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Ia Antigens  see Histocompatibility Antigens Class II
Ia-Like Antigens  see Histocompatibility Antigens Class II
Ia-Like Antigens, Human  see HLA-D Antigens
IAP Pertussis Toxin  see Pertussis Toxin
Mesh BrowserIatrogenic Disease  QZ 42 
See also Infectious Disease Transmission, Professional-to-Patient
See also Medical Errors
IBR-IPV Virus  see Herpesvirus 1, Bovine
Mesh BrowserIbuprofen  QV 95 
ICD Codes  see International Classification of Diseases
ICD-10  see International Classification of Diseases
ICD-9  see International Classification of Diseases
Mesh BrowserIce
Physical geography GB 2401-2598
Sanitation  WA 675
See also Water
Mesh BrowserIce Cream
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 428
Microbiology  QW 85
Public health aspects  WA 715
Ice Hockey  see Hockey
Mesh BrowserIchthyosis  WR 500 
ICI-46474  see Tamoxifen
ICI 66082  see Atenolol
Icosahedral Cytoplasmic Deoxyriboviruses  see Iridoviridae
Icosanoids  see Eicosanoids
ICSH (Interstitial Cell Stimulating Hormone)  see Luteinizing Hormone
Icterus  see Jaundice
Icterus Gravis Neonatorum  see Jaundice, Neonatal
Mesh BrowserId  WM 460.5.U6 
IDDM  see Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Ideational Apraxia  see Apraxias
Mesh BrowserIdentification (Psychology)
Adolescent  WS 462
Infant or child  WS 105.5.P3
Personality development (General) BF 698
Psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.I4
Identification, Social  see Social Identification
Mesh BrowserIdentity Crisis BF 697
Adolescent  WS 463
Child  WS 350.8.I3
In psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.P3
Idiocy  see Intellectual Disability
Idiopathic Environmental Intolerances  see Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Idiopathic Hypercatabolic Hypoproteinemia  see Protein-Losing Enteropathies
Idiopathic Hypertrophic Subaortic Stenosis  see Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic
Idiopathic Hypertrophic Subvalvular Stenosis  see Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic
Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonitis - from Asbestos Exposure  see Asbestosis
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension  see Pseudotumor Cerebri
Idiopathic Myoclonic Epilepsy  see Epilepsies, Myoclonic
Idiopathic Parkinson Disease  see Parkinson Disease
Idiopathic Torsion Dystonia  see Dystonia Musculorum Deformans
Idiotypes, Immunoglobulin  see Immunoglobulin Idiotypes
Idnoreovirus  see Reoviridae
Mesh BrowserIfosfamide
As an antineoplastic agent  QV 269
As an immunosuppressive agent  QW 920
IGA Glomerulonephritis  see Glomerulonephritis, IGA
IGA Nephropathy  see Glomerulonephritis, IGA
IgE  see Immunoglobulin E
IgE-Mediated Hypersensitivity  see Hypersensitivity, Immediate
IGF-I  see Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
IGF-II  see Insulin-Like Growth Factor II
IgG  see Immunoglobulin G
IL-2 Receptors  see Receptors, Interleukin-2
Ileal Conduit  see Urinary Diversion
Mesh BrowserIleal Neoplasms  WI 512 
Ileal Pouches  see Colonic Pouches
Ileal Reservoirs  see Colonic Pouches
Mesh BrowserIleitis  WI 512 
Ileitis, Regional  see Crohn Disease
Ileitis, Terminal  see Crohn Disease
Ileoanal Pouches  see Colonic Pouches
Ileoanal Reservoirs  see Colonic Pouches
Mesh BrowserIleocecal Valve  WI 512 
Ileocolitis  see Crohn Disease
Ileojejunal Bypass  see Jejunoileal Bypass
Mesh BrowserIleostomy  WI 512 
See also Surgical Stomas
Mesh BrowserIleum  WI 512 
See also Ileostomy
Mesh BrowserIleus  WI 460 
Mesh BrowserIliac Artery  WG 595.I5 
Mesh BrowserIliac Vein  WG 625.I5 
Mesh BrowserIlizarov Technique
Bone lengthening  WE 168
Fracture fixation  WE 185
See also names of particular bones, joints, or conditions
See also Osteogenesis, Distraction
Mesh BrowserIllegitimacy HQ 998-999
Adolescents  WS 462, etc.
Child psychology  WS 105.5.A8
Maternal welfare  WA 310
Paternity  W 791
Unwed parents
Relationship to children WS 105.5.F2
Illex  see Decapodiformes
Illicit Drug Testing  see Substance Abuse Detection
Illicit Drugs  see Street Drugs
Illiteracy  see Educational Status
Illness Days  see Sick Leave
Illuminating Gas Poisoning  see Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Illumination  see Lighting
Mesh BrowserIllusions BF 491-493
Optical  WW 105
Psychotic  WM 204
Illustrated Books  see Books, Illustrated
Illustration, Medical  see Medical Illustration
Illustrations, Surgical  see Medical Illustration
Image Analysis, Computer-Assisted  see Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Mesh BrowserImage Enhancement
In diagnostic imaging  WN 180
Specific objects, by subject
See also Radiographic Image Enhancement  WN 160
Image-Guided Surgery  see Surgery, Computer-Assisted
Image Intensifiers  see Image Enhancement
Mesh BrowserImage Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
General  WB 141
For particular disorders, with the disorder
Mesh BrowserImage Processing, Computer-Assisted
Used for special purposes, by subject
In particular fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Image Reconstruction  see Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Imagery, Guided  see Imagery (Psychotherapy)
Mesh BrowserImagery (Psychotherapy)  WM 420.5.I3 
Mesh BrowserImagination
Adolescent  WS 462
Creative processes BF 408-426
Infant or child  WS 105.5.C7
Mental imagery (General) BF 367
See also Fantasy BF 408-411, etc.
See also Imagery (Psychotherapy)
Imaging, Diagnostic  see Diagnostic Imaging
Imaging, Medical  see Diagnostic Imaging
Imaging Techniques  see Diagnostic Imaging
Mesh BrowserImaging, Three-Dimensional  WN 180 
Imaging, Three-Dimensional, Computer Assisted  see Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Mesh BrowserImidazoles  QU 65 
Organic chemistry QD 401
See also Benzimidazoles
Imidazolidinethione  see Ethylenethiourea
Imidobenzyle  see Imipramine
Imipemide  see Imipenem
Mesh BrowserImipenem  QV 350 
Mesh BrowserImipramine  QV 77.5 
Mesh BrowserImitative Behavior BF 357
Infant or child  WS 105.5.S6
Imizin  see Imipramine
Immaturity Syndromes  see Personality Disorders
Immediate Recall  see Memory, Short-Term
Mesh BrowserImmersion
Special conditions resulting, with the condition, e.g., Hypothermia  WD 670, etc.
