mesh BrowserBiomedical Engineering  QT 36 
Special topics, by subject
See also Biomedical Technology  W 82
See also Electronics, Medical  QT 34
See also Medical Informatics Applications
Mesh BrowserBiomedical Enhancement  W 82 
Mesh BrowserBiomedical Research
General  W 20.5
Genetics see Genetic Research
Internal Medicine  WB 25
Neoplasms  QZ 206
Radiology  WN 20
Space Medicine  WD 751
Special topics, by subject
(Form number 20 or 20.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserBiomedical Technology
General  W 82
Economics  W 74
Instrumentation (General)  W 26
In special fields (Form number 26 in any NLM schedule where applicable
Special topics, by subject
See also Biomedical Engineering  QT 36
See also Medical Informatics
Biometric Authentication  see Biometric Identification
Mesh BrowserBiometric Identification  W 786 
Specific topics, by topic
See also Dermatoglyphics
See also Forensic Anthropology
See also Forensic Medicine
Biometrics  see Biometry
Mesh BrowserBiometry
General QH 323.5
Medical  WA 950
Biomimetic Devices  see Biomimetic Materials
Mesh BrowserBiomimetic Materials
General  QT 37
Used for special purposes by subject
See also Biocompatible Materials  QT 37
Mesh BrowserBiomimetics
General  QT 36
Used for special purposes by subject
Biomodulators  see Immunologic Factors
Bionator  see Activator Appliances
Mesh BrowserBionics Q 317-321
Used for special purposes, by subject, e.g., Biophysics  QT 34
See also Cybernetics Q 300-390
Bionomics  see Ecology
Bioperiodicity  see Periodicity
Mesh BrowserBiopharmaceutics  QV 35 
See also Drug Compounding
Biophysical Concepts  see Biophysical Phenomena
Mesh BrowserBiophysical Phenomena
General  QT 34
Mesh BrowserBiophysics
As a profession  QT 21
See also Biophysical Phenomena
Mesh BrowserBiopolymers
Organic chemistry QD 381-388
Used In Dentistry  WU 190
Used in medicine  QT 37.5.P7
Classify by use where applicable
See also DNA
See also Polysaccharides
See also RNA
Bioprobes  see Biosensing Techniques
Mesh BrowserBioprosthesis
For heart valve  WG 169
See also Heart Valve Prosthesis
Mesh BrowserBiopsy
General  WB 379
Veterinary SF 772.65
In specific disease, with the disease
Specific area, by organ
Biopsy, Chorionic Villi  see Chorionic Villi Sampling
Mesh BrowserBiopsy, Fine-Needle
General  WB 379
In specific disease, with the disease
Specific area, by organ
Mesh BrowserBiopsy, Needle
General  WB 379
In specific diseases, with the disease
Specific area, by organ
Biopsy, Sentinel Lymph Node  see Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Mesh BrowserBiopterin  QU 135 
Mesh BrowserBioreactors
Animal cells TP 248.27.A53
General medical applications  W 82
Special biological systems as bioreactors, with the system, e.g., Erythrocytes  WH 150
See also Fermentation  QU 34
See also Recombinant Proteins  QU 55
Bioremediation  see Biodegradation, Environmental
Biorhythms  see Periodicity
Mesh BrowserBiosensing Techniques  QT 36 
See also Microchemistry
Biosensors  see Biosensing Techniques
Mesh BrowserBiostatistics
General QH 323.5
Medical  WA 950
Biosynthetic Proteins  see Recombinant Proteins
Mesh BrowserBiotechnology
General TP 248.13-248.65
Animal cells TP 248.27.A53
Ethical aspects  WB 60
Applied to specific topics, by subject
See also Biomedical Technology  W 82
See also Genetic Engineering
See also Recombinant Proteins
See also Technology, Pharmaceutical  QV 778
Mesh BrowserBioterrorism
Bacteriological aspects  QW 300
Military aspects UG 447.8
Public health aspects  WA 295
Sociological aspects HV 6433.3-.5
Other special topics, by subject
Use of particular agents by agent or disease, e.g., Anthrax  WC 305
See also Biological Warfare  QW 300
Mesh BrowserBiotin  QU 195 
See also Avidin
Mesh BrowserBiotransformation
Metabolism  QU 120
Pharmacology  QV 38.5
Mesh BrowserBiphenyl Compounds
Organic chemistry QD 341.H9
Toxicology  QV 633.5.B4
Mesh BrowserBipolar Disorder  WM 207 
Mesh BrowserBird Diseases SF 994-995.6
Mesh BrowserBird Fancier's Lung  WF 150 
Bird Flu  see Influenza in Birds
Mesh BrowserBirds
As laboratory animals  QY 60.B4
Domestic (Breeding) SF 460-473
Wild QL 671-699
Birds of Prey  see Raptors
Birth  see Parturition
Mesh BrowserBirth Certificates HA 38-39
Birth Control  see Contraception
Birth Defects  see Congenital Abnormalities
Mesh BrowserBirth Injuries  WS 405 
Mesh BrowserBirth Order
Psychological aspects in children  WS 105.5.F2
Mesh BrowserBirth Rate HB 901-1108
Birth Registration  see Birth Certificates
Mesh BrowserBirth Weight
Newborn  WS 420
Premature infant  WS 410
Tables  WS 16
See also Infant, Low Birth Weight
Birthing Centers, Hospital  see Delivery Rooms
Mesh BrowserBis(Chloromethyl) Ether
As a carcinogen  QZ 202
Mesh BrowserBisexuality
Psychiatric aspects  WM 611
As a life style HQ 74
Mesh BrowserBismuth
General  QV 290
As an antisyphilitic agent  QV 261
Mesh BrowserBite Force  WU 440 
Mesh BrowserBites and Stings  WD 400-430 
Insects see Insect Bites and Stings  WD 430
Snake see Snake Bites  WD 410
Spider and scorpion see Arachnidism  WD 420
Surgical treatment  WO 700
Biundulant Meningo-Encephalitis Virus  see Encephalitis Viruses, Tick-Borne
Mesh BrowserBiureas
Organic chemistry QD 315
Mesh BrowserBivalvia
General  QX 675
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 426
Food Poisoning  WC 268
Microbiology  QW 85
Public health aspects  WA 695, etc.
