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Important Note: Only those Index terms within the domain of the NLM Classification are hyperlinked to the Schedules; some terms are classed using the Library of Congress Scheme—these numbers are provided as a convenience to users, but this system does not verify the accuracy of LC class numbers. Please check current LC Schedules in these instances.

Further Details on Searching: Enter search term(s) as completely as possible, truncating the term, i.e., omit any plural and other endings, for example, if unsure. For example: while Women's Health can be entered exactly, it can also be retrieved by typing wom hea (but not misspelled womens health without the apostrophe). However, bear in mind that a truncated search may retrieve other items beginning with the given letters—so take this into account when searching. To find an exact match, use quotes around your term(s); to limit retrieval to a particular letter of the Index or Class of the Schedule, use the "Current Page" option.

Further Details on Retrieval: In the NLM Schedules, the retrieval display shows the lines containing your search term(s), with the matching term(s) enlarged. All class numbers shaded in blue are hyperlinked to their actual appearance in the Schedule; in addition, references to the geographic Table G are linked to the table itself.

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First published: 08 October 2002
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