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W-Pouch  see Colonic Pouches
Waddliaceae  see Chlamydiales
Wages  see Salaries and Fringe Benefits
Mesh BrowserWaiting Lists
In hospitals and health facilities  WX 150
Practice management
Dental WU 77
Medical W 80
Mesh BrowserWakefulness  WL 108 
In personal hygiene  QT 265
See also Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
Mesh BrowserWaldenstrom Macroglobulinemia  WH 400 
Clinical pathology  QY 455
Mesh BrowserWalking
As locomotion  WE 103
As a sport  QT 260.5.W2
See also Gait
Wallabies  see Macropodidae
Wallabies, Rock  see Macropodidae
Wallaroo  see Macropodidae
Mesh BrowserWar
Adolescent psychology  WS 462
Child psychology  WS 105.5.E9
Combat psychiatry, see Military Psychiatry  WM 110
Crimes see War Crimes
General Surgery  WO 800
Morale U 22
Psychology see Psychology, Military U 22.3
See also entries for specific wars, e.g., American Civil War
See also Biological Warfare
See also Chemical Warfare
See also Civil Defense
See also Combat Disorders
See also Military Dentistry
See also Military Hygiene
See also Military Medicine
See also Military Psychiatry
See also Nuclear Warfare
See also Veterinary Service, Military
See also Violence
War Between the States  see American Civil War
Mesh BrowserWar Crimes
Psychological aspects of victims  WM 167
See also individual wars in LC schedules D-F, e.g., World War II D 803-804.7
Special topics, with the topic
War Gases  see Chemical Warfare Agents
War Neuroses  see Combat Disorders
Ward Administration  see Hospital Administration
Ward Attendants  see Personnel, Hospital
Ward Secretaries  see Personnel, Hospital
Wards, Hospital  see Hospital Units
Mesh BrowserWarfarin  QV 193 
Wart-Hog Disease Virus  see African Swine Fever Virus
Warthin Tumor  see Adenolymphoma
Warthogs  see Swine
Mesh BrowserWasp Venoms  WD 430 
Mesh BrowserWasps  QX 565 
Wassermann Reaction  see Syphilis Serodiagnosis
Mesh BrowserWaste Disposal, Fluid  WA 785 
Waste Disposal, Industrial  see Industrial Waste
Waste Disposal, Medical  see Medical Waste Disposal
Waste Disposal, Solid  see Refuse Disposal
Mesh BrowserWaste Management  WA 778 
Mesh BrowserWaste Products  WA 670 
See also names of particular products, e.g., Radioactive Pollutants  WN 615, etc.
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserWaste Water  WA 778-788 
See also Waste Disposal, Fluid
Wasting Disease  see Wasting Syndrome
Wasting Disease, HIV  see HIV Wasting Syndrome
Mesh BrowserWasting Syndrome  WB 146 
Associated with nutrition disorders  WD 100
In children WS 130
In infants WS 120
In connection with specific diseases, with the disease
See also Cachexia
Wasting Syndrome, HIV  see HIV Wasting Syndrome
Mesh BrowserWater
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 442
Metabolism  QU 120
Pharmacology  QV 270
Therapeutic use see Hydrotherapy  WB 520
See also Balneology
Physiology of water consumption see Drinking  WI 102
See also Body Water
See also Fresh Water
See also Ice
See also Mineral Waters
See also Seawater
See also Steam
See also Water Microbiology
See also Water Supply
See also Water-Electrolyte Balance
See also Water-Electrolyte Imbalance
Water Buffaloes  see Buffaloes
Water Consumption  see Drinking
Mesh BrowserWater-Electrolyte Balance  QU 105 
See also Fluid Therapy
See also Osmolar Concentration
See also Water-Electrolyte Imbalance
Mesh BrowserWater-Electrolyte Imbalance  WD 220 
See also Fluid Therapy
See also Water-Electrolyte Balance
Water Intake  see Drinking
Mesh BrowserWater Microbiology  QW 80 
Mesh BrowserWater Pollutants  WA 689 
See also names of specific pollutants
Mesh BrowserWater Pollutants, Chemical  WA 689 
See also Water Pollution, Chemical
Mesh BrowserWater Pollutants, Radioactive  WN 615 
Mesh BrowserWater Pollution  WA 689 
See also Sewage  WA 785, etc.
