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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin


Genetics Home Reference Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
e82013 April 24 [posted]

IndexCat Data Available in XML
e72013 April 12 [posted]

Nine New Granting Organizations for MEDLINE/PubMed
e62013 April 09 [posted]

My NCBI Saved Search Enhancements
e52013 March 29 [posted]
2013 April 23 [Editor's note added]

NLM @ MLA - 2013
e42013 March 29 [posted]
2013 April 12 [Editor's note added]
2013 May 14 [Editor's note added]

Digital Collections Web Service
e32013 March 25 [posted]

PubMed for Librarians: Free Online Classes Open for Registration
e22013 March 13 [posted]
2013 March 29 [Editor's note added]
2013 July 11 [Editor's note added]
2014 April 16 [Editor's note added]

MeSH Unique Identifiers: Length Expanding to Ten Characters
e12013 March 06 [posted]
2013 April 24 [Editor's note added]
2014 May 05 [Editor's note added]

In Brief

TOXMAP and TOXNET Now Include 2011 EPA Toxics Release Inventory
b92013 April 24 [posted]

New UTS API Methods
b82013 April 09 [posted]

UMLS Solaris Support Discontinued
b72013 April 09 [posted]

MetamorphoSys Upgrade to JRE 7
b62013 April 09 [posted]

UMLS DVD Production Ceases
b52013 April 09 [posted]

RDA Implementation at NLM
b42013 April 08 [posted]

NLM WISER for iOS 3.1 Released
b32013 March 25 [posted]

Updated SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Cross Map Available
e22013 March 15 [posted]

SNOMED CT: New US Edition and Final US Extension Available
b12013 March 11 [posted]



2013 MARCH–APRIL No. 391

Issue Completed April 29, 2013

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