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Colon Cancer and Aspirin

Thursday, April 24

Thursday, April 24

Recognize Tobacco in its Many Forms (Food and Drug Administration)

Wednesday, April 23

Less than a glass a day may also help the heart in those who already have kidney disease, researchers found
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcohol, Kidney Diseases

Adult Stem Cell Research Shows Promise (Food and Drug Administration)

Benefit was seen only with enzyme present, but study isn't definitive

Many high school athletes assessed for sprains, strains outside the hospital
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Children's Health, School Health, Sports Injuries

Doctors can easily test for excess protein in urine
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Kidney Diseases, Urine and Urination

And there's a bonus: heart-healthy changes will boost overall well-being, too, experts say

It may contain genes important to male survival, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genes and Gene Therapy, Men's Health

Survey found Steve Jobs' death in 2011 spurred Americans to learn more about pancreatic cancer
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Evaluating Health Information

More research is needed to understand the link, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Cancer, Kidney Diseases

Study looked at adults hurt in motor vehicle crashes, falls
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Traumatic Brain Injury

Reduced anxiety, other mental health benefits noted in survey
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Mental Health, Seniors' Health

Studies looked at improvements in ER, specially equipped ambulance that could deliver clot-busting drug
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Emergency Medical Services, Stroke

In research into longevity, they found her white blood cells had many seemingly harmless mutations
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Genes and Gene Therapy

Those with memory loss fared better than those who showed deficits in thinking abilities
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Memory, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Seniors' Health

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcohol, Kidney Diseases

Tuesday, April 22

Saying no to surgery, radiation tied to better outcomes in study of abnormal brain connections
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Brain Malformations, Stroke

Gains seen after 3 months using experimental computer program, study says
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Glaucoma

Researchers found scare tactics could actually backfire, result in lower grades

Findings underscore importance of license restrictions, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Impaired Driving

Study gave Diamox, along with weight-loss plan, to patients with a different eye disease
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Eye Diseases, Glaucoma, Obesity

Don't ignore these symptoms
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Traveler's Health

When you should scrub up
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Food Safety

Study found abnormal rhythms when blood sugar dipped at night in people with type 2 disease
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Arrhythmia, Diabetes Type 2, Hypoglycemia

Few crimes committed by mentally ill patients were directly linked to symptoms, researcher notes
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Mental Disorders

MRSA at HomeVideo (HealthDay)
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Infection Control, MRSA

Study linked abnormally low or high weight to greater odds of fetal death
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Stillbirth

Physical well-being seems to get a boost from having an optimistic partner, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Family Issues

Ativan, Valium both good options for emergency treatment, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Children's Health, Epilepsy, Seizures

Monday, April 21

Children with irritable bowel syndrome were more likely to also have celiac disease in Italian study

While most experienced short-term anxiety, it was gone within a year, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Anxiety, Mammography, Women's Health

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria common on household surfaces, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Infection Control, MRSA

Anxiety often goes hand in hand with attention disorder, too

Benefits seen among inactive people, those who exercised

Muscle Weakness Seen in Alcoholism Linked to Mitochondrial Repair IssuesFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises against changes to current practice
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Autism, Childbirth, Pregnancy

Decide ahead of time where to take shelter
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Disaster Preparation and Recovery, Tornadoes

Researcher suggests more aggressive treatment might be warranted

Most surveyed got 6 hours or less shuteye a night, and experts blame electronic devices in bedrooms
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Sleep Disorders, Teen Health

ERs give potentially dangerous drug to thousands of children each year
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Medicines and Children, Pain Relievers

April is National Donate Life Month
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Organ Donation

Sunday, April 20

Study could explain why some people are more stoic than others, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Chronic Pain, Genes and Gene Therapy, Pain

Saturday, April 19

Less than half of students soaped up when they were alone, study finds
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Children's Health, Germs and Hygiene

Friday, April 18

Sense of smell also altered for some patients in British study
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Taste and Smell Disorders, Weight Loss Surgery

Study author urges caution for doctors prescribing benzodiazepines to this group
Related MedlinePlus Topics: COPD, Drug Safety

Researchers compared college students in five nations
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Mental Health

Signs the youngster should see a doctor
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Children's Health, Constipation

But consumption of harmful fats stuck at same levels as 20 years ago
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Dietary Fats, International Health

Efficient teamwork reduces hospital stays
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Facilities, Health Occupations

Related MedlinePlus Topics: College Health, Marijuana

Making good meal choices is harder, researcher says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Disparities, Nutrition

Overweight, not waist size, was tied to higher odds of developing disease in older women
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Body Weight, Breast Cancer

Study found those with hay fever who had high levels of stress suffered more severe symptoms
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Hay Fever, Stress