As a cause of accident or disease  QZ 57
See also Diving
See also Drowning
Mesh BrowserImmersion Foot  WG 530 
Immigrants  see Emigrants and Immigrants
Immigration  see Emigration and Immigration
Mesh BrowserImmobilization  WE 168 
Used for special purposes, by subject
See also Disabled Persons
See also Fracture Fixation
See also Hypokinesia  WL 390
See also Orthopedic Fixation Devices
Immobilized Cells  see Cells, Immobilized
Immobilized Enzymes  see Enzymes, Immobilized
Immotile Cilia Syndrome  see Ciliary Motility Disorders
Immune-Associated Antigens  see Histocompatibility Antigens Class II
Immune-Associated Antigens, Human  see HLA-D Antigens
Immune Body  see Antibodies
Immune Complex  see Antigen-Antibody Complex
Mesh BrowserImmune Complex Diseases  WD 308 
Immune Disorders  see Immune System Diseases
Immune Disorders, Nervous System  see Autoimmune Diseases of the Nervous System
Immune Globulins  see Immunoglobulins
Immune Monitoring  see Monitoring, Immunologic
Immune Precipitates  see Precipitins
Immune Response Antigens  see Histocompatibility Antigens Class II
Immune-Response Antigens, Human  see HLA-D Antigens
Immune-Response-Associated Antigens  see Histocompatibility Antigens Class II
Immune Response-Associated Antigens, Human  see HLA-D Antigens
Immune Response Genes  see Genes, MHC Class II
Immune Response, Mucosal  see Immunity, Mucosal
Immune RNA Manipulation  see Immunotherapy, Active
Mesh BrowserImmune Sera  QW 815 
See also Immunization, Passive
Mesh BrowserImmune System  QW 504 
Mesh BrowserImmune System Diseases  WD 300-330 
Nursing  WY 153
See also Blood Protein Disorders
Mesh BrowserImmune Tolerance  QW 504 
Transplantation immunology see Transplantation Tolerance  WO 680
See also Graft vs Host Disease
See also Immunocompromised Host
See also Immunosuppression
Mesh BrowserImmunity  QW 540-949 
Adaptive  QW 551
As affected by stress  QZ 160
Biological agents producing immunity  QW 800-815
Infant or child  WS 135
Local  QW 563
See also Immunologic Techniques
Mesh BrowserImmunity, Active  QW 552 
See also Immunotherapy
Mesh BrowserImmunity, Cellular  QW 568 
See also Hypersensitivity, Delayed
Mesh BrowserImmunity, Herd
General  QW 540
To a specific disease, with the disease
Mesh BrowserImmunity, Innate  QW 541 
Mesh BrowserImmunity, Maternally-Acquired  QW 553 
See also Immunization, Passive  QW 945
Mesh BrowserImmunity, Mucosal
General  QW 563
Immunity, Native  see Immunity, Innate
Immunity, Natural  see Immunity, Innate
Immunity, Non-Specific  see Immunity, Innate
Mesh BrowserImmunization
General  QW 800-815
Infant or child  WS 135
Public health aspects  WA 115
Veterinary SF 757.2
For a particular disease, with the disease
Immunization, Active  see Vaccination
Immunization, Booster  see Immunization, Secondary
Mesh BrowserImmunization, Passive  QW 945 
Of a particular disease, with the disease
Mesh BrowserImmunization Programs
General  WA 115
Infant or child  WS 135
For prevention of specific diseases, by disease
Mesh BrowserImmunization Schedule
General  QW 800-815
Infant or child  WS 135
Public health aspects  WA 115
Mesh BrowserImmunization, Secondary  QW 800-815 
Infant or child  WS 135
Immunoactivators  see Adjuvants, Immunologic
Immunoadjuvants  see Adjuvants, Immunologic
Immunoadsorbents  see Immunosorbents
Mesh BrowserImmunoassay
General  QW 525.5.I3
Assay of hormones  QY 330
Used for diagnostic, monitoring, or evaluation tests in special fields, with the field
Immunoassay, Enzyme  see Immunoenzyme Techniques
Mesh BrowserImmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy  WH 700 
Mesh BrowserImmunoblotting  QW 525.5.I32 
Used for diagnostic, monitoring, or evaluation tests in special fields, with the field
See also Immunochemistry
Immunoblotting, Western  see Blotting, Western
Mesh BrowserImmunochemistry  QW 504.5 
See also Immunoblotting
See also Immunologic Techniques
Immunocompatibility  see Histocompatibility
Mesh BrowserImmunocompetence  QW 568 
Mesh BrowserImmunocompromised Host  QW 504 
Immunocontraception  see Contraception, Immunologic
Immunocytochemistry  see Immunohistochemistry
Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Acquired  see Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Immunodiagnosis  see Immunologic Tests
Immunodiagnostic Tests  see Immunologic Tests
Mesh BrowserImmunodiffusion  QY 265 
Immunoelectroblotting  see Immunoblotting
Immunoelectroosmophoresis  see Counterimmunoelectrophoresis
Mesh BrowserImmunoelectrophoresis  QY 250-275 
Assay of hormones  QY 330
Used for diagnostic monitoring, or evaluation tests in special fields, with the field
Veterinary SF 774
See also Blood Protein Electrophoresis
Immunoelectrophoresis, Countercurrent  see Counterimmunoelectrophoresis
Immunoelectrophoresis, Crossover  see Counterimmunoelectrophoresis
Mesh BrowserImmunoenzyme Techniques  QW 525.5.I34 
In immunodiagnostic tests  QY 250
Immunofluorescence Microscopy  see Microscopy, Fluorescence
Immunofluorescence Technique  see Fluorescent Antibody Technique
Immunofluorometric Assay  see Fluoroimmunoassay
Immunogenetic Concepts  see Immunogenetic Phenomena
Mesh BrowserImmunogenetic Phenomena  QW 541 
Mesh BrowserImmunogenetics
As a profession  QW 21
See also Immunogenetic Phenomena
Immunogens, Synthetic  see Vaccines, Synthetic
Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy  see Glomerulonephritis, IGA
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulin Allotypes  QW 575 
See also Genes, Immunoglobulin
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulin alpha-Chains  QW 601 
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulin E  QW 601 
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulin G  QW 601 
Immunoglobulin Genes  see Genes, Immunoglobulin
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulin Idiotypes  QW 601 
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulin mu-Chains  QW 601 
Immunoglobulin-Producing Cells  see Antibody-Producing Cells
Immunoglobulin-Secreting Cells  see Antibody-Producing Cells
Immunoglobulin Therapy  see Immunization, Passive
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulins  QW 601 
See also Immunity
See also Paraproteinemias
Immunoglobulins, alpha-Chain  see Immunoglobulin alpha-Chains
Mesh BrowserImmunoglobulins, Intravenous  QW 601 
Immunoglobulins, mu-Chain  see Immunoglobulin mu-Chains
Immunogold-Silver Techniques  see Immunohistochemistry
Immunogold Techniques  see Immunohistochemistry
Mesh BrowserImmunohistochemistry  QW 504.5 
Immunohistocytochemistry  see Immunohistochemistry
Immunolabeling Techniques  see Immunohistochemistry
Immunologic Accessory Cells  see Antigen-Presenting Cells
Immunologic Competence  see Immunocompetence
Immunologic Deficiency Syndrome, Acquired  see Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Mesh BrowserImmunologic Deficiency Syndromes  WD 308 
See also Immunocompromised Host
Immunologic Diseases  see Immune System Diseases
Mesh BrowserImmunologic Factors  QW 568 
Immunologic Markers  see Biological Markers
Immunologic Monitoring  see Monitoring, Immunologic
Immunologic Receptors  see Receptors, Immunologic
Immunologic Stimulation  see Immunization
Mesh BrowserImmunologic Surveillance  QW 568 
Mesh BrowserImmunologic Techniques  QW 525 
Immunodiagnostic tests  QY 250-275
See also names of particular tests and procedures, e.g., Immunoassay  QW 525.5.I3, etc.
