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NLM® Reading Rooms and Services - Photocopier Services

Your library card acts as a debit card for the:

  • Photocopying machines
  • Microform reader-printer
  • Printers

The charge for copying or printing is:

  • 12 cents per page for black and white copying or printing
  • $1.00 per page for color copying or printing

To add money to your card, use the DAC Cashier machines. Money must be added in denominations of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 bills. These cashier machines provide receipts, but do not give change. Transactions cannot be made with coins or credit cards.

Photocopiers are shut down five minutes before the Library closes.

Map of the first floor of the Library, showing the photocopiers near the Patron Registration Desk, middle left section of the map

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