Mesh BrowserWater Pollution, Chemical  WA 689 
See also Water Pollutants, Chemical
Mesh BrowserWater Pollution, Radioactive  WN 615 
Water Pollution, Thermal  see Water Pollution
Mesh BrowserWater Purification  WA 690 
Mesh BrowserWater Quality  WA 675-690 
Mesh BrowserWater Resources  WA 675-690 
See also Groundwater
Mesh BrowserWater Softening
Public health aspects  WA 675-689
Water Stress  see Dehydration
Mesh BrowserWater Supply  WA 675-690 
General works WA 686
Bacteriological see Water Microbiology QW 80
Sanitation  WA 675
See also Groundwater
See also Water Purification
Mesh BrowserWaterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome  WC 245 
Mesh BrowserWaxes  QU 85 
See also Cerumen
Mesh BrowserWeaning  WS 125 
Mesh BrowserWeapons of Mass Destruction
Bacteriological aspects  QW 300
Chemical aspects  QV 663-667
Military aspects U 793
Nuclear aspects  WN 610
Public health response  WA 295
Mesh BrowserWeather
Meteorology (Physics) QC 980-999
Relation to disease  WB 700-710
See also Acclimatization
Weaver Mice  see Mice, Neurologic Mutants
Weber-Christian Disease  see Panniculitis, Nodular Nonsuppurative
Weber Syndrome  see Brain Stem Infarctions
Mesh BrowserWechsler Scales BF 432.5.W4-W424
Mesh BrowserWegener Granulomatosis  WF 600 
See also Vasculitis, Central Nervous System
Mesh BrowserWeight Gain
Infant or child  WS 103
See also Obesity
Mesh BrowserWeight Lifting  QT 260.5.W4 
Mesh BrowserWeight Loss
Infant or child  WS 103
See also Emaciation
See also Thinness
Mesh BrowserWeight Perception  WE 104 
Weight Reduction  see Weight Loss
Mesh BrowserWeightlessness  WD 752 
Mesh BrowserWeights and Measures QC 81-114
Pharmaceutical  QV 16
See also Metric System QC 90.8-94
Mesh BrowserWeil Disease  WC 420 
Mesh BrowserWelding
Occupational accidents  WA 485
Occupational medicine  WA 400-495
Wellness Centers  see Fitness Centers
Wellness Programs  see Health Promotion
Wens, Sebaceous  see Epidermal Cyst
Mesh BrowserWerner Syndrome  QZ 45 
Wernicke Area  see Temporal Lobe
Mesh BrowserWernicke Encephalopathy  WD 122 
Wernicke's Encephalopathy  see Wernicke Encephalopathy
Mesh BrowserWest Nile Fever  WC 542 
West Nile Fever Meningitis  see West Nile Fever
West Nile Fever Meningoencephalitis  see West Nile Fever
West Nile Fever Myelitis  see West Nile Fever
Mesh BrowserWest Nile virus  QW 168.5.F5 
See also West Nile Fever  WC 542
West Syndrome  see Spasms, Infantile
Western Blotting  see Blotting, Western
Western Immunoblotting  see Blotting, Western
Wet Lung  see Pulmonary Edema
Whale, False Killer  see Dolphins
Whale, Melon-Headed  see Dolphins
Whale, Pigmy Killer  see Dolphins
Whale, Pygmy Killer  see Dolphins
Mesh BrowserWhales QL 737.C4
Diseases SF 997.5.M35
Wheat  see Triticum
Mesh BrowserWheelchairs  WB 320 
Catalogs  W 26
For particular disability, by the disability
Wheezing  see Respiratory Sounds
Mesh BrowserWhiplash Injuries  WE 725 
Whirlpool Baths  see Hydrotherapy
White-Beaked Dolphins  see Dolphins
White Blood Cell Count  see Leukocyte Count
White Blood Cell Transfusion  see Leukocyte Transfusion
White Blood Cells  see Leukocytes
White Pepper  see Black Pepper
White-Sided Dolphins  see Dolphins
White Spots  see Dental Caries