See also Blood Grouping and Crossmatching
See also Immunologic Tests
See also Immunotherapy
See also Serologic Tests
Mesh BrowserImmunologic Tests
Techniques  QW 525
Used in diagnosis  QY 250-275
See also names of specific tests
Immunology  see Allergy and Immunology
Immunology, Transplantation  see Transplantation Immunology
Mesh BrowserImmunomodulation  QW 920 
Immunomodulators  see Immunologic Factors
Immunoperoxidase Techniques  see Immunoenzyme Techniques
Mesh BrowserImmunophenotyping  QW 525.5.I36 
Immunopotentiators  see Adjuvants, Immunologic
Immunoscintigraphy, Radiolabeled  see Radioimmunodetection
Mesh BrowserImmunosorbents
In antigen-antibody complex  QW 570
See also Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Immunostimulants  see Adjuvants, Immunologic
Immunostimulation  see Immunization
Immunosuppressed Host  see Immunocompromised Host
Mesh BrowserImmunosuppression  QW 920 
See also Antilymphocyte Serum
See also Immune Tolerance
See also Immunocompromised Host
Immunosuppression (Physiology)  see Immune Tolerance
Mesh BrowserImmunosuppressive Agents  QW 920 
See also Antilymphocyte Serum
See also Antirheumatic Agents
Immunosurveillance  see Monitoring, Immunologic
Mesh BrowserImmunotherapy  QW 940-949 
Of a particular disease, with the disease
Mesh BrowserImmunotherapy, Active  QW 949 
Veterinary SF 919
Of a particular disease, with the disease
Mesh BrowserImmunotherapy, Adoptive  QW 940 
Immunotherapy, Allergen  see Desensitization, Immunologic
Immunotherapy, Passive  see Immunization, Passive
Mesh BrowserImmunotoxins  QW 630.5.I3 
Impact Seizure  see Epilepsy, Post-Traumatic
Impedance Tests, Acoustic  see Acoustic Impedance Tests
Impedance, Transthoracic  see Cardiography, Impedance
Imperata  see Poaceae
Mesh BrowserImpetigo  WR 225 
Impetigo Contagiosa  see Impetigo
Implant, Middle Ear  see Ossicular Prosthesis
Implant Radiotherapy  see Brachytherapy
Implant-Supported Dental Prosthesis  see Dental Prosthesis, Implant-Supported
Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators  see Defibrillators, Implantable
Implantable Catheters  see Catheters, Indwelling
Implantable Defibrillators  see Defibrillators, Implantable
Implantable Infusion Pumps  see Infusion Pumps, Implantable
Implantation, Blastocyst  see Embryo Implantation
Implantation, Dental  see Dental Implantation
Implantation, Ovum, Delayed  see Embryo Implantation, Delayed
Implants, Artificial  see Prostheses and Implants
Implants, Breast  see Breast Implants
Implants, Cochlear  see Cochlear Implants
Implants, Dental  see Dental Implants
Mesh BrowserImplosive Therapy  WM 425.5.D4 
Impotence  see Erectile Dysfunction
Impregnation, Artificial  see Insemination, Artificial
Mesh BrowserImpulse Control Disorders  WM 190.5.I6 
See also Paraphilias
See also Substance-Related Disorders
Impulse-Ridden Personality  see Personality Disorders
Mesh BrowserImpulsive Behavior BF 575.I46
Pathological, see Impulse Control Disorders  WM 190.5.I6
Mesh BrowserIn Situ Hybridization  QU 58 
In Vitro Diagnostic Device Approval  see Diagnostic Test Approval
In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy  see Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Inadequate Personality  see Personality Disorders
Inanition  see Deficiency Diseases
Inappropriate Follicle Stimulating Hormone Secretion  see Hyperpituitarism
Inappropriate FSH Secretion Syndrome  see Hyperpituitarism
Inappropriate Growth Hormone Secretion Syndrome (Acromegaly)  see Acromegaly
Inappropriate LH Secretion Syndrome  see Hyperpituitarism
Inappropriate Luteinizing Hormone Secretion  see Hyperpituitarism
Mesh BrowserInappropriate Prescribing  QV 748 
See also Drug Overdose
Inappropriate Prescriptions  see Inappropriate Prescribing
Inappropriate Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Secretion  see Hyperpituitarism
Inappropriate TSH Secretion Syndrome  see Hyperpituitarism
Inborn Errors of Metabolism  see Metabolism, Inborn Errors
Mesh BrowserInbreeding
Animal SF 105
Physical anthropology GN 252
Social pathology HV 4981
See also Consanguinity
Inbreeding, Human  see Consanguinity
Incentive Reimbursement  see Reimbursement, Incentive
Incentives  see Motivation
Mesh BrowserIncest  WM 607 
Incidence Studies  see Cohort Studies
Incident Reporting, Hospital  see Risk Management
Mesh BrowserIncineration  WA 778 
Incipient Schizophrenia  see Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Incisive Papilla  see Palate
Mesh BrowserIncisor  WU 101 
Mesh BrowserInclusion Bodies
General  QU 350
In bacteria  QW 51
Inclusion Disease  see Cytomegalovirus Infections
Mesh BrowserIncome
Economic theory HB 522-715
Labor HD 4909-5100.9
Of dentists  WU 77
Of nurses  WY 77
Of physicians  W 79
Of other specialties, by type
See also Salaries and Fringe Benefits
Mesh BrowserIncome Tax HJ 4621-4824
Incompatibility of Drugs  see Drug Incompatibility
Incompetency, Mental  see Mental Competency
Incontinentia Pigmenti Achromians  see Pigmentation Disorders
Incoordination  see Ataxia
Incubation Period  see Carrier State
Mesh BrowserIncubators
in microbiology  QW 26
Used in experimental histology  QS 530
(Form number 26 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Environment, Controlled
See also Life Support Systems
Mesh BrowserIncubators, Infant
Catalogs  W 26
Description  WS 26
Usage  WS 410-421
Mesh BrowserIncunabula  WZ 230 
Mesh BrowserIncunabula as Topic
General Z 240-241
Bibliographies Z 240.A1
Mesh BrowserIncus  WV 230 
Mesh BrowserIndans
Organic chemistry QD 341.H9
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserIndapamide  QV 160 
Mesh BrowserIndenes
As anti-arrhythmia agents  QV 150
As non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents  QV 95
Organic chemistry QD 341.H9
Mesh BrowserIndependent Practice Associations  W 130 
Mesh BrowserIndexes
Of subjects represented in NLM's classification, appropriate classification number preceded by the letter Z
Of other subjects, LC's Z schedule
See also Abstracts
See also Bibliography
See also Resource Guides
Indexes as Topic  see Abstracting and Indexing as Topic
Indexing as Topic  see Abstracting and Indexing as Topic
Indian Corn  see Zea mays
Indian Nursing Service  see Public Health Nursing
Mesh BrowserIndians, Central American
General F 1434-1435
Health problems  WA 300
In medicine
Collective WZ 150
Prefer classification by specialty if applicable
Individual WZ 100
History WZ 80.5.I3
Mental health problems  WA 305
See also special topics under Ethnic Groups
Special topics, by topic
Mesh BrowserIndians, North American
General E 75-99
Health problems  WA 300
In medicine
Collective WZ 150
Prefer classification by specialty if applicable
Individual WZ 100
History WZ 80.5.I3
Mental health problems  WA 305
Mexico F 1219-1220
See also special topics under Ethnic Groups
Mesh BrowserIndians, South American
General F 2229-2230.2
As physicians
Collective biography WZ 150
Individual biography WZ 100
History  WZ 80.5.I3
See also special topics under Ethnic Groups
Mesh BrowserIndicator Dilution Techniques  WG 141 
Blood volume  WG 106
See also Dye Dilution Technique  WG 141, etc.
See also Radioisotope Dilution Technique  WG 141, etc.
Mesh BrowserIndicators and Reagents
Analytical chemistry QD 77
Pharmaceutical chemistry  QV 744
See also Chelating Agents
See also Coloring Agents
See also Reagent Kits, Diagnostic
Indigency  see Poverty
Indigency, Medical  see Medical Indigency
Indigent Care  see Uncompensated Care
Indigestion  see Dyspepsia
Mesh BrowserIndium
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.I5
Pharmacology  QV 290
See also Indium Radioisotopes
Mesh BrowserIndium Radioisotopes  WN 415-450 
Used for special purposes, by subject
Individual Differences  see Individuality
Individual Practice Associations  see Independent Practice Associations
Mesh BrowserIndividuality
Psychology BF 697
Sociology HM 1276
Mesh BrowserIndividuation  WM 460.5.I5 
In personality development BF 697
Adolescent WS 462
Infant or child WS 105.5.P3
Mesh BrowserIndocyanine Green  QV 240 
Used with particular procedures, with the procedure
Mesh BrowserIndoles
Organic chemistry QD 401
As tranquilizers  QV 77.9
Indolylethylamines  see Tryptamines
Mesh BrowserIndomethacin  QV 95 
Indoor Air Pollution  see Air Pollution, Indoor
Indoor Air Quality  see Air Pollution, Indoor
Mesh BrowserIndoprofen  QV 95 
Indri  see Strepsirhini
Indriidae  see Strepsirhini
Induction of Labor  see Labor, Induced
Industrial Accidents  see Accidents, Occupational
Industrial Arts  see Technology
Industrial By-Products in Air Pollution  see Air Pollutants
Industrial Dentistry  see Occupational Dentistry
Industrial Dermatoses  see Dermatitis, Occupational
Industrial Health  see Occupational Health
Industrial Hygiene  see Occupational Health
Industrial Medical Departments  see Occupational Health Services
Industrial Medicine  see Occupational Medicine
Industrial Mental Health  see Mental Health
Mesh BrowserIndustrial Microbiology  QW 75 
See also Genetic Engineering
Industrial Nursing  see Occupational Health Nursing
Industrial Ophthalmology  see Ophthalmology
Industrial Poisoning  see Poisoning
Mesh BrowserIndustrial Waste  WA 788 
See also names of specific types of waste, e.g., Air Pollutants  WA 450
Industrialization  see Industry
Mesh BrowserIndustry HD 2321-4730.9
See also Commerce
See also Ethics, Business
See also Occupational Diseases
See also Occupational Medicine
Mesh BrowserInert Gas Narcosis
Aviation and space medicine  WD 715
Submarine medicine  WD 650
Mesh BrowserInfant  WS 
General  WS 430
Anesthesia  WO 440
Diagnostic imaging  WN 240
General Surgery  WO 925
Nursing see Pediatric Nursing  WY 159
Ophthalmology  WW 600
Welfare see Child Welfare  WA 310-320
See also Birth Injuries  WS 405
See also other headings beginning with Birth
Mesh BrowserInfant Behavior  WS 105 
Mesh BrowserInfant Care  WS 113 
See also Behavior, Animal
See also Child Care  WS 113
See also Incubators, Infant
See also Intensive Care, Neonatal  WS 421
Infant Development  see Child Development
Mesh BrowserInfant Food  WS 120-125 
See also Infant Formula
Mesh BrowserInfant Formula  WS 120 
See also Infant Food  WS 120
Infant Health  see Infant Welfare
Infant Health Services  see Child Health Services
Mesh BrowserInfant, Low Birth Weight  WS 420 
Infant Malnutrition  see Infant Nutrition Disorders
Mesh BrowserInfant Mortality
Including causes of death  WA 900
See also Child Mortality
See also Fetal Death  WQ 225, etc.
