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Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Education Services. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us at or 301.496.5963. The Education Services brochure summarizes our services and can be downloaded for printing and distribution.

  • What is the cost of Exhibition Program onsite programs such as exhibition tours, school field trips, and K-12 teachers’ professional development program?

    All Education Services resources, including onsite programs, are available free of charge.

  • What details do I need to know about planning a school field trip to the National Library of Medicine?

    In planning a school field trip to the National Library of Medicine, we ask you to get in touch with us so we can work with you to create a program that will address your students’ levels and academic objectives. To contact us, please submit an online Plan a Visit request.

    We recommend that you organize your field trip for a maximum of 100 students and arrange for a chaperone-to-student ratio of 1-to-10 for grades 3–8 and 1-to-15 for grades 9–12.

    For field trips of up to 50 students, the program duration is a minimum of 1.5 hours; for field trips with 51 to 100 participants, the program duration will be a minimum of 3 hours

    We will help facilitate the logistics of your visit to the National Library of Medicine by guiding you through driving and parking directions, and the security procedures required to enter the campus of National Institutes of Health.

  • Do you provide onsite programs for educators?

    We conduct half-day, professional development workshops for K-12 educators at the National Library of Medicine. Workshop participants become familiar with online educational resources that accompany our exhibitions, digital health and science resources provided by the National Library of Medicine, and the various school field trip programs that we offer. As part of the workshop experience, educators collaborate to develop outlines for standards-aligned lesson-plans using the online resources of National Library of Medicine. Please contact the exhibition educator ( 301-496-5963) to schedule a professional development workshop.

  • If I am a classroom teacher, how could I contribute to the development of online exhibition educational resources?

    We welcome contributions from classroom educators! Please contact the exhibition educator (; 301-496-5963 ) to discuss collaboration opportunities.

  • Do I have to register or pay a fee for using or linking to Exhibition Program online educational resources?

    All Education Services resources, including online educational resources, are available free of charge and do not require registration.

  • Can I have more details about the online exhibition educational resources?

    Education Services created by the Exhibition Program include four types of online resources:

    Lesson Plans are developed by classroom educators with the goal of promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills among students. Each lesson plan explores a topic covered in the exhibition and is supplemented with materials appropriate for K-12 classes, in addition to information about suggested grade levels, required time, learning outcomes, background information, vocabulary, materials, evaluation, extension, and relevant standards. Educators with introductory knowledge in topic areas will benefit from detailed class procedures and support materials. Teachers will easily be able to assess and adapt all or parts of the lesson plans.

    Higher Education Modules are authored by university and college professors with teaching and research expertise in the subjects presented by each exhibition. Authors outline background information and thematic units or classes, and offer instructional suggestions and resources, such as primary and secondary sources, images, interviews, or other multimedia materials. Higher education modules support educators who have diverse teaching and research experiences and are working within different disciplines.

    Online Activities provide reflective or interactive, user-driven exercises of selected exhibition content and career information. Young people are engaged in problem solving and discovery-oriented tasks as they explore resources that are organized around key questions and ideas, selected content, or technical information. Other Resources include selected and general bibliographies that are a starting point for expanding readers’ understanding of exhibition themes.

    Other Resources include selected and general bibliographies that are a starting point for expanding readers’ understanding of exhibition themes.

  • Can I just use images or photos from the educational materials?

    The images, photographs, and multimedia items that the Exhibition Program presents online must be used in association with their corresponding exhibitions or related educational resources. Any other use of these materials must be reviewed by Exhibition Program staff on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about any other use of images, photographs, or multimedia items featured in our exhibitions, please send them to