Fresh food WA 703
Preserved food WA 710
See also Shellfish
BK polyomavirus  see BK Virus
Mesh BrowserBK Virus  QW 165.5.P2 
Blaberidae  see Cockroaches
Black Ape  see Macaca
Black Fever  see Leishmaniasis, Visceral
Black Fever, Amazon  see Hepatitis D
Black Flies  see Simuliidae
Mesh BrowserBlack Pepper
Botany QK 495.P67
Used therapeutically  WB 925
See also Piper nigrum
Black Tongue  see Tongue, Hairy
Blacks  see African Continental Ancestry Group
Mesh BrowserBlackwater Fever  WC 750-770 
Bladder  see Urinary Bladder
Bladder Cancer  see Urinary Bladder Neoplasms
Bladder Diseases  see Urinary Bladder Diseases
Bladder Disorder, Neurogenic  see Urinary Bladder, Neurogenic
Bladder Drug Administration  see Administration, Intravesical
Mesh BrowserBladder Exstrophy  WJ 500 
Bladder Neck Obstruction  see Urinary Bladder Neck Obstruction
Bladder Neoplasms  see Urinary Bladder Neoplasms
Bladder Stones  see Urinary Bladder Calculi
Bladder Worm  see Taenia
Blast-2 Antigen, B-Cell  see Antigens, Differentiation, B-Lymphocyte
Mesh BrowserBlast Injuries  WO 820 
Blast Transformation  see Lymphocyte Activation
Mesh BrowserBlastocladiella  QW 180.5.P4 
Blastocyst Implantation  see Embryo Implantation
Blastocyst Implantation, Delayed  see Embryo Implantation, Delayed
Blastocyst Transfer  see Embryo Transfer
Blastogenesis  see Lymphocyte Activation
Mesh BrowserBlastomyces  QW 180.5.A8 
Mesh BrowserBlastomycosis  WC 450 
Blastomycosis, North American  see Blastomycosis
Blastomycosis, South American  see Paracoccidioidomycosis
Blattaria  see Cockroaches
Blattidae  see Cockroaches
Blattodea  see Cockroaches
Blechnum  see Ferns
Bleeding  see Hemorrhage
Bleeding on Probing, Gingival  see Periodontal Index
Blennorrhea, Inclusion  see Conjunctivitis, Inclusion
Mesh BrowserBleomycin
Pharmacology  QV 269
Therapeutic use  QZ 267
Mesh BrowserBlepharitis  WW 205 
Mesh BrowserBlepharoplasty  WW 205 
See also Blepharoptosis
Mesh BrowserBlepharoptosis  WW 205 
See also Blepharoplasty
Mesh BrowserBlepharospasm  WW 205 
Blind  see Visually Impaired Persons
Blind-Deaf Disorders  see Deaf-Blind Disorders
Blind Persons  see Visually Impaired Persons
Blind Spot  see Optic Disk
Mesh BrowserBlindness  WW 276 
Color see Vision, Ocular  WW 150
Education of blind HV 1618-2349
Hysterical  WM 173.5
Infant or child  WW 276
Libraries for the blind Z 675.B6
Library operations Z 729-871
Night see Night Blindness  WD 110
Physical & medical WW 276
Social HV 1573-2349
See also Sensory Aids  WL 26, etc.
See also Vision, Low  WW 140
Blindness, Legal  see Blindness
Blindness, Monocular  see Blindness
Blindness, Monocular, Transient  see Amaurosis Fugax
Mesh BrowserBlister  WR 143 
Localized, by site
Block Anesthesia  see Anesthesia, Conduction
Mesh BrowserBlood  WH 
Chemistry see Blood Chemical Analysis  QY 450-490, etc.
Clinical examination  QY 400-490
Corpuscles see Blood Cells  WH 140, etc.
Derivatives  WH 450
Erythrocytes  WH 150-180
Fluid elements  WH 400
Flukes see Schistosoma  QX 355
Infant or child  WS 300
Leukocytes  WH 200
Medicolegal examination  W 750
Physiology see Blood Physiological Phenomena  WH 100
Substitutes see Plasma Substitutes  WH 450
Typing see Blood Grouping and Crossmatching  QY 415
Velocity see Blood Flow Velocity  WG 106
See also Hematopoiesis  WH 140
See also Occult Blood  QY 160
Blood, Artificial  see Blood Substitutes
Mesh BrowserBlood Bactericidal Activity  QW 541 
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserBlood Banks  WH 23-24 
Procedures  WH 460
Mesh BrowserBlood-Borne Pathogens  WA 790 
See also Universal Precautions
Mesh BrowserBlood-Brain Barrier  WL 200 
See also Capillary Permeability
Mesh BrowserBlood Cell Count  QY 402 
Blood Cell Count, Red  see Erythrocyte Count
Blood Cell Count, White  see Leukocyte Count
Blood Cell Number  see Blood Cell Count
Mesh BrowserBlood Cells
General  WH 140
Clinical examination  QY 402
Blood Cells, Red  see Erythrocytes
Blood Cells, White  see Leukocytes
Mesh BrowserBlood Chemical Analysis  QY 450-490 
Medicolegal  W 750
Mesh BrowserBlood Circulation  WG 103 
Disorders as a manifestation of disease  QZ 170
Infant or child  WG 103
Tests  WG 103
See also names of specific types of circulation, e.g., Pulmonary Circulation  WF 600
See also Cardiovascular System
See also Hemodynamics
See also Hyperemia  QZ 170
See also Ischemia  QZ 170