See also Perinatal Mortality
Mesh BrowserInfant, Newborn  WS 420 
Legal establishment of life  W 789
Nursing see Neonatal Nursing  WY 157.3
Resuscitation  WQ 450
See also Animals, Newborn
Mesh BrowserInfant, Newborn, Diseases  WS 421 
See also Congenital Abnormalities
Infant, Newborn, Intensive Care  see Intensive Care, Neonatal
Infant, Newborn, Screening  see Neonatal Screening
Mesh BrowserInfant Nutrition Disorders  WS 120 
See also Child Nutrition Disorders
Infant Nutrition Physiology  see Infant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Mesh BrowserInfant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Feeding see Feeding Methods  WS 120-125
Requirements  WS 120
See also Child Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
See also Milk
See also Milk, Human
Mesh BrowserInfant, Premature  WS 410 
See also Premature Birth
Mesh BrowserInfant, Premature, Diseases  WS 410 
Infant Psychology  see Child Psychology
Infant Radiant Warmers  see Incubators, Infant
Mesh BrowserInfant, Small for Gestational Age  WS 420 
Mesh BrowserInfant Welfare
Public health aspects  WA 310-320
Social aspects HV 697-700.7
Mesh BrowserInfanticide
Criminology HV 6537-6541
Psychological and psychiatric aspects of criminal WM 605
Medicolegal aspects  W 867
Infantile Papular Acrodermatitis  see Acrodermatitis
Infantile Paralysis  see Poliomyelitis
Infantile Spasms  see Spasms, Infantile
Infantilism, Genital  see Sexual Infantilism
Infantilism, Sexual  see Sexual Infantilism
Mesh BrowserInfarction
General  QZ 170
Coronary see Coronary Disease  WG 300, etc.
Myocardial Infarction  WG 300
See also Brain Infarction
See also Brain Stem Infarctions
See also Cerebral Infarction
See also Myocardial Infarction
See also Pulmonary Embolism
Infarction, Cerebral  see Cerebral Infarction
Mesh BrowserInfection
Bacteriological aspects  QW 700
See also Bacterial Infections WC 200-425
Disease process  WC 195
Eye  WW 160
Prevention and control see Infection Control  WC 195, etc.
Surgical see Surgical Wound Infection  WO 185
Veterinary SF 781
Wound see Wound Infection  WC 255
Localized, by site
See also names of other specifc types of infection
See also Anti-Infective Agents  QV 250-268.5
See also Communicable Diseases
See also Cross Infection  WC 195
See also Focal Infection  WC 230
See also Laboratory Infection  WC 195
Mesh BrowserInfection Control  WC 195 
In dentistry  WU 29
In hospitals  WX 167
Mesh BrowserInfection Control, Dental  WU 29 
Infections, Cardiovascular  see Cardiovascular Infections
Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus  see Herpesvirus 1, Bovine
Mesh BrowserInfectious bronchitis virus  QW 168.5.C8 
Infectious Disease Contact Tracing  see Contact Tracing
Infectious Disease Reporting  see Disease Notification
Mesh BrowserInfectious Disease Transmission, Patient-to-Professional  WA 110 
See also Blood-Borne Pathogens
Mesh BrowserInfectious Disease Transmission, Professional-to-Patient  WA 110 
See also Blood-Borne Pathogens
Infectious Diseases  see Communicable Diseases
Infectious Diseases, Emerging  see Communicable Diseases, Emerging
Infectious Encephalomyelitis, Viral  see Encephalitis, Viral
Infectious Keratoconjunctivitis  see Keratoconjunctivitis, Infectious
Mesh BrowserInfectious Mononucleosis  WC 522 
Infectious Mononucleosis-Like Syndrome, Chronic  see Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic
Infectious Mononucleosis Virus  see Herpesvirus 4, Human
Infectious Pustular Vulvovaginitis Virus  see Herpesvirus 1, Bovine
Inferiority Complex  see Personality Disorders
Inferiority, Constitutional Psychopathic  see Antisocial Personality Disorder
Mesh BrowserInfertility  WP 570 
Veterinary SF 871
Infertility Agents  see Fertility Agents
Mesh BrowserInfertility, Female  WP 570 
Mesh BrowserInfertility, Male  WJ 709 
Infibulation  see Circumcision, Female
Infiltration anesthesia  see Anesthesia, Local
Mesh BrowserInflammation  QZ 150 
Immunological aspects  QW 700
Localized, by site
See also Acute-Phase Reaction
See also Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Inflammation, Brain  see Encephalitis
Inflammation, Endodontic  see Pulpitis
Mesh BrowserInflammation Mediators  QV 247 
Mesh BrowserInflammatory Bowel Diseases  WI 420 
Inflammatory Myopathy  see Myositis
Mesh BrowserInflation, Economic
By subject, in economics number where applicable
Mesh BrowserInfluenza A virus  QW 168.5.O7 
Mesh BrowserInfluenza A Virus, H5N1 Subtype  QW 168.5.O7 
Influenza, Avian  see Influenza in Birds
Mesh BrowserInfluenza, Human  WC 515 
Mesh BrowserInfluenza in Birds
General SF 995.6.I6
Transmitted to humans see Influenza, Human  WC 515
Influenza in Humans  see Influenza, Human
Mesh BrowserInfluenza Vaccines  WC 515 
Influenza Viruses  see Orthomyxoviridae
Influenza Viruses Type A  see Influenza A virus
Mesh BrowserInformation Dissemination
Special topics, by subject
See also Diffusion of Innovation
See also Information Services ZA 3150-3159
Information Processing, Automatic  see Automatic Data Processing
Information Processing, Human  see Mental Processes
Information Retrieval  see Information Storage and Retrieval
Information Retrieval Systems  see Information Systems
Mesh BrowserInformation Science Z 665-718.8
Information theory Q 350-390
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserInformation Services ZA 3150-3159
Services in particular fields, by subject
See also Information Dissemination
See also Libraries Z 665-997.2
Mesh BrowserInformation Storage and Retrieval Z 699
By subject Z 699.5.A-Z
In medicine (General)  W 26.55.I4
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserInformation Systems
General Z 699
By subject Z 699.5.A-Z
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Automatic Data Processing  W 26.55.A9, etc.
See also Computers  W 26.55.C7, etc.
See also Health Information Systems
Mesh BrowserInformation Theory Q 350-390
Special applications, by subject
Mesh BrowserInformed Consent
In human experimentation  W 20.55.H9
Legal aspects  W 32-33
Other special topics, by subject, e.g., in drug research  QV 20.5
See also Mental Competency
See also Treatment Refusal
Informed Consent Forms  see Consent Forms
Mesh BrowserInfrared Rays QC 457
General medical use  WB 117
Diagnostic use  WB 288
Instrumentation  WB 26
Therapeutic use  WB 480
See also Spectrophotometry, Infrared QC 457, etc.