Whitefish  see Salmonidae
Whiteflies  see Hemiptera
Whites  see European Continental Ancestry Group
Whitmore's Disease  see Melioidosis
Mesh BrowserWhole-Body Counting  WN 660 
Mesh BrowserWhole Body Imaging
General  WN 180
By a specific technique, with the technique, e.g., Magnetic Resonance Imaging  WN 185
Mesh BrowserWhole-Body Irradiation
Adverse effects  WN 620
Other aspects, by subject
Therapeutic use  WN 450
Whole Body Scanning  see Whole Body Imaging
Wholistic Health  see Holistic Health
Mesh BrowserWhooping Cough  WC 340 
See also Pertussis Vaccine
Widowers  see Widowhood
Mesh BrowserWidowhood HQ 1058-1058.5
Special topics, by subject
Widows  see Widowhood
Widows and Widowers  see Widowhood
Wife Abuse  see Spouse Abuse
Wild Animals  see Animals, Wild
Mesh BrowserWilderness Medicine  WB 107 
Will  see Volition
Mesh BrowserWilliams Syndrome
General  QS 677
See also Elastin  QU 55.3
See also Intellectual Disability
Intellectual disability in children WS 107
Mesh BrowserWilms Tumor  WJ 358 
Wilms' Tumor  see Wilms Tumor
Wilson Disease  see Hepatolenticular Degeneration
Mesh BrowserWind QC 930.5-959
Mesh BrowserWine
Dietary use in health and disease  WB 444
Mesh BrowserWing QL 950.7
Birds QL 697-698.9
Insects  QX 500
Wirsung's Duct  see Pancreatic Ducts
Mesh BrowserWit and Humor as Topic PN 6147-6231
Satire on medicine  WZ 305-305.5
See also Caricatures as Topic
See also Cartoons as Topic
See also Laughter
See also Laughter Therapy
Witch Doctor, African  see Medicine, African Traditional
Mesh BrowserWitchcraft  WZ 309 
Withdrawal Symptoms  see Substance Withdrawal Syndrome
Withdrawing Care  see Withholding Treatment
Mesh BrowserWithholding Treatment
From research subjects  W 20.55.H9
In patient care  WB 60
See also Resuscitation Orders
Wittenborn Scales  see Psychiatric Status Rating Scales
Mesh BrowserWolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome  WG 330 
Wolff Periodic Disease  see Familial Mediterranean Fever
Wolff's Periodic Disease  see Familial Mediterranean Fever
Wolfram  see Tungsten
Mesh BrowserWolves QL 737.C22
Mesh BrowserWomen
As dentists see Dentists, Women  WU 21
As physicians see Physicians, Women  W 21, etc.
In history of medicine  WZ 80.5.W5
In industry HD 6050-6223
Occupational Health WA 491
See also Women, Working
In marriage HQ
Psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.W6
Sexual behavior HQ 29
See also Battered Women
See also Gynecology  WP, etc.
See also Obstetrics  WQ, etc.
See also Women's Health  WA 309
See also Women's Health Services  WA 309
See also Women's Rights
Women, Abused  see Battered Women
Women, Battered  see Battered Women
Women Physicians  see Physicians, Women
Women, Pregnant  see Pregnant Women
Mesh BrowserWomen, Working
Occupational Health  WA 491
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserWomen's Health  WA 309 
Mesh BrowserWomen's Health Services
General  WA 309
Mental health aspects (General)  WA 309
See also Maternal Health Services  WA 310
Women's Liberation  see Women's Rights
Mesh BrowserWomen's Rights HQ 1236-1236.5
As executives HD 6054.3-6054.4
In industry HD 6050-6220.7
U.S. HQ 1236.5.U6
See also Feminism
See also Physicians, Women  W 21, etc.
