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Crutches and children - sitting and getting up from a chair

Sitting down in a chair and getting up again with crutches can be tricky until your child gets the hang of it. Help your child learn how to do this safely.

To Sit Down

Your child should: 

  • Place the chair against a wall or in a secure place so it cannot move. Use a chair with arms. 
  • Put his legs against the front seat of the chair. 
  • Hold the crutches at the side and use his other hand to hold the arm of the chair. 
  • Use his good leg to lower down in the chair.

To Get Up

Your child should:

  • Slide forward to the edge of the chair. 
  • Hold both crutches on his hurt side. Lean forward. Hold the chair arm with the other hand. 
  • Push up on the handgrip of the crutch and the arm of the chair. 
  • Stand onto his good leg. 
  • Put crutches under his arms to start walking.

Update Date 9/27/2012

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