See also Plethysmography  WG 141.5.P7
See also Pulsatile Flow
Blood Circulation, Collateral  see Collateral Circulation
Mesh BrowserBlood Circulation Time  WG 103 
Blood Clotting  see Blood Coagulation
Mesh BrowserBlood Coagulation
Clinical examination  QY 410
Drugs affecting  QV 190-195
Physiology  WH 310
See also Anticoagulants
See also Blood Coagulation Tests
See also Coagulants
See also Hemostatics
See also Prothrombin Time
Mesh BrowserBlood Coagulation Disorders  WH 322 
Hemophilia  WH 325
See also names of specific disorders
Mesh BrowserBlood Coagulation Disorders, Inherited  WH 322 
Mesh BrowserBlood Coagulation Factor Inhibitors  WH 310 
Clinical examination  QY 410
See also Blood Coagulation Factors
Mesh BrowserBlood Coagulation Factors  WH 310 
Clinical examination  QY 410
See also Coagulants
Mesh BrowserBlood Coagulation Tests  QY 410 
See also Blood Coagulation
Mesh BrowserBlood Component Removal  WH 460 
Mesh BrowserBlood Component Transfusion  WB 356 
Blood Corpuscles  see Blood Cells
Blood Corpuscles, Red  see Erythrocytes
Blood Corpuscles, White  see Leukocytes
Blood Count, Complete  see Blood Cell Count
Blood Diseases  see Hematologic Diseases
Mesh BrowserBlood Donors  WH 460 
Blood Doping  see Doping in Sports
Blood Expanders  see Plasma Substitutes
Mesh BrowserBlood Flow Velocity  WG 106 
Mesh BrowserBlood Gas Analysis  QY 450 
Mesh BrowserBlood Gas Monitoring, Transcutaneous  QY 450 
Mesh BrowserBlood Glucose
Biochemistry  QU 81
Clinical analysis QY 470
See also Glucose Tolerance Test
See also Glycemic Index
See also Hemoglobin A, Glycosylated
See also Hyperglycemia
See also Hypoglycemia
Mesh BrowserBlood Glucose Self-Monitoring
In diabetes  WK 850
Mesh BrowserBlood Group Antigens
General  WH 420-425
Medicolegal examination  W 791
Typing see Blood Grouping and Crossmatching  QY 415
See also Coombs Test
See also Isoantibodies
Mesh BrowserBlood Group Incompatibility  WH 420 
Mesh BrowserBlood Grouping and Crossmatching  QY 415 
Special topics, by subject
Blood Groups  see Blood Group Antigens
Blood Loss, Postoperative  see Postoperative Hemorrhage
Mesh BrowserBlood Loss, Surgical
During surgery for a particular condition, with the condition
See also Hemostasis, Surgical
Mesh BrowserBlood-Nerve Barrier  WL 500 
See also Capillary Permeability
Mesh BrowserBlood Physiological Phenomena  WH 100 
Blood Physiology  see Blood Physiological Phenomena
Blood Plasma  see Plasma
Blood Plasma Volume  see Plasma Volume
Mesh BrowserBlood Platelet Disorders  WH 300 
See also Purpura, Thrombocytopenic  WH 315
Blood Platelet Transfusion  see Platelet Transfusion
Blood Plateletpheresis  see Plateletpheresis
Mesh BrowserBlood Platelets  WH 300 
Count  QY 402
See also Platelet Adhesiveness
See also Platelet Aggregation
See also Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors
See also Platelet Function Tests
See also Platelet Transfusion
See also Plateletpheresis
See also Thrombocytopenia
Blood Poisoning  see Sepsis
Mesh BrowserBlood Preservation  WH 460 
Mesh BrowserBlood Pressure  WG 106 
General physical examination  WB 280
High see Hypertension  WG 340
Low see Hypotension  WG 340
See also Hypertension
See also Hypotension
Mesh BrowserBlood Pressure Determination  WG 106 
Physical examination  WB 280
Blood Pressure, High  see Hypertension
Blood Pressure, Low  see Hypotension
Mesh BrowserBlood Pressure Monitors  WG 26 
Blood Pressure, Venous  see Venous Pressure
Mesh BrowserBlood Protein Disorders  WH 400 
Clinical pathology  QY 455
See also specific disorders
Specific disorders involving various blood elements, with the element
Mesh BrowserBlood Protein Electrophoresis  QY 455 
See also Immunoelectrophoresis
Mesh BrowserBlood Proteins  WH 400 
Clinical analysis  QY 455
Coagulation factors see Blood Coagulation Factors  WH 310
Clinical pathology QY 410
See also Protein Binding  QU 55
See also Serpins
Mesh BrowserBlood Safety  WH 460 
Mesh BrowserBlood Sedimentation  QY 408 
Mesh BrowserBlood Specimen Collection  QY 25 
Mesh BrowserBlood Stains  W 750 
Mesh BrowserBlood Substitutes  WH 450 
See also Plasma Substitutes
Blood Sugar  see Blood Glucose
Blood Sugar Self-Monitoring  see Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring
Blood Tests  see Hematologic Tests
Mesh BrowserBlood Transfusion  WB 356 
Blood Donors  WH 460
Veterinary SF 919.5.B55
See also Blood Banks  WH 23-24, etc.
