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Medical Subject Headings

Biographical Sketch, Jacque-Lynne Schulman

Photograph of Jacque-Lynne Schulman

Senior Technical Information Specialist
National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health
Bldg. 1DEM, Room 202P
6701 Democracy Blvd
Bethesda, MD 20892 USA
(301) 496-1495 (voice) (301) 594-2091 (direct)
(301) 402-2002 (fax)
Electronic mail:

Jacque-Lynne Schulman has a BA in Sociology from George Washington University, MA in Social and Organizational Behavior, also from George Washington University. She received a Master of Science in Library Science from Catholic University of America in 1973 and is currently a PhD Candidate at Virginia Tech in Science and Technology in Society. Her dissertation research relates emerging subdisciplines and boundary formation.

She joined the staff of the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library, George Washington University Medical Center in 1973. As Head of Reference Service at GWU, her experience with MEDLINE began in the early 1970's. She created and presented workshops for the National Library of Medicine, throughout the former RML-IV in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

In 1983, she came to NLM first as Assistant Head, Reference Section, and then Head, Circulation and Control Section. She has been in the MeSH Section since 1988. As an experienced online searcher and trainer of online searchers, she brings that perspective, along with experience in original cataloging and extensive reference experience, to the creation, maintenance, and distribution of the MeSH vocabulary.