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Talking With Your Doctor

Taste and Smell Disorders

Teen Development

Teen Health

1 in 10 U.S. Teens Has Tried Hashish (04/15/2015, HealthDay)
Adolescent Sleep DeprivationVideo (02/17/2015, HealthDay)
Kids Can Get Migraines Too (02/17/2015, HealthDay)
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Teen Mental Health

Teen Sexual Health

Barriers to HPV vaccinationVideo (02/10/2015, HealthDay)

Teen Violence

See also Teen Violence

Testicular Cancer


See also Tetanus

Thyroid Cancer

See also Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Diseases

Tick Bites

See also Tick Bites

Toddler Development

Toddler Health

See also Toddler Health

Toddler Nutrition

Salt and Sugar in Kids' MealsVideo (02/02/2015, HealthDay)

Toe Injuries and Disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traveler's Health


See also Triglycerides


See also Tuberculosis

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