See also Blood Group Incompatibility
See also Blood Grouping and Crossmatching
Mesh BrowserBlood Transfusion, Intrauterine  WQ 210 
Blood Typing  see Blood Grouping and Crossmatching
Mesh BrowserBlood Vessel Prosthesis  WG 170 
See also Blood Vessel Prosthesis Implantation
Mesh BrowserBlood Vessel Prosthesis Implantation  WG 170 
Of a particular region or organ, with the region or organ
See also names of specific vessels, e.g., Coronary Vessels  WG 300
See also Blood Vessel Prosthesis  WG 170
Blood Vessel Tumors  see Neoplasms, Vascular Tissue
Mesh BrowserBlood Vessels
Of a particular region or organ, with the region or organ
Peripheral  WG 500-700
Radiography see Angiography
Surgery see Vascular Surgical Procedures
See also Angiography
See also Vascular Resistance
See also Vascular Surgical Procedures
See also Vasomotor System
Mesh BrowserBlood Viscosity  WG 106 
Clinical analysis  QY 408
Mesh BrowserBlood Volume  WG 106 
Volume index  QY 408
Mesh BrowserBloodletting  WB 381 
See also Phlebotomy
Mesh BrowserBlotting, Western  QW 525.5.I32 
Blue Crab  see Brachyura
Blue Cross  see Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans
Mesh BrowserBlue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans  W 125 
Blue-Green Bacteria  see Cyanobacteria
Blue Shield  see Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans
Mesh BrowserBluetongue virus  QW 168.5.R15 
BLV  see Leukemia Virus, Bovine
BLV-HTLV Viruses  see Deltaretrovirus
BLV Infections  see Deltaretrovirus Infections
Board, Governing  see Governing Board
Boats  see Ships
Bodies, Dead  see Cadaver
Body Buffer Zone  see Personal Space
Body Build  see Somatotypes
Mesh BrowserBody Burden  WN 660 
See also Drug Residues
See also Pesticide Residues
Mesh BrowserBody Composition  QU 100-110 
See also Anthropometry
Mesh BrowserBody Constitution
Anthropology GN 62
As a cause of disease  QZ 50
Mesh BrowserBody Dysmorphic Disorders  WM 170 
See also Anorexia Nervosa
Mesh BrowserBody Fluid Compartments  QU 105 
Mesh BrowserBody Fluids  QU 105 
See also Dehydration
See also Radioisotope Dilution Technique
Mesh BrowserBody Height
Adult GN 66
Infant or child  WS 103
Body, Human  see Human Body
Mesh BrowserBody Image BF 697.5.B63
Adolescent  WS 462
Child  WS 105.5.S3
See also Body Dysmorphic Disorders
Body Image Disorders  see Body Dysmorphic Disorders
Body Language  see Kinesics
Body Lice  see Pediculus
Mesh BrowserBody Mass Index
General  WB 286
Anthropology GN 66, etc
Physiological aspect  QT 104
See also Skinfold Thickness
Mesh BrowserBody Size
General  WB 286
Anthropology GN 66, etc.
Infant or child  WS 103
Body Snatching  see Grave Robbing
Mesh BrowserBody Surface Area GN 66
Mesh BrowserBody Temperature  WB 270 
Changes see Body Temperature Changes  QT 165, etc.
High see Fever  WB 152
In antibody production  QW 575
In ovulation  WP 540
In physical examination  WB 270
Infant or child  WS 141
Newborn WS 420
See also Fever
See also Skin Temperature  WR 102
See also Thermography
See also Thermometers
Mesh BrowserBody Temperature Changes
Body Temperature Regulation  QT 165, etc.
Fever  WB 152, etc.
Hypothermia  WD 670, etc.
In antibody formation  QW 575
In ovulation  WP 540
In physical examination  WB 270
Infant or child  WS 141
Physiology  QT 165
See also Body Temperature  WB 270, etc.
Mesh BrowserBody Temperature Regulation  QT 165 
Skin Temperature as a factor  WR 102
Body Types  see Somatotypes
Mesh BrowserBody Water  QU 105 
Mesh BrowserBody Weight
Adult GN 66
Infant or child  WS 103
Tables WS 16
Infant, Premature see Birth Weight  WS 410, etc.
Newborn see Birth Weight  WS 420, etc.
Physiology  QT 104
See also Obesity  WD 210-212
See also Thinness
Mesh BrowserBody Weights and Measures
General  WB 286
Anthropology GN 66, etc.
Infant or child  WS 103
Tables WS 16
See also Anthropometry GN 51-59
Bodywork  see Massage
Boeck's Sarcoid  see Sarcoidosis
Bogus Physiological Feedback  see Biofeedback, Psychology
Boils  see Furunculosis
Mesh BrowserBombesin  QU 68 
Bombina  see Anura
Bombs, Atomic  see Nuclear Weapons
Bombs, Hydrogen  see Nuclear Weapons
Bond Issues, Construction  see Financing, Construction
Bonding, Dental  see Dental Bonding
Mesh BrowserBonding, Human-Pet  WM 460.5.B7 
See also Pets
Bonding (Psychology)  see Object Attachment
Bonds, Emotional  see Object Attachment
Bone Age Measurement  see Age Determination by Skeleton
Mesh BrowserBone and Bones  WE 200-259 
General Surgery  WE 168-190
Physiology  WE 200
Transplantation see Bone Transplantation  WE 190
See also Arthrodesis
See also Calcification, Physiologic
See also Osteogenesis
See also Osteotomy
See also Skeleton  WE 100-102
Bone Cancer  see Bone Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserBone Cements  WE 190 
Used for special purposes, by subject
Mesh BrowserBone Conduction  WV 272 
Mesh BrowserBone Cysts  WE 258 
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserBone Density  WE 200 
Bone-Derived Transforming Growth Factor  see Transforming Growth Factor beta
Mesh BrowserBone Development  WE 200 
Mesh BrowserBone Diseases  WE 225-259 
Infant or child  WS 270
Infectious see Bone Diseases, Infectious  WE 251
Veterinary SF 901
See also Fractures, Bone
Mesh BrowserBone Diseases, Developmental  WE 250 
Mesh BrowserBone Diseases, Endocrine  WE 250 
Mesh BrowserBone Diseases, Infectious  WE 251 
Mesh BrowserBone Diseases, Metabolic  WE 250 
Bone Dysplasias  see Bone Diseases, Developmental