Infrared Spectrophotometry  see Spectrophotometry, Infrared
Infrared Spectroscopy  see Spectrophotometry, Infrared
Infundibular Stalk  see Pituitary Gland, Posterior
Infundibular Stem  see Pituitary Gland, Posterior
Infundibulum, Hypophyseal  see Pituitary Gland, Posterior
Infundibulum (Hypophysis)  see Pituitary Gland, Posterior
Infusion  see Drug Compounding
Mesh BrowserInfusion Pumps  WB 354 
Infusion Pumps, External  see Infusion Pumps
Mesh BrowserInfusion Pumps, Implantable  WB 354 
See also Drug Implants
Mesh BrowserInfusions, Intra-Arterial  WB 354 
Mesh BrowserInfusions, Intravenous  WB 354 
Mesh BrowserInfusions, Parenteral  WB 354 
Glucose  WB 354
Saline  WB 354
See also Fluid Therapy
Infusions, Regional Arterial  see Infusions, Intra-Arterial
Infusors  see Infusion Pumps
Inguinal Hernia  see Hernia, Inguinal
Mesh BrowserInhalant Abuse  WM 270 
Inhalation Anesthesia  see Anesthesia, Inhalation
Inhalation Anesthetics  see Anesthetics, Inhalation
Inhalation Burns  see Burns, Inhalation
Inhalation Devices  see Nebulizers and Vaporizers
Inhalation Drug Administration  see Administration, Inhalation
Inhalation Injury, Smoke  see Smoke Inhalation Injury
Inhalation of Drugs  see Administration, Inhalation
Inhalation Provocation Tests  see Bronchial Provocation Tests
Inhalation Therapy  see Respiratory Therapy
Inhalators  see Nebulizers and Vaporizers
Inhalers  see Nebulizers and Vaporizers
Mesh BrowserInheritance Patterns
General  QZ 50
Of specific genetic traits, with the trait
Inherited Coagulation Disorders  see Blood Coagulation Disorders, Inherited
Mesh BrowserInhibins  WK 900 
Female  WP 520
Male  WJ 875
Inhibins, Female  see Inhibins
Inhibins, Testicular  see Inhibins
Inhibition, Neural  see Neural Inhibition
Mesh BrowserInhibition (Psychology)
General BF 378.I6
Infant or child  WS 350.8.I4
Psychoanalytic aspects  WM 460
Mesh BrowserInjections  WB 354 
Hypodermic  WB 354
Saline  WB 354
See also Enema  WB 344
Mesh BrowserInjections, Intra-Arterial  WB 354 
Mesh BrowserInjections, Intradermal  WB 354 
Mesh BrowserInjections, Intramuscular  WB 354 
Mesh BrowserInjections, Intravenous  WB 354 
Mesh BrowserInjections, Jet  WB 354 
Mesh BrowserInjections, Subcutaneous  WB 354 
Injured, Transportation  see Transportation of Patients
Injuries  see Wounds and Injuries
Injuries, Multiple  see Multiple Trauma
Mesh BrowserInk Blot Tests  WM 145.5.I5 
Mesh BrowserInlays  WU 360 
Innate Behavior  see Instinct
Inner Ear Disease  see Labyrinth Diseases
Innominate Artery  see Brachiocephalic Trunk
Innominate Veins  see Brachiocephalic Veins
Innovation Diffusion  see Diffusion of Innovation
Inoculation  see Vaccination
Inoculation Lymphoreticulosis  see Cat-Scratch Disease
Mesh BrowserInorganic Chemicals
Biochemisty  QU 130
Inorganic chemistry QD 146-197
Pharmacology of specific chemicals with chemical in appropriate QV number
Inorganic Chemistry  see Chemistry, Inorganic
Inorganic Poisons  see Poisons
Inorganic Substances  see Inorganic Chemicals
Mesh BrowserInositol  QU 84 
Inositol Hexaphosphate  see Phytic Acid
Mesh BrowserInositol Phosphates  QU 84 
Inositol Phosphoglycerides  see Phosphatidylinositols
Inotropic Agents, Positive Cardiac  see Cardiotonic Agents
Inotropism  see Muscle Contraction
Inotropism, Cardiac  see Myocardial Contraction
Mesh BrowserInpatients  WX 158.5 
With specific disabilities, with the disability
See also Patients
Insanity  see Mental Disorders
Mesh BrowserInsanity Defense  W 740 
See also Mental Competency
Mesh BrowserInsect Bites and Stings  WD 430 
Mesh BrowserInsect Control  QX 600 
See also Chemosterilants
See also Insecticide Resistance
See also Pest Control, Biological
Insect Growth Regulators  see Juvenile Hormones
Insect Poisons  see Insect Bites and Stings
Mesh BrowserInsect Repellents
Pest control in agriculture SB 951.5-951.54
Public health aspects  WA 240
Insect Sterilization  see Insect Control
Mesh BrowserInsect Vectors  QX 650 
Public health aspects  WA 110
See also Insect Control QX 600
Mesh BrowserInsect Viruses  QW 162 
Insecta  see Insects
Mesh BrowserInsecticide Resistance
Agriculture SB 957
Chemically induced mutations QH 465.C5
Insect control (Parasitology)  QX 600
Public health aspects  WA 240
Mesh BrowserInsecticides
Agriculture SB 951.5-951.54
Public health  WA 240
See also Cholinesterase Inhibitors
Insecticides, Organophosphate, Antagonists  see Cholinesterase Reactivators
Insecticides, Organothiophosphate, Antagonists  see Cholinesterase Reactivators
Mesh BrowserInsectivora QL 737.I5-737.I58
Mesh BrowserInsects
Diseases SB 942
Parasitology  QX 500-650
Poisoning  WD 430
Mesh BrowserInsemination  WQ 205 
Mesh BrowserInsemination, Artificial  WQ 208 
Sociological aspects HQ 761
Veterinary SF 105.5
See also Fertilization in Vitro
See also Semen Preservation
See also Sperm Banks
Mesh BrowserInsemination, Artificial, Heterologous  WQ 208 
Mesh BrowserInsemination, Artificial, Homologous  WQ 208 
Insemination, Artificial, Human Donor  see Insemination, Artificial, Heterologous
Insemination, Artificial, Husband  see Insemination, Artificial, Homologous
Insertion Elements, DNA  see DNA Transposable Elements
Insertion Mutation  see Mutagenesis, Insertional
Insertion Sequence Elements  see DNA Transposable Elements
Insertional Activation  see Mutagenesis, Insertional
Insertional Mutagenesis  see Mutagenesis, Insertional
Mesh BrowserInservice Training HF 5549.5.T7
In hospitals  WX 159
For particular jobs, by subject, e.g., Nurses' Aides  WY 193
Insignia  see Emblems and Insignia
Insomnia  see Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
Inspection, Sanitary  see Sanitation
Inspiratory Positive-Pressure Ventilation  see Intermittent Positive-Pressure Ventilation
Instability, Joint  see Joint Instability
Instillation, Bladder  see Administration, Intravesical
Instillation, Rectal  see Administration, Rectal
Mesh BrowserInstinct
Animal QL 781
Psychology BF 685
See also Libido
Institutes  see Academies and Institutes
Institutional Ethics Committees  see Ethics Committees
Institutional Liability  see Liability, Legal
Institutional Personnel Licensure  see Licensure
Mesh BrowserInstitutional Practice  W 96 
Legislation  W 33
Nursing  WY 125
Institutional Review Boards  see Ethics Committees, Research
Institutional Tax  see Taxes
Mesh BrowserInstitutionalization  W 84.7 
Geriatrics  WT 31
See also Adolescent, Institutionalized  WS 460-463
See also Child, Institutionalized
Mentally disabled child WS 107.5.I4
See also Deinstitutionalization  W 84.7, etc.
See also Hospitalization  WX 158-158.5, etc.
See also Hospitals, Psychiatric  WM 27-28, etc.
