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B Vitamins

See also B Vitamins

Back Pain

See also Back Pain

Bacterial Infections

Balance Problems

Balance and Stroke RiskVideo (12/30/2014, HealthDay)


See also Bedbugs

Bell's Palsy

See also Bell's Palsy


See also Bereavement


Study Says Biopsies Are Safe (01/09/2015, HealthDay)
See also Biopsy

Bipolar Disorder

Birth Control

See also Birth Control

Birth Weight

See also Birth Weight


See also Bleeding


See also Blood

Blood Clots

See also Blood Clots

Blood Disorders

See also Blood Disorders

Blood Pressure Medicines

Blood Sugar

Early Blood Glucose Control Lengthens Life in People with Type 1 DiabetesFrom the National Institutes of Health (01/06/2015, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases)
See also Blood Sugar

Blood Thinners

See also Blood Thinners

Blood Transfusion and Donation

FDA Approves First Pathogen Reduction System to Treat Plasma (12/16/2014, Food and Drug Administration)

Body Weight

See also Body Weight

Bone Density

See also Bone Density

Bone Marrow Diseases

Brain Cancer

See also Brain Cancer

Brain Diseases

Chronic Marijuana Use and The BrainVideo (11/11/2014, HealthDay)
See also Brain Diseases

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer KnowledgeVideo (01/26/2015, HealthDay)
Breast Cancer ScreeningVideo (12/03/2014, HealthDay)
See also Breast Cancer

Breast Reconstruction


Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Better Drug Information Is Coming (12/03/2014, Food and Drug Administration)
See also Breastfeeding


See also Bullying


See also Burns

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