Bone Formation  see Osteogenesis
Bone Fractures  see Fractures, Bone
Bone Glues  see Bone Cements
Bone Inflammation  see Osteitis
Mesh BrowserBone Lengthening  WE 168 
Localized, by site
See also Tissue Expansion
Bone Loss, Age-Related  see Osteoporosis
Bone Loss, Osteoclastic  see Bone Resorption
Bone Loss, Perimenopausal  see Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal
Bone Loss, Periodontal  see Alveolar Bone Loss
Bone Loss, Postmenopausal  see Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal
Mesh BrowserBone Marrow  WH 380 
Bone Marrow Cell Transplantation  see Bone Marrow Transplantation
Mesh BrowserBone Marrow Cells  WH 380 
See also Bone Marrow Examination
Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages  see Macrophages
Mesh BrowserBone Marrow Diseases  WH 380 
Anemia, Myelophthisic  WH 175
Leukemoid reaction  WH 200
Polycythemia vera  WH 180
See also Anemia, Aplastic  WH 175
Mesh BrowserBone Marrow Examination  WH 380 
Bone Marrow Fibrosis  see Primary Myelofibrosis
Mesh BrowserBone Marrow Neoplasms  WH 380 
Mesh BrowserBone Marrow Transplantation  WH 380 
See also Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Bone Mineral Content  see Bone Density
Bone Mineral Density  see Bone Density
Bone Mineralization  see Calcification, Physiologic
Mesh BrowserBone Neoplasms
General  WE 258
Nursing  WY 156
Specific bones by site
Bone Pastes  see Bone Cements
Mesh BrowserBone Plates  WE 185 
Mesh BrowserBone Regeneration  WE 200 
Mesh BrowserBone Resorption  WE 200 
See also Ainhum  WE 835
See also Alveolar Bone Loss
Mesh BrowserBone Screws  WE 185 
Bone Tissue  see Bone and Bones
Mesh BrowserBone Transplantation  WE 190 
Bone Tuberculosis  see Tuberculosis, Osteoarticular
Bones of Arm  see Arm Bones
Bones of Fingers  see Finger Phalanges
Bones of Foot  see Foot Bones
Bones of Hand  see Hand Bones
Bones of Leg  see Leg Bones
Mesh BrowserBones of Lower Extremity  WE 850 
Bones of Toes  see Toe Phalanges
Mesh BrowserBones of Upper Extremity
General  WE 805
See also names of specific parts of arm, e.g., Shoulder  WE 810
Bonnevie-Ullrich Syndrome  see Turner Syndrome
Bonobo  see Pan paniscus
Mesh BrowserBook Classification Z 696-697
Medicine Z 697.M4
Mesh BrowserBook Collecting Z 987-997
See also names of specific types of libraries
See also Libraries Z 662-1000
Book Illustration  see Books, Illustrated
Mesh BrowserBook Imprints Z 242.I3
Mesh BrowserBook Industry Z 116.A2-656
See also Publishing
Mesh BrowserBook Ornamentation Z 276
See also Medical Illustration  WZ 348
Mesh BrowserBook Prices Z 1000
Mesh BrowserBook Reviews Z 1035.A1
Criticism of early works (pre-1801)  WZ 294
Of books on specific subjects in the bibliography number for the subject
See also Bibliography
Mesh BrowserBook Selection Z 689-689.8
Mesh BrowserBookbinding Z 266-276
Booklets  see Pamphlets
Mesh BrowserBookplates Z 993-996
Medical  WZ 340
Mesh BrowserBooks
History Z 4-8
Medicine and related fields
Americana WZ 270
Early imprints by period WZ 230-270
Criticism WZ 294
Modern collections WZ 292
Modern versions WZ 290
See also Bibliotherapy
See also Incunabula
Mesh BrowserBooks, Illustrated
Bibliography Z 1023
Special types of books, by subject
Techniques NC
See also Medical Illustration  WZ 348, etc.
Booksellers' Catalogs  see Catalogs, Booksellers'
Mesh BrowserBookselling Z 278-549
Mesh BrowserBoranes QD 181.B1
Pharmacology  QV 239
Mesh BrowserBorderline Personality Disorder  WM 190.5.B5 
Mesh BrowserBordetella  QW 131 
Mesh BrowserBordetella Infections  WC 340 
Mesh BrowserBordetella pertussis  QW 131 
See also Pertussis Vaccine
Mesh BrowserBoredom
Adolescent  WS 462
Infant or child  WS 105.5.E5
Psychology BF 575.B67
Mesh BrowserBoric Acids  QV 239 
Bornholm Disease  see Pleurodynia, Epidemic
Bornholm Disease Virus  see Enterovirus B, Human
Mesh BrowserBorohydrides QD 181.B1
Pharmacology  QV 239
Mesh BrowserBoron
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.B1
Toxicity  QV 610
Mesh BrowserBoron Compounds
Dental use  WU 190
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.B1
Pharmacology  QV 239
Boron Hydrides  see Boranes
Mesh BrowserBoron Neutron Capture Therapy  QZ 269 
Mesh BrowserBorrelia  QW 155 
Mesh BrowserBorrelia Infections  WC 406 
Bos grunniens  see Cattle
Bos indicus  see Cattle
Bos taurus  see Cattle
Mesh BrowserBotany QK
As a profession QK 50.5
See also Ethnobotany
See also Plant Physiological Phenomena
See also Plants
Mesh BrowserBotrytis  QW 180.5.D38 
Botany QK 625.M7
Mesh BrowserBottle Feeding  WS 120 
Botulin  see Botulinum Toxins
Botulinum Toxin Type A  see Botulinum Toxins, Type A
Mesh BrowserBotulinum Toxins
General  QW 630.5.B2
As anti-dyskinesia agents  QV 76.5
See also Botulinum Toxins, Type A
See also Botulism
Mesh BrowserBotulinum Toxins, Type A
General  QW 630.5.B2
Therapeutic use (General)  QV 140
Used for treatment of particular disorders, with the disorder or system
Mesh BrowserBotulism  WC 268 
See also Botulinum Toxins
Botulism, Infantile  see Botulism
Bouillaud's Disease  see Rheumatic Heart Disease
Bourneville Disease  see Tuberous Sclerosis
Bourneville's Disease  see Tuberous Sclerosis
Bovine herpesvirus 1  see Herpesvirus 1, Bovine
Bovine Kunitz Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor  see Aprotinin
Bovine Leukemia Virus  see Leukemia Virus, Bovine
Bovine polyomavirus  see Polyomavirus