Institutionalized Adolescent  see Adolescent, Institutionalized
Institutionalized Child  see Child, Institutionalized
Institutions  see Organizations
Instructional Technology  see Educational Technology
Instrumental Learning  see Conditioning, Operant
Insufficient Sleep Syndrome  see Sleep Deprivation
Insufflation Anesthesia  see Anesthesia, Inhalation
Insufflation Radiography  see Pneumoradiography
Insula of Reil  see Cerebral Cortex
Mesh BrowserInsulin  WK 820 
Shock see Hypoglycemia  WK 880
Shock Therapy see Convulsive Therapy  WM 410
See also Hyperinsulinism  WK 880
See also Proinsulin  WK 820
Mesh BrowserInsulin Antibodies  QW 575 
Insulin Coma Therapy  see Convulsive Therapy
Mesh BrowserInsulin Infusion Systems  WK 820 
Mesh BrowserInsulin, Long-Acting  WK 820 
Insulin Receptor  see Receptor, Insulin
Insulin Receptor alpha Subunit  see Receptor, Insulin
Insulin Receptor beta Subunit  see Receptor, Insulin
Insulin Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinase  see Receptor, Insulin
Mesh BrowserInsulin Resistance  WK 820 
Insulin Resistance Syndrome X  see Metabolic Syndrome X
Mesh BrowserInsulin-Like Growth Factor I  QU 107 
Mesh BrowserInsulin-Like Growth Factor II  QU 107 
Insulin-Like Growth Factors  see Somatomedins
Mesh BrowserInsulinoma  WK 885 
Mesh BrowserInsulins  WK 820 
Insuloma  see Insulinoma
Mesh BrowserInsurance HG 8016-9999
See also specific types, e.g., Insurance, Health
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Accident  W 100-250 
Medicolegal aspects  W 900
Insurance Audit  see Insurance Claim Review
Mesh BrowserInsurance Benefits
Medical, etc. service plans  W 100-275
For particular disabilities, by subject
Mesh BrowserInsurance Carriers
Of health insurance  W 100-275
Insurance Case Management  see Managed Care Programs
Mesh BrowserInsurance Claim Reporting
Related to health insurance in general  W 100-275
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserInsurance Claim Review  W 100-275 
For particular disorder, by subject
Insurance Claims Processing  see Insurance Claim Review
Mesh BrowserInsurance Coverage
General HG 8011-8051
Health insurance  W 100-275
See also names of specific types of insurance, e.g., Medicare  WT 31
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Dental  W 260 
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Disability
General HD 7105.2-7105.25
Medicare  WT 31
Medicolegal aspects  W 900
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Health  W 100-275 
Medicolegal aspects  W 900
Surgical  W 100-275
See also Medically Uninsured
See also Physician's Practice Patterns
Insurance, Health, Catastrophic  see Insurance, Major Medical
Insurance, Health, for Aged and Disabled  see Medicare
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Health, Reimbursement  W 100-275 
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Hospitalization  W 160 
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Liability HG 9990
(Form number 33 or 33.1 in any NLM schedule where applicable and practical)
See also Malpractice
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Life HG 8751-9295
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Long-Term Care  W 160 
For the aged  WT 31
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Major Medical  W 160 
See also Catastrophic Illness
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Medigap  WT 31 
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Nursing Services  W 255 
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Pharmaceutical Services  W 265 
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Physician Services  W 100-275 
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Psychiatric  W 270 
Insurance Status  see Insurance Coverage
Mesh BrowserInsurance, Surgical  W 100-275 
Insurers  see Insurance Carriers
Integral Membrane Proteins  see Membrane Proteins
Integrated Delivery Systems  see Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Integrated Health Care Systems  see Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Integration, Prophage  see Lysogeny
Mesh BrowserIntegrative Medicine  WB 113 
Mesh BrowserIntegrins
Biochemistry  QU 55.7
Immunological aspects  QW 570
See also Cell Adhesion Molecules
Mesh BrowserIntegumentary System
General  WR 100
Anatomy  WR 101
Pathology  WR 105
Physiology  WR 102
Specific topics, with the topic
Mesh BrowserIntellectual Property
General (medical)  W 32-33
Copyright Z 551-656
Special topics by topic
(Form number 32-33 in NLM Schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserIntelligence BF 431-433
Genius BF 412-426
Infant or child  WS 105
See also Educational Measurement
See also Psychological Tests
Mesh BrowserIntelligence Tests BF 431-433
Infant or child BF 432.C48
Mesh BrowserIntensive Care  WX 218 
Infant or child  WS 366
Nursing  WY 154
Of a particular disease or in a particular field, with the disease or field
General, with the disease or field
Nursing, with the nursing specialty
See also Critical Care
Mesh BrowserIntensive Care, Neonatal  WS 421 
Nursing  WY 157.3
Intensive Care Nursing  see Nursing
Intensive Care, Surgical  see Intensive Care
Mesh BrowserIntensive Care Units  WX 218 
Coronary see Coronary Care Units  WG 27-28
Respiratory see Respiratory Care Units  WF 27-28
Special fields (Form numbers 27-28 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Critical Care  WX 218, etc.
Mesh BrowserIntensive Care Units, Neonatal  WS 27-28 
Mesh BrowserIntensive Care Units, Pediatric  WS 27-28 
Intention Tremor  see Tremor
Interagency Relations  see Interinstitutional Relations
Interbrain  see Diencephalon
Intercalated Neurons  see Interneurons
Intercarotid Ganglion  see Carotid Body
Intercellular Adhesion Molecules  see Cell Adhesion Molecules
Mesh BrowserIntercellular Junctions  QU 350 
Mesh BrowserIntercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins
General  QU 55.2
As Growth Factors  QU 107
See also Peptide Hormones
Intercellular Space  see Extracellular Space
Mesh BrowserIntercostal Muscles  WE 715 
Interdental Papilla  see Gingiva
Interdigitating Cells  see Dendritic Cells
Interdisciplinary Health Team  see Patient Care Team
Interface, User Computer  see User-Computer Interface
Interferometry, Microscopic  see Microscopy, Interference
Interferon, Immune  see Interferon-gamma
Mesh BrowserInterferon Inducers
Immunology  QW 800
See also Antineoplastic Agents
See also Antiviral Agents
Mesh BrowserInterferon Type I
Immunology  QW 800
As an antineoplastic agent  QV 269
As an antiviral agent  QV 268.5
Interferon Type II  see Interferon-gamma
Mesh BrowserInterferon-gamma
Immunology  QW 800
As an antineoplastic agent  QV 269
As an antiviral agent  QV 268.5
Mesh BrowserInterferons
Immunology  QW 800
As antineoplastic agents  QV 269
As antiviral agents  QV 268.5
Mesh BrowserInterinstitutional Relations
Hospitals  WX 160
Other types of institutions, by subject
Mesh BrowserInterior Design and Furnishings
Hospital departments  WX 200-225
In health facilities  WX 140
For the specialties (Form number 27-29 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Public health aspects of houses and public buildings  WA 795-799
Interior Furnishings  see Interior Design and Furnishings
Interleukin-2 Receptors  see Receptors, Interleukin-2
Mesh BrowserInterleukins
As growth substances  QU 107
Cellular immunity  QW 568
Mesh BrowserIntermediate Filament Proteins  QU 55.3 
Mesh BrowserIntermediate Filaments  QU 350 
Intermediate Hypothalamic Region  see Hypothalamus, Middle
Intermetatarsal Joint  see Foot Joints
Mesh BrowserIntermittent Claudication  WG 550 
Intermittent Explosive Disorder  see Impulse Control Disorders
Mesh BrowserIntermittent Positive-Pressure Ventilation  WF 145 
Internal Ear  see Ear, Inner
Internal Mammary Artery  see Mammary Arteries
Internal Mammary Artery Implantation  see Myocardial Revascularization
Mesh BrowserInternal Mammary-Coronary Artery Anastomosis  WG 169 
Mesh BrowserInternal Medicine  WB 115 
Directories  W 22
Internal Thoracic Artery  see Mammary Arteries
Mesh BrowserInternal-External Control
Child development  WS 105.5.S6
Training of will BF 632
Mesh BrowserInternational Agencies
Health-related agencies  WA 530
Mesh BrowserInternational Classification of Diseases  WB 15 
Mesh BrowserInternational Cooperation
General works
Health-related WA 530
Non-medical JZ 1308-1323
Special area of cooperation, by subject
International Health Administration  see World Health
International Health Problems  see World Health
Mesh BrowserInternet
General (medical)  W 26.55.C7
General (non-medical) TK 5105.875.I57
Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable
Mesh BrowserInterneurons  WL 102.5 
Mesh BrowserInternship and Residency
Dental  WU 20
Medical  W 20
Hospital program WX 203
Nursing  WY 18.5
Pharmacy  QV 20
Internship, Dental  see Internship and Residency
Mesh BrowserInternship, Nonmedical
Nursing  WY 18.5
Other fields, by subject
Pharmacy  QV 20
Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia  see Ocular Motility Disorders
Interparental Conflict  see Family Conflict
Mesh BrowserInterpersonal Relations
General HM 1106-1171
Adolescent  WS 462
Anesthesioloogists  WO 62
In hospitals  WX 160
Infant or child  WS 105.5.I5
Mental health professionals  WM 62
Nurses  WY 88
Of the mentally disabled child  WS 107.5.R4
Surgeons  WO 62
For other specialties, class in the number for the profession where applicable
See also specific relationships terms, e.g., Dentist-Patient Relations  WU 61, etc.
See also Codependency (Psychology)
See also Emotional Intelligence
Interphalangeal Joint of Hand  see Finger Joint
Mesh BrowserInterphase  QU 375 
Mesh BrowserInterprofessional Relations
Dentists  WU 61
In hospitals  WX 160
Nurses  WY 88
Physicians  W 62
Surgeons  WO 62
Others, with the specialty primarily involved
See also specific relationship terms, e.g., Physician-Nurse Relations  W 62, etc.
