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Coffee and Skin Cancer RiskVideo (01/21/2015, HealthDay)
See also Caffeine


Study Says Biopsies Are Safe (01/09/2015, HealthDay)
Annual Cancer StatisticsVideo (01/07/2015, HealthDay)
Genetic Screening DebateVideo (11/13/2014, HealthDay)
See also Cancer

Cancer Alternative Therapies

Cancer Chemotherapy

Cancer--Living with Cancer


Whole Grains and Heart HealthVideo (01/06/2015, HealthDay)
Fructose vs. GlucoseVideo (12/12/2014, HealthDay)
See also Carbohydrates

Cardiac Arrest

See also Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Carotid Artery Disease


See also Cataract

Celiac Disease

See also Celiac Disease

Cerebral Palsy

See also Cerebral Palsy

Cervical Cancer

See also Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer Screening

Chagas Disease

See also Chagas Disease

Chest Injuries and Disorders

Chest Pain

See also Chest Pain

Child Abuse

See also Child Abuse

Child Behavior Disorders

Child Care

See also Child Care

Child Development

Autism and Behavioral ObservationVideo (01/12/2015, HealthDay)
Chronic High Blood Sugar May be Detrimental to the Developing Brain of Young ChildrenFrom the National Institutes of Health (12/17/2014, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Child Mental Health

Child Nutrition

Kids and CookingVideo (11/14/2014, HealthDay)
See also Child Nutrition

Child Safety

Laser Toys: Not Always Child's Play (12/19/2014, Food and Drug Administration)
Infant Bedding DangersVideo (12/01/2014, HealthDay)
Laundry Detergent Pod DangersVideo (11/10/2014, HealthDay)
See also Child Safety


See also Childbirth

Childbirth Problems

More Extreme Preemies Are Surviving (01/21/2015, HealthDay)
Longer Cooling, Lower Temperature No Improvement for Infant Oxygen DeprivationFrom the National Institutes of Health (12/23/2014, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Childhood Immunization

Children's Health

Having Eczema Won't Make You Shorter (12/10/2014, HealthDay)
Treating Eczema in ChildrenVideo (11/24/2014, HealthDay)


See also Choking


See also Cholesterol

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Pain

See also Chronic Pain


See also Circumcision


See also Cirrhosis

Climate Change

See also Climate Change

Clinical Trials

See also Clinical Trials

Club Drugs

See also Club Drugs


Cocaine Can Cause Heart Problems (11/18/2014, HealthDay)
See also Cocaine

Cochlear Implants

College Health

See also College Health

Colorectal Cancer

Young Adults and Colon CancerVideo (01/28/2015, HealthDay)
Vitamin D and Colon CancerVideo (01/13/2015, HealthDay)


See also Coma

Common Cold

See also Common Cold

Common Infant and Newborn Problems

Preventing Diaper Rash (12/31/2014, HealthDay)


Concussion RecoveryVideo (01/05/2015, HealthDay)
See also Concussion


See also COPD

Coping with Chronic Illness

Coping with Disasters

Corneal Disorders

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Coronary Artery Disease


See also CPR

Crohn's Disease

See also Crohn's Disease

CT Scans

See also CT Scans

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