Mesh BrowserBovine Respiratory Disease Complex SF 831
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy  see Encephalopathy, Bovine Spongiform
Mesh BrowserBovine Virus Diarrhea-Mucosal Disease SF 967.M78
Bowel Preparation Solutions  see Cathartics
Mesh BrowserBoxing  QT 260.5.B7 
BPTI, Basic Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor  see Aprotinin
Mesh BrowserBraces  WE 172 
Catalogs  W 26
Mesh BrowserBrachial Artery  WG 595.B7 
Mesh BrowserBrachial Plexus  WL 400 
See also Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Mesh BrowserBrachial Plexus Neuritis  WL 544 
Brachial-Basilar Insufficiency Syndrome  see Subclavian Steal Syndrome
Mesh BrowserBrachiocephalic Trunk  WG 595.B72 
Mesh BrowserBrachiocephalic Veins  WG 625.B7 
Brachmann-De Lange Syndrome  see De Lange Syndrome
Brachydanio rerio  see Zebrafish
Mesh BrowserBrachytherapy  WN 250.5.B7 
Mesh BrowserBrachyura  QX 463 
Bradyarrhythmia  see Bradycardia
Mesh BrowserBradycardia  WG 330 
Bradykinesia  see Hypokinesia
Mesh BrowserBradykinin  QU 68 
Mesh BrowserBradyrhizobiaceae  QW 133 
Mesh BrowserBrain
General works  WL 300
Blood supply  WL 302
See also Cerebral Arteries WG 595.C37
Embryology  WL 300
General Surgery  WL 368
Hemorrhage see Cerebral Hemorrhage  WL 355
Injury see Brain Injuries  WL 354
Intracranial complications of ENT diseases  WV 180
Radiography  WL 141.5.N47
See also Cerebral Decortication
See also Psychosurgery
Mesh BrowserBrain Abscess  WL 351 
Brain Aneurysm  see Intracranial Aneurysm
Brain-Blood Barrier  see Blood-Brain Barrier
Brain Cancer  see Brain Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserBrain Chemistry  WL 300 
Mesh BrowserBrain Concussion  WL 354 
Brain Contusion  see Brain Injuries
Mesh BrowserBrain Damage, Chronic  WL 354 
Infant or child  WS 340
Brain Dead  see Brain Death
Mesh BrowserBrain Death  W 820 
Mesh BrowserBrain Diseases  WL 348-362 
Diagnosis (General)  WL 141
Infant or child  WS 340
General Surgery  WL 368
Of specific disease, with disease
Veterinary SF 895
See also specific brain diseases
Mesh BrowserBrain Diseases, Metabolic  WL 348 
Infant or child  WS 340
Brain Dysfunction, Minimal  see Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity
Mesh BrowserBrain Edema  WL 348 
See also Intracranial Hypertension
Brain Electrical Activity Mapping  see Brain Mapping
Brain Embolism  see Intracranial Embolism
Brain Hemorrhage, Cerebral  see Cerebral Hemorrhage
Brain Hypoxia  see Hypoxia, Brain
Mesh BrowserBrain Infarction  WL 356 
See also Infarction  QZ 170
Mesh BrowserBrain Injuries  WL 354 
Infant or child  WS 340
Brain Injuries, Penetrating  see Head Injuries, Penetrating
Brain Injuries, Traumatic  see Brain Injuries
Mesh BrowserBrain Injury, Chronic  WL 354 
Infant or child  WS 340
Mesh BrowserBrain Ischemia  WL 356 
Brain Lacerations  see Brain Injuries
Mesh BrowserBrain Mapping  WL 335 
Mesh BrowserBrain Neoplasms  WL 358 
Localized, by site
Brain Pathology  see Brain Diseases
Brain Revascularization  see Cerebral Revascularization
Mesh BrowserBrain Stem  WL 310 
Brain Stem Auditory Evoked Potentials  see Evoked Potentials, Auditory, Brain Stem
Brain Stem Implants, Auditory  see Auditory Brain Stem Implants
Mesh BrowserBrain Stem Infarctions  WL 310 
See also Infarction  QZ 170
Brain Stem Ischemia, Transient  see Ischemic Attack, Transient
Mesh BrowserBrain Stem Neoplasms  WL 310 
Brain Stem Transient Ischemic Attack  see Ischemic Attack, Transient
Brain Stimulation, Deep  see Deep Brain Stimulation
Brain Swelling  see Brain Edema
Brain Thrombosis  see Intracranial Thrombosis
Mesh BrowserBrain Tissue Transplantation  WL 368 
Brain Tumors  see Brain Neoplasms
Brain Vascular Disorders  see Cerebrovascular Disorders
Mesh BrowserBrain Waves  WL 150 
Brainwashing  see Persuasive Communication
Brainwave Biofeedback  see Neurofeedback
Brainwave Feedback  see Neurofeedback
Branched-Chain Ketoaciduria  see Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Branchial Arches  see Branchial Region
Branchial Cleft Cyst  see Branchioma
Branchial Clefts  see Branchial Region
Branchial Cyst  see Branchioma
Mesh BrowserBranchial Region  WE 101 
Mesh BrowserBranchioma  QZ 310 
Mesh BrowserBrassica
Botany QK 495.C9
Culture SB 317.B65
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 430
Brassica juncea  see Mustard Plant
Brazilian Arrowroot  see Manihot
BRCA1 Gene  see Genes, BRCA1
BRCA1 Gene Product  see BRCA1 Protein
Mesh BrowserBRCA1 Protein  WP 870 
BRCA2 Gene  see Genes, BRCA2
Mesh BrowserBRCA2 Protein  WP 870 
As a genetic marker for specific disease with the disease or site
Mesh BrowserBread
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 431
Breakbone Fever  see Dengue
Mesh BrowserBreast  WP 800-910 
See also Lactation  WP 825
See also Mammaplasty  WP 910
See also Mammary Glands, Animal SF 890
See also Mammography  WP 815
See also Mastectomy  WP 910
Breast Cancer  see Breast Neoplasms
Breast Cancer 1 Gene Product  see BRCA1 Protein
Breast Cancer 2 Gene Product  see BRCA2 Protein
Mesh BrowserBreast Cyst  WP 840 
See also Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Breast Cysts  see Breast Cyst
Mesh BrowserBreast Diseases  WP 840-910 
General  WP 840
Diagnosis  WP 815
See also Mammography WP 815
General Surgery  WP 910
Therapy  WP 900
Breast Dysplasia  see Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Mesh BrowserBreast Feeding  WS 125 
See also Bottle Feeding