Mesh BrowserWood
Industrial accidents among wood workers  WA 485
Occupational disease of wood workers  WA 400-495
Woodbine  see Gelsemium
Mesh BrowserWool SF 377
Animal anatomy QL 942
Domestic animals SF 761-767
Woolsorters' Disease  see Anthrax
Mesh BrowserWord Association Tests
Psychiatry  WM 145.5.W9
Psychology BF 698.8.A8
Word Blindness, Acquired  see Dyslexia, Acquired
Mesh BrowserWord Processing
Used for special purposes, by subject
In particular fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserWork
Health see Occupational Health  WA 400-495, etc.
Physical effects  WE 103
Psychology BF 481
See also Efficiency
See also Employment
Mesh BrowserWork Capacity Evaluation
Medicolegal aspects  W 925
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserWork of Breathing  WF 102 
Work Satisfaction  see Job Satisfaction
Mesh BrowserWork Schedule Tolerance
Occupational health aspects  WA 400-495
Physiological effects  WE 103
Psychological aspects BF 481
Mesh BrowserWorkers' Compensation HD 7103.6-7103.65
Medicolegal aspects  W 925
See also Disability Evaluation
Working Memory  see Memory, Short-Term
Working Women  see Women, Working
Workmen's Compensation  see Workers' Compensation
Mesh BrowserWorld Health  WA 530 
World War, 1939-1945  see World War II
Mesh BrowserWorld War I
Biography of military health personnel
Collective (General) WZ 112.5.M4
By specialty if applicable, e.g., Military Nursing WZ 112.5.N8
Individual WZ 100
Medical services (General) D 628-629
Other special topics, with the topic
(Form number 11 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserWorld War II
Biography of military health personnel
Collective (General) WZ 112.5.M4
By specialty if applicable, e.g., Military Nursing WZ 112.5.N8
Individual WZ 100
Medical services (General) D 806-807
Other special topics, with the topic
(Form number 11 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
World Wide Web  see Internet
Worms  see Helminths
Worms, Parasitic  see Helminths
Worms, Segmented  see Annelida
Mesh BrowserWound Healing  WO 185 
Pathology  QZ 150
Surgical wounds  WO 185
See also Cicatrix
See also Regeneration
Mesh BrowserWound Infection  WC 255 
See also Surgical Wound Infection  WO 185
Wounded, Transportation  see Transportation of Patients
Mesh BrowserWounds and Injuries  WO 700-820 
As a cause of disease  QZ 55
Closure  WO 188
General systemic reaction  QZ 160
Local reaction  QZ 150
Medicolegal aspects in death  W 843
Minor injuries  WA 292
Minor surgery  WO 192
Emergencies WY 154.2
Postoperative care WY 161
Veterinary SF 914.3-914.4
See also names of various types of injury, by cause or site, e.g., Blast Injuries  WO 820
See also Facial Injuries  WE 706
See also First Aid  WA 292, etc.
See also Surgical Wound Dehiscence  WO 185
See also Surgical Wound Infection  WO 185
See also Transportation of Patients
See also Wound Infection  WC 255
Mesh BrowserWounds, Gunshot  WO 807 
See also Forensic Ballistics  W 843
Wounds, Multiple  see Multiple Trauma
Mesh BrowserWounds, Penetrating  WO 700-820 
WPW Syndrome  see Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
WR-2721  see Amifostine
Mesh BrowserWrestling  QT 260.5.W9 
See also Martial Arts
Mesh BrowserWrist  WE 830 
Mesh BrowserWrist Injuries  WE 830 
Mesh BrowserWrist Joint  WE 830 
Writer's Cramp  see Dystonic Disorders
Mesh BrowserWriting
English (General) PE 1402-1497
In psychotherapy  WM 450.5.W9
Medical  WZ 345
Rules (English) PE 1411
See also Handwriting Z 105-115.5, etc.
Wrongful Birth  see Wrongful Life
Mesh BrowserWrongful Life  W 32.5-32.6 
Wryneck  see Torticollis
Mesh BrowserWuchereria  QX 301 

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