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Hay Fever

Spring Allergies Coming into Bloom (03/16/2015, HealthDay)
See also Hay Fever

Head and Neck Cancer

Head Injuries

See also Head Injuries

Health Checkup

ECG DebateVideo (03/17/2015, HealthDay)
See also Health Checkup

Health Disparities

Health Facilities

Health Insurance

Prescription Drug CostsVideo (01/30/2015, HealthDay)

Health Occupations

Health Problems in Pregnancy

Depression and AsthmaVideo (03/09/2015, HealthDay)

Health Screening

ECG DebateVideo (03/17/2015, HealthDay)
Young Adults and Colon CancerVideo (01/28/2015, HealthDay)

Health Statistics

Healthy Aging

Arts, Crafts and MemoryVideo (04/10/2015, HealthDay)
Could Loneliness Shorten a Life? (03/17/2015, HealthDay)
Loneliness and LongevityVideo (03/16/2015, HealthDay)
See also Healthy Aging

Healthy Living

What Causes Cancer?Video (02/04/2015, HealthDay)
The Buddy System for HealthVideo (01/23/2015, HealthDay)
See also Healthy Living

Hearing Disorders and Deafness

Heart Attack

Divorce and Heart Attack RiskVideo (04/15/2015, HealthDay)
See also Heart Attack

Heart Disease in Women

Physical Activity Frequency & HealthVideo (02/20/2015, HealthDay)

Heart Diseases

ECG DebateVideo (03/17/2015, HealthDay)
Workout Intensity and Your HealthVideo (03/03/2015, HealthDay)
Cholesterol and Heart DiseaseVideo (02/05/2015, HealthDay)
Eczema Health RisksVideo (01/22/2015, HealthDay)
See also Heart Diseases

Heart Diseases--Prevention

Kids and Heart HealthVideo (03/18/2015, HealthDay)
Vegetarian BenefitsVideo (03/06/2015, HealthDay)

Heart Failure

Fried Foods and Heart Failure RiskVideo (03/04/2015, HealthDay)
See also Heart Failure

Heart Surgery

See also Heart Surgery

Heart Transplantation

Heart Valve Diseases

Heat Illness

See also Heat Illness


See also Hepatitis

Hepatitis C

See also Hepatitis C


See also Heroin

Herpes Simplex

See also Herpes Simplex

High Blood Pressure

Battling High Blood PressureVideo (03/26/2015, HealthDay)
Type 2 Diabetes and Blood PressureVideo (02/12/2015, HealthDay)

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and High Blood PressureVideo (01/29/2015, HealthDay)

Hip Injuries and Disorders

Hip Replacement

See also Hip Replacement

Hispanic American Health


HIV Can Spread Early, Evolve in Patients' BrainsFrom the National Institutes of Health (03/26/2015, National Institute of Mental Health)
For Most Children with HIV and Low Immune Cell Count, Cells Rebound After TreatmentFrom the National Institutes of Health (03/23/2015, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)
NIH-Sponsored HIV Vaccine Trial Launches in South AfricaFrom the National Institutes of Health (02/19/2015, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
See also HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy

HIV/AIDS Medicines

NIH-Funded Scientists Create Potential Long-Acting HIV TherapeuticFrom the National Institutes of Health (02/19/2015, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)

Homeless Health Concerns

Hormone Replacement Therapy


See also Hormones

Household Products


Barriers to HPV vaccinationVideo (02/10/2015, HealthDay)
See also HPV


Beware the Bitter Cold (02/13/2015, HealthDay)
See also Hypothermia


See also Hypothyroidism


See also Hysterectomy

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