See also Lactation Disorders  WP 825
See also Milk, Human
Mesh BrowserBreast Implantation  WP 910 
See also Breast Implants
Mesh BrowserBreast Implants  WP 910 
See also Breast Implantation
See also Silicone Elastomers
See also Silicone Gels
Breast Milk  see Milk, Human
Mesh BrowserBreast Neoplasms
General  WP 870
Nursing  WY 156
Mesh BrowserBreast Neoplasms, Male  WP 870 
Breast Prosthesis Implantation  see Breast Implantation
Breast Prosthesis, Internal  see Breast Implants
Breast Reconstruction  see Mammaplasty
Breast Tumors  see Breast Neoplasms
Breast Xeroradiography  see Xeromammography
Mesh BrowserBreath Tests
Forensic aspects  W 780
In general physical examination  WB 205
Manifestation of gastroenterological diseases  WI 143
For alcoholic intoxication in traffic accidents  WA 275
Breathalyzer Tests  see Breath Tests
Breathing  see Respiration
Mesh BrowserBreathing Exercises  WB 543 
See also Yoga
Breathing Mechanics  see Respiratory Mechanics
Breathing Sounds  see Respiratory Sounds
Mesh BrowserBreech Presentation  WQ 307 
Mesh BrowserBreeding
Animal SF 105-109
Of laboratory animals  QY 54
Of plants SB 123-123.5
Of individual animals or plants, with the animal or plant
Mesh BrowserBrevibacterium  QW 125.5.B7 
Bridges, Dental  see Tooth, Artificial
Brief Psychotherapy  see Psychotherapy, Brief
Bright Disease  see Glomerulonephritis
Bright's Disease  see Nephritis
Brill-Symmers Disease  see Lymphoma, Follicular
Brill-Zinsser Disease  see Typhus, Epidemic Louse-Borne
Brill's Disease  see Typhus, Epidemic Louse-Borne
Brine Shrimp  see Artemia
Briquet Syndrome  see Somatoform Disorders
BRL 2288  see Ticarcillin
Mesh BrowserBroad Ligament  WP 275 
Broad Thumb-Hallux Syndrome  see Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome
Mesh BrowserBroadsides Z 240.4
Broca Aphasia  see Aphasia, Broca
Broca Area  see Frontal Lobe
Broccoli  see Brassica
Brochures  see Pamphlets
Bromchlortrifluorethane  see Halothane
Mesh BrowserBromhexine  QV 76 
Bromide Hydrobromide, Aminoethylisothiuronium  see beta-Aminoethyl Isothiourea
Mesh BrowserBromides  QV 87 
Mesh BrowserBromine  QV 231 
Mesh BrowserBromocriptine
General  QV 174
Used for treatment of particular diseases, with the disease
Bromocryptin  see Bromocriptine
Mesh BrowserBromosuccinimide QD 281.B7
See also Succinates
Bromsulphalein  see Sulfobromophthalein
Mesh BrowserBronchi  WF 500-553 
Blood supply  WF 500
Calculi  WF 500
Infant or child  WS 280
Drugs affecting see names of specific agents
See also Bronchodilator Agents
See also Bronchography  WF 500
See also Bronchoscopy  WF 500
Bronchial Allergen Challenge  see Bronchial Provocation Tests
Mesh BrowserBronchial Arteries  WG 595.B76 
See also blood supply under Bronchi  WF 500
Bronchial Asthma  see Asthma
Bronchial Challenge Tests  see Bronchial Provocation Tests
Bronchial Constriction  see Bronchoconstriction
Bronchial-Dilating Agents  see Bronchodilator Agents
Mesh BrowserBronchial Diseases  WF 500-553 
Infant or child  WS 280
Mesh BrowserBronchial Fistula  WF 500 
Bronchial Lavage  see Bronchoalveolar Lavage
Bronchial Lavage Fluid  see Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid
Mesh BrowserBronchial Neoplasms  WF 500 
Carcinoma, Bronchogenic  WF 658
See also Adenocarcinoma, Bronchiolo-Alveolar  WF 658
Mesh BrowserBronchial Provocation Tests  WF 141.5.B8 
Mesh BrowserBronchial Spasm  WF 500 
Mesh BrowserBronchiectasis  WF 544 
Bronchiolar Carcinoma  see Adenocarcinoma, Bronchiolo-Alveolar
Mesh BrowserBronchitis  WF 546 
Mesh BrowserBronchitis, Chronic  WF 546 
Mesh BrowserBronchoalveolar Lavage  WF 600 
Mesh BrowserBronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid  WF 600 
Mesh BrowserBronchoconstriction  WF 102 
See also Bronchial Provocation Tests
Mesh BrowserBronchodilator Agents  QV 120 
Mesh BrowserBronchography  WF 500 
Broncholithiasis  see Bronchial Diseases
Mesh BrowserBronchopneumonia  WC 202 
Mesh BrowserBronchopulmonary Dysplasia  WS 410 
Mesh BrowserBronchoscopes  WF 26 
See also Bronchoscopy  WF 500
Bronchoscopic Surgical Procedures  see Bronchoscopy
Mesh BrowserBronchoscopy  WF 500 
See also Bronchoscopes
See also Catheterization, Peripheral
Bronchospasm  see Bronchial Spasm
Bronchospasm, Exercise-Induced  see Asthma, Exercise-Induced
Mesh BrowserBronchospirometry  WB 284 
Bronze Diabetes  see Hemochromatosis
Brown Tendon Sheath Syndrome  see Ocular Motility Disorders
Browning Reaction  see Maillard Reaction
Mesh BrowserBrucella abortus  QW 131 
Mesh BrowserBrucella Vaccine  WC 310 
Mesh BrowserBrucellosis  WC 310 
Veterinary SF 809.B8
Mesh BrowserBrucellosis, Bovine SF 809.B8
Mesh BrowserBrugia  QX 301 
Bruise  see Contusions
Bruises  see Contusions
Brunhilde Virus  see Poliovirus
Brunner's Gland  see Duodenum
Brush Border  see Microvilli
Brussel Sprout  see Brassica
Bruxism, Nocturnal  see Sleep Bruxism
Mesh BrowserBryophyta QK 534-549.5
Bubalus  see Buffaloes
Bubo, Climatic or Tropical  see Lymphogranuloma Venereum
Bubonic Plague  see Plague
Bucca  see Cheek
Buccal Mucosa  see Mouth Mucosa
Mesh BrowserBuddhism BQ
And medicine BQ 4570.M4
See also Religion and Medicine
And psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.R3
And psychology BQ 4570.P76
See also Religion and Psychology
Ethics  WB 60
Budding Yeast  see Saccharomycetales
Budgerigar Fancier's Lung  see Bird Fancier's Lung
Budgetary Control  see Budgets
Mesh BrowserBudgets
Public finance HJ 2005, etc.