Intersexuality  see Disorders of Sex Development
Interstitial Cell-Stimulating Hormone  see Luteinizing Hormone
Interstitial Fluid  see Extracellular Fluid
Interstitial Lung Diseases  see Lung Diseases, Interstitial
Intertarsal Joint  see Tarsal Joints
Intertrochanteric Fractures  see Hip Fractures
Mesh BrowserIntervertebral Disc Chemolysis  WE 740 
Mesh BrowserIntervertebral Disc  WE 740 
Of the lumbosacral region  WE 750
Intervertebral Disk  see Intervertebral Disc
Intervertebral Disk Chemolysis  see Intervertebral Disc Chemolysis
Mesh BrowserIntervertebral Disc Displacement  WE 740 
Veterinary SF 901
See also Intervertebral Disc Chemolysis
See also Sciatica
Intervertebral Disk Displacement  see Intervertebral Disc Displacement
Mesh BrowserInterview
Of physicians and specialists in medically related fields
Collective WZ 112-150
Individual WZ 100
Persons in other fields, with the field
Mesh BrowserInterview, Psychological
Applied psychology BF 637.I5
Child  WS 105
Psychiatry  WM 143
Mesh BrowserInterviews as Topic
Medicine as a career  W 21
For hospital jobs  WX 159
Nurses  WY 105
For employment WY 30
Other special topics, by subject
For admission to schools (Form number 19 or 20 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Absorption  WI 402 
See also Malabsorption Syndromes
Intestinal Amebiasis  see Dysentery, Amebic
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Atresia  WI 412 
Intestinal Bypass  see Jejunoileal Bypass
Intestinal Cancer  see Intestinal Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Diseases
General works  WI 400-650
General Surgery  WI 480
Of specific disease, with disease
Infant or child  WS 310-312
Signs and symptoms  WI 405
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Diseases, Parasitic  WC 698 
Veterinary SF 810.A3
Intestinal Epithelium  see Intestinal Mucosa
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Fistula  WI 400 
Intestinal Hormone Receptors  see Receptors, Gastrointestinal Hormone
Intestinal Hormones  see Gastrointestinal Hormones
Intestinal L Cells  see Enteroendocrine Cells
Intestinal Motility  see Gastrointestinal Motility
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Mucosa  WI 400 
Specific topics by subject
See also Intestinal Secretions  WI 400
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Neoplasms  WI 435 
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Obstruction  WI 460 
Intestinal Volvulus  WI 450
Veterinary SF 851
See also Stomach Volvulus  WI 300
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Perforation
General  WI 400
Localized, by site
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Polyposis  WI 430 
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Polyps  WI 430 
Colorectal see Colonic Polyps  WI 529
Localized, by site
Intestinal Secretin Cells  see Enteroendocrine Cells
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Secretions  WI 400 
See also Gastrointestinal Hormones  WK 170
Mesh BrowserIntestinal Volvulus  WI 450 
Mesh BrowserIntestine, Large
General  WI 400
See also names of specific organs, e.g., Colon  WI 520-529
Mesh BrowserIntestine, Small  WI 500-512 
Mesh BrowserIntestines  WI 400-650 
General Surgery  WI 480
See also specific organs, e.g., Rectum  WI 600-650
See also Enterostomy
See also Gastroenterostomy
Intoxication  see Poisoning
Intoxication, Alcoholic  see Alcoholic Intoxication
Intra-Abdominal Infusions  see Infusions, Parenteral
Mesh BrowserIntra-Aortic Balloon Pumping  WG 168 
Intra-Arterial Lines  see Vascular Access Devices
Intracellular Adhesion Molecules  see Cell Adhesion Molecules
Mesh BrowserIntracellular Fluid  QU 350 
Mesh BrowserIntracellular Membranes  QU 350 
Intracellular Second Messengers  see Second Messenger Systems
Mesh BrowserIntracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins  QU 55.2 
Intracerebral Hemorrhage  see Cerebral Hemorrhage
Intracerebral Pressure  see Intracranial Pressure
Intracoronal Attachment  see Denture Precision Attachment
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Aneurysm  WL 355 
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Arteriosclerosis  WL 355 
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Arteriovenous Malformations  WL 355 
Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations, Congenital  see Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations
Intracranial Atherosclerosis  see Intracranial Arteriosclerosis
Intracranial Central Nervous System Disorders  see Brain Diseases
Intracranial Edema  see Brain Edema
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Embolism  WL 355 
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Hypertension  WL 203 
See also Brain Edema
See also Hydrocephalus
Intracranial Hypertension, Benign  see Pseudotumor Cerebri
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Hypotension  WL 203 
Intracranial Hypotension, Essential  see Intracranial Hypotension
Intracranial Hypotension, Secondary  see Intracranial Hypotension
Intracranial Hypotension, Spontaneous  see Intracranial Hypotension
Intracranial Meningeal Neoplasms  see Meningeal Neoplasms
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Pressure  WL 203 
Intracranial Sinus Thrombophlebitis  see Sinus Thrombosis, Intracranial
Mesh BrowserIntracranial Thrombosis  WL 355 
Intracranial Vascular Disorders  see Cerebrovascular Disorders
Intracranial Vasospasm  see Vasospasm, Intracranial
Intradural-Extramedullary Spinal Cord Neoplasms  see Spinal Cord Neoplasms
Intrahepatic Cholestasis  see Cholestasis, Intrahepatic
Intramedullary Nailing  see Fracture Fixation, Intramedullary
Intramedullary Spinal Cord Neoplasms  see Spinal Cord Neoplasms
Intranets  see Computer Communication Networks
Intraocular Fluid  see Aqueous Humor
Mesh BrowserIntraocular Pressure  WW 103 
In glaucoma  WW 290
Measurement  WW 143
See also Glaucoma
See also Tonometry, Ocular
Mesh BrowserIntraoperative Care  WO 181 
Geriatric surgery  WO 950
Pediatric surgery  WO 925
Mesh BrowserIntraoperative Complications  WO 181 
Special topics, by subject
Intraoperative Monitoring  see Monitoring, Intraoperative
Mesh BrowserIntraoperative Period  WO 181 
Intraosseous Ganglion  see Bone Cysts
Intraperitoneal Infusions  see Infusions, Parenteral
Intratracheal Anesthesia  see Anesthesia, Intratracheal
Mesh BrowserIntrauterine Devices  WP 640 
Mesh BrowserIntrauterine Devices, Medicated  WP 640 
Intrauterine Diagnosis  see Prenatal Diagnosis
Intrauterine Growth Retardation  see Fetal Growth Retardation
Intrauterine Transfusion  see Blood Transfusion, Intrauterine
Intravascular Agglutination  see Erythrocyte Aggregation
Intravascular Erythrocyte Aggregation  see Erythrocyte Aggregation
Intravenous Anesthetics  see Anesthetics, Intravenous
Intravenous Antibodies  see Immunoglobulins, Intravenous
Intravenous Drip  see Infusions, Intravenous
Intravenous Drug Abuse  see Substance Abuse, Intravenous
Intravenous Drug Delivery Systems  see Infusion Pumps
Intravenous Feeding  see Parenteral Nutrition
Intravenous Hyperalimentation  see Parenteral Nutrition, Total
Intravenous Immunoglobulins  see Immunoglobulins, Intravenous
Intravenous Infusions  see Infusions, Intravenous
Intraventricular Neoplasms  see Cerebral Ventricle Neoplasms
Intravesical Drug Administration  see Administration, Intravesical
Mesh BrowserIntrinsic Factor  QU 195 
Mesh BrowserIntroversion (Psychology)
Personality BF 698.35.I59
Psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.E9
Mesh BrowserIntubation  WB 365 
Feeding  WB 410
Intubation, Endotracheal  see Intubation, Intratracheal
Mesh BrowserIntubation, Gastrointestinal  WI 141 
Used for special purposes, by subject
Mesh BrowserIntubation, Intratracheal
General  WF 490
In anesthesia  WO 280
In respiratory therapy  WF 145
As therapy for a specific disease or condition, by subject
Intubation, Nasogastric  see Intubation, Gastrointestinal
Mesh BrowserIntuition BF 315.5
Mesh BrowserIntussusception  WI 450 
Mesh BrowserInuits
General E 99.E7
Health problems  WA 300
In medicine
Collective WZ 150
Prefer classification by specialty if applicable
Individual WZ 100
History WZ 80.5.I3
Mental health problems  WA 305
See also special topics under Ethnic Groups
