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Feel Younger, Live Longer?

Friday, December 19

Friday, December 19

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Healthy Aging, Mental Health, Seniors' Health

Thursday, December 18

CDC report of transmission in U.S. air terminal shows how easily the virus can spread
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Immunization, Measles, Traveler's Health

Those in poorest shape were more likely to have high blood pressure, study found

Inability to stand on one foot for 20-plus seconds could suggest brain vessel damage, study contends
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Balance Problems, Stroke

But medications such as ibuprofen pose their own risks, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Pain Relievers, Skin Cancer, Sun Exposure

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Allergy, Asthma

Women have slightly greater gains than men, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, International Health

But health officials still urge people to get inoculated because the shot should offer some protection
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Flu, Immunization

Memory of correct way to use inhalers, epinephrine pens faded over time, researchers report
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Allergy, Asthma, Medical Device Safety

Ebola, mumps, other illnesses suggest public health systems need strengthening, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Immunization, Infection Control, Infectious Diseases

'Rat-bite fever' also sickened 16 others in 2000-2012 in San Diego County alone, report noted

Researchers suspect that more marked hormonal changes may explain possible connection
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Bone Density, Hip Injuries and Disorders, Menopause

Expert notes, however, that potential threat is small
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Air Pollution, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pregnancy

But experts question value of finding when so many other risk factors for disease can be changed
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Blood, Blood Sugar, Diabetes Type 2

Prostaglandin analogue eye drops can slow deterioration of vision that comes with the disease
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Eye Diseases, Glaucoma, Medicines

Wednesday, December 17

But cytisine isn't widely available, study authors note
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Quitting Smoking

Chronic High Blood Sugar May be Detrimental to the Developing Brain of Young ChildrenFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Despite Risks, Benzodiazepine Use Highest in Older PeopleFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Mental Health)

Experts can't explain why testosterone levels of men declined early in partner's pregnancy
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Hormones, Men's Health, Pregnancy

FDA Approves Xtoro to Treat Swimmer's Ear (Food and Drug Administration)

Re-enrollment of current health-plan participants continues
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Health Insurance

Study found a one-hour flight equaled the UV ray exposure of a 20-minute tanning bed session
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Occupational Health, Skin Cancer, Sun Exposure

Got a Question About Your Pet's Health? (Food and Drug Administration)

The headaches were tied to a doubling of odds for the facial paralysis, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Bell's Palsy, Migraine

Easing federal restrictions on pot research might help get answers, doctors say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Marijuana, Neurologic Diseases

Even fewer consume an amount thought to help curb heart disease, study found
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Diseases--Prevention, Nutrition

Researchers uncover 53 potential treatments; all are already FDA approved but need more study for this use
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Ebola, Medicines

Treatment must be given within 6 hours after a stroke starts, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Stroke, Stroke Rehabilitation

Though health officials couldn't confirm source of infection, they warn of dangers of practice
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Childbirth, Legionnaires' Disease

Tuesday, December 16

Programs have been set up to help provide support and new possessions
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Ebola

States with more random traffic stops, DUI arrests have fewer drivers fail breath tests
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcohol, Impaired Driving, Motor Vehicle Safety

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Disease in Women, Menstruation, Women's Health

Kids who actively participate show greater thought processing gains
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Child Development

Having fruits and vegetables available boosts nutrition for some, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Nutrition, Health Disparities, School Health

Rates of chlamydia dip for the first time in 30 years

Shift to lower-cost transportation carries a hefty price
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Motor Vehicle Safety, Wounds and Injuries

Flexible start times, less late-night TV would help solve America's problem, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Sleep Disorders

Review found those who took yoga classes saw improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, weight
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Healthy Living, Heart Diseases--Prevention

Monday, December 15

Researchers advise against using booze to help get shut-eye
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcohol, Sleep Disorders

Medication combos may cause side effects or reduce treatment effectiveness, expert notes

Nearly one-third of those surveyed in Hawaii have tried the devices
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Smoking and Youth

The screen is meant for people without history of heart disease, agency says

Researchers found death rate among young at heart was lower during study period
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Mental Health, Seniors' Health

Women, whites account for majority of emergency room patients
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Burns, Eye Injuries, Sun Exposure

Older teens experienced the greatest drop in injury risk while taking Ritalin, researchers report

Research suggests that some children may be 'wired' to crave sweet foods
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Carbohydrates, Obesity in Children

Efforts included phone-based counseling and free nicotine-replacement therapy
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Disparities, Quitting Smoking

Related MedlinePlus Topic: Smoking and Youth

Getting it earlier or later raised chances of trouble, experts think childhood obesity might be at play
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Heart Disease in Women, Menstruation

Infection rate went down among other population segments, such as preschoolers and adults
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Flu, Immunization, School Health

Saturday, December 13

People felt less stressed when they checked only three times a day, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Stress

Friday, December 12

Atrial fibrillation often hits older people, but study shows getting healthier can curb it
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Atrial Fibrillation, Healthy Living

Researchers explore barriers to cardiac arrest treatment
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Cardiac Arrest, Hispanic American Health

Related MedlinePlus Topic: Carbohydrates

Idea is to identify women who do and don't need further treatment
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing

Jump in residents' stress, physical exertion may have played a role, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Coping with Disasters, Heart Attack

Women without estrogen-dependent disease benefited most in study
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Breast Cancer, Diets

Study finds mothers who are distracted by devices at mealtimes connect less well with kids
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Development, Parenting

Since both involve hormone levels, researchers suspected a possible connection
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Breast Cancer, Hormones, Migraine

Finding could lead to reduced risks for patients
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Blood Transfusion and Donation, Heart Surgery

Those addicted to cigarettes spend less time in treatment for drinking problem
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, Smoking

Risk of the disease rises with age, but there are many therapies that can help, expert says
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Pet Health