U.S. HJ 2050-2053
Hospitals  WX 157
For specific topics, class by subject
If general, in economics number where available
Buerger Disease  see Thromboangiitis Obliterans
Buerger's Disease  see Thromboangiitis Obliterans
Mesh BrowserBuffaloes QL 737.U5
Diseases SF 997.5.B8
European bison QL 737.U53
Buffalopox virus  see Vaccinia virus
Bufo  see Bufonidae
Mesh BrowserBufonidae QL 668.E227
As laboratory animals  QY 60.A6
Bugs  see Hemiptera
Bulbar Conjunctiva  see Conjunctiva
Bulbar Palsy  see Bulbar Palsy, Progressive
Mesh BrowserBulbar Palsy, Progressive  WL 310 
Bulbospinal Neuronopathy  see Muscular Atrophy, Spinal
Mesh BrowserBulbourethral Glands  WJ 600 
Mesh BrowserBulimia  WM 175 
See also Bulimia Nervosa
Mesh BrowserBulimia Nervosa
General  WM 175
In adolescence  WM 175
In childhood  WS 115-130
See also Bulimia
Bulla  see Blister
Bullous Skin Diseases  see Skin Diseases, Vesiculobullous
Mesh BrowserBullying
General BF 637.B85
In the workplace
General WA 420
For specific professions, see Interpersonal Relations
Specific workplace, by type
Social behavior disorder
Adolescent WS 463
Adult WM 600
Infant or child WS 350.8.A4
Mesh BrowserBumetanide  QV 160 
Mesh BrowserBundle-Branch Block  WG 330 
See also Bundle of His
Mesh BrowserBundle of His  WG 201-202 
See also Bundle-Branch Block
Bunion  see Hallux Valgus
Bunostomiasis  see Hookworm Infections
Bunostomum  see Ancylostomatoidea
Mesh BrowserBunyaviridae  QW 168.5.B9 
Mesh BrowserBunyaviridae Infections  WC 501 
Bunyavirus Infections  see Bunyaviridae Infections
Buphthalmos  see Hydrophthalmos
Mesh BrowserBupivacaine  QV 110 
Mesh BrowserBupranolol  QV 132 
Mesh BrowserBuprenorphine  QV 92 
Burden of Illness  see Cost of Illness
Mesh BrowserBurial  WA 846 
See also Mortuary Practice  WA 840-847
Burial Grounds  see Mortuary Practice
Burkitt Cell Leukemia  see Burkitt Lymphoma
Burkitt Herpesvirus  see Herpesvirus 4, Human
Mesh BrowserBurkitt Lymphoma  WH 525 
Localized by site
Veterinary in the appropriate LC SF number, by site
Burkitt Lymphoma Virus  see Herpesvirus 4, Human
Burkitt Tumor  see Burkitt Lymphoma
Burkitt's Lymphoma Virus  see Herpesvirus 4, Human
Burn Centers  see Burn Units
Mesh BrowserBurn Units  WO 27-28 
Mesh BrowserBurning Mouth Syndrome  WU 140 
Mesh BrowserBurnout, Professional  WM 172 
Mesh BrowserBurns  WO 704 
Death from (medicolegal aspects)  W 843
Localized, by site
Nursing  WY 161
See also Sunburn
Mesh BrowserBurns, Chemical  WO 704 
Mesh BrowserBurns, Electric  WO 704 
Mesh BrowserBurns, Inhalation  WO 704 
Bursa-Dependent Lymphocytes  see B-Lymphocytes
Mesh BrowserBursa, Synovial  WE 400 
Bursine  see Choline
Mesh BrowserBursitis  WE 400 
Mesh BrowserBuruli Ulcer  WC 302 
Mesh BrowserBuserelin  WK 515 
Used for treatment of particular disorders, with the disorder
Buses  see Motor Vehicles
Bush Babies  see Galago
Business  see Commerce
Business Coalitions (Health Care)  see Health Care Coalitions
Mesh BrowserBuspirone  QV 77.9 
Mesh BrowserButadienes
Organic chemistry QD 305.H7
Toxicology  QV 633
Butamide Brand of Tolbutamide  see Tolbutamide
Mesh BrowserButorphanol  QV 92 
Mesh BrowserButter
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 425
Microbiology  QW 85
Public health aspects  WA 715
Butter Yellow  see p-Dimethylaminoazobenzene
Mesh BrowserButterflies  QX 560 
Mesh BrowserButtocks  WE 750 
Mesh BrowserButylated Hydroxyanisole
Toxicology  QV 632
As a food preservative  WA 712
Mesh BrowserButylated Hydroxytoluene
As a food preservative  WA 712
Butylcarbamide  see Carbutamide
Butylhydroxyanisole  see Butylated Hydroxyanisole
Butylhydroxytoluene  see Butylated Hydroxytoluene
Butyrate  see Butyrates
Mesh BrowserButyrates  QU 90 
Butyribacterium  see Eubacterium
Mesh BrowserButyrophenones
See also Antipsychotic Agents  QV 77.9
By-Products, Industrial  see Industrial Waste
Bylaws  see Constitution and Bylaws
Bypass, Coronary Artery  see Coronary Artery Bypass
Mesh BrowserByssinosis  WF 654 

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