Mesh BrowserInulin  QU 83 
Inupiats  see Inuits
Invagination, Intestinal  see Intussusception
Invasive Mole  see Hydatidiform Mole, Invasive
Invasiveness, Neoplasm  see Neoplasm Invasiveness
Mesh BrowserInventions
Special topics, by subject
Devices (Form number 26 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
See also Intellectual Property
Mesh BrowserInventories, Hospital  WX 147 
Inverse PCR  see Polymerase Chain Reaction
Inversion, Visceral  see Situs Inversus
Mesh BrowserInvertebrate Hormones QL 364
Invertebrate Photoreceptors  see Photoreceptor Cells, Invertebrate
Investigational New Drugs  see Drugs, Investigational
Mesh BrowserInvestments HG 4501-5993
Involuntary Commitment  see Commitment of Mentally Ill
Involuntary Movements  see Dyskinesias
Iodamoebiasis  see Amebiasis
Mesh BrowserIodide Peroxidase  QU 140 
Mesh BrowserIodides
General  QV 283
As antisyphilitic agents  QV 261
Iodinase  see Iodide Peroxidase
Mesh BrowserIodine  QV 283 
Deficiency  WD 105
Metabolism  WK 202
As a local anti-infective agent  QV 231
See also Iodine Isotopes
See also Iodine Radioisotopes
Mesh BrowserIodine Isotopes
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.I1
Metabolism  WK 202
Mesh BrowserIodine Radioisotopes  WN 420 
Nuclear physics QC 796.I1
See also special topics under Radioisotopes
Iodobenzoylglycine  see Iodohippuric Acid
Iodochlorhydroxyquin  see Clioquinol
Iodochloroxyquinoline  see Clioquinol
Mesh BrowserIodohippuric Acid  WN 160 
In kidney function tests  QY 175
Organic chemistry QD 341.A7
Used for special purposes, by subject
Iodopanoic Acid  see Iopanoic Acid
Mesh BrowserIodopyracet  WJ 141 
Iodothyronine 5'-Deiodinase  see Iodide Peroxidase
Iodothyronine Deiodinase  see Iodide Peroxidase
Iodotyrosine Deiodase  see Iodide Peroxidase
Mesh BrowserIon Channel Gating  QU 55.7 
Mesh BrowserIon Channels  QU 55.7 
Ion Channels, Calcium  see Calcium Channels
Ion Channels, Chloride  see Chloride Channels
Ion Channels, Potassium  see Potassium Channels
Ion Channels, Sodium  see Sodium Channels
Mesh BrowserIon Exchange QD 562.I63
See also Iontophoresis  WB 495
Mesh BrowserIon Exchange Resins TP 979.5.I6
Ionic Strength  see Osmolar Concentration
Ionium  see Thorium
Mesh BrowserIons
Electrochemistry QD 561
Biochemistry QU 130
Pharmacology QV 270
Physics QC 701.7-702.7
See also Anions  QV 280-285
See also Cations  QV 275-278
Ions, Heavy  see Heavy Ions
Mesh BrowserIontophoresis  WB 495 
Mesh BrowserIopanoic Acid  WI 750 
IPA (Independent Practice Association)  see Independent Practice Associations
Mesh BrowserIpecac  QV 73 
See also Emetine
Ipecine  see Emetine
IPPV  see Intermittent Positive-Pressure Ventilation
Iproveratril  see Verapamil
Ir Genes  see Genes, MHC Class II
Iraq War, 2003 -  see Iraq War, 2003 - 2011
Mesh BrowserIraq War, 2003 - 2011
Biography of military health personnel
Collective WZ 112.5.M4
By specialty if applicable, e.g., Military Nursing WZ 112.5.N8
Individual WZ 100
Medical services (General) DS 79.757-79.769
Other special topics, with the topic
(Form number 11 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserIridium
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.I7
Radioactive  WN 420
Mesh BrowserIridocyclitis  WW 240 
Iridodiagnosis  see Eye Manifestations
Mesh BrowserIridoviridae  QW 165.5.I6 
Mesh BrowserIris  WW 240 
Mesh BrowserIris Diseases  WW 240 
Mesh BrowserIritis  WW 240 
Mesh BrowserIron
Pharmacology  QV 183
See also Ferritins  QV 183
See also Ferrous Compounds  QV 183
See also Hemosiderin  QV 183
See also Hemosiderosis  WD 200.5.I7
See also Iron Isotopes QD 181.F4, etc.
See also Siderosis  WF 654, etc.
See also Transferrin  WH 400, etc.
Mesh BrowserIron-Binding Proteins  QU 55.8 
Iron Chelates  see Iron Chelating Agents
Mesh BrowserIron Chelating Agents
Pharmacology  QV 183
Physical chemistry QD 474
Iron-Deficiency Anemia  see Anemia, Iron-Deficiency
Mesh BrowserIron, Dietary
Biochemistry  QU 130.5
Pharmacology  QV 183
Mesh BrowserIron Isotopes
Inorganic chemistry QD 181.F4
Pharmacology  QV 183
Iron Lung  see Ventilators, Mechanical
Mesh BrowserIron Metabolism Disorders  WD 200.5.I7 
Mesh BrowserIron Overload  WD 200.5.I7 
Mesh BrowserIron-Sulfur Proteins  QU 55.8 
Irrawaddy River Dolphin  see Dolphins
Mesh BrowserIrritable Bowel Syndrome  WI 520 
Irritable Heart  see Neurocirculatory Asthenia
Mesh BrowserIrritants
Gases  QV 666
Lung irritants QV 664
Skin irritants  QV 65
Therapeutic use  WB 371
IS Elements  see DNA Transposable Elements
Mesh BrowserIschemia  QZ 170 
Localized, by site
See also Myocardial Ischemia  WG 300
Ischemia, Myocardial  see Myocardial Ischemia
Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury  see Reperfusion Injury
Mesh BrowserIschemic Attack, Transient  WL 356 
Ischemic Encephalopathy  see Brain Ischemia
Ischemic Heart Disease  see Myocardial Ischemia
Ischemic Optic Neuropathy  see Optic Neuropathy, Ischemic
Mesh BrowserIschemic Preconditioning  QZ 170 
Localized, by site
See also Ischemic Preconditioning, Myocardial  WG 300
Mesh BrowserIschemic Preconditioning, Myocardial  WG 300 
Mesh BrowserIslam BP 1-253
And medicine BP 166.72
See also Religion and Medicine
And psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.R3
And psychology BP 175
See also Religion and Psychology
Birth control HQ 766.37
Ethics  WB 60
See also Arabs
Island Fever  see Scrub Typhus
Island Flaps  see Surgical Flaps
Islands of Langerhans  see Islets of Langerhans
Islet-Activating Protein  see Pertussis Toxin
Islet Cell Tumor  see Adenoma, Islet Cell
Islet Cell Tumor, Ulcerogenic  see Gastrinoma
Islet Cells  see Islets of Langerhans
Mesh BrowserIslets of Langerhans  WK 800-885 
General  WK 800
Neoplasms  WK 885
Mesh BrowserIslets of Langerhans Transplantation  WK 800 
Mesh BrowserIsoantibodies  QW 575 
See also Blood Group Antigens
Mesh BrowserIsoantigens  QW 573 
Isocyanides  see Cyanides
Mesh BrowserIsoelectric Focusing
Analytical chemistry (General) QD 79.E44
Biochemistry  QU 25
Clinical pathology  QY 25
Microbiology  QW 25
Parasitology  QX 25
Used for special purposes, by subject
Mesh BrowserIsoenzymes  QU 135-141 
Mesh BrowserIsoflurane  QV 81 
Isofosfamide  see Ifosfamide
Isohexanes  see Hexanes
Isoimmunization, Rhesus  see Rh Isoimmunization
Isolation, Patient  see Patient Isolation
Isolation, Social  see Social Isolation
Isolectins  see Lectins
Isoleucyl, Leucyl Vasopressin  see Oxytocin
Mesh BrowserIsomerases  QU 137 
Mesh BrowserIsomerism QD 471
Mesh BrowserIsometric Contraction  WE 500 
Isometric Exercise  see Exercise
Mesh BrowserIsoniazid  QV 268 
Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide  see Isoniazid
Isonipecain  see Meperidine
Isonymy  see Names
Isophosphamide  see Ifosfamide
Isoprenaline  see Isoproterenol
Isopropylarterenol  see Isoproterenol
Mesh BrowserIsoproterenol  WK 725 
Mesh BrowserIsoquinolines
As antidepressivee agents  QV 77.5
Organic chemistry QD 401
For particular pharmacologic action, class with action
Mesh BrowserIsotopes
In organic chemistry QD 181
Physical chemistry QD 466.5
Radioactive see Radioisotopes  WN 420, etc.
Research in medicine, etc., by subject
See also Radioisotopes
Isozymes  see Isoenzymes
Itch  see Scabies
Itching  see Pruritus
Ito Syndrome  see Pigmentation Disorders
IUGR  see Fetal Growth Retardation
Mesh BrowserIvermectin SF 918.I83
IVIG  see Immunoglobulins, Intravenous
Ivy, Poison  see Toxicodendron
Ixodida  see Ticks
Ixodoidea  see Ticks
Mesh BrowserIntellectual Disability
General  WM 300-308
Adolescent  WS 463
Complications  WM 300
Infant or child WS 107
Mental Disorders  WM 307.M5
Vocational Guidance HV 3005
In infant or child  WS 107-107.5
Biographical accounts WS 107.5.C2
Psychosocial problems WS 107.5.P8
Rehabilitation WS 107.5.R3
See also Abnormalities, Multiple
See also Child, Exceptional
See also Congenital Hypothyroidism
See also De Lange Syndrome
See also Down Syndrome
See also Education of Intellectually Disabled
See also Fragile X Syndrome
See also Laurence-Moon Syndrome
See also Mentally Disabled Persons
See also Prader-Willi Syndrome
See also Rett Syndrome
See also Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome
See also Williams Syndrome

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