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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2012 MAY–JUNE No. 386

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NLM Classification 2012 Edition Now Available

Willis, SR. NLM Classification 2012 Edition Now Available. NLM Tech Bull. 2012 May-Jun;(386):e1.

2012 May 01 [posted]

The NLM Classification, available online at, incorporates all additions and changes to the schedules and index from April 2011 through March 2012. The PDF version will be updated with 2012 classification data by the end of May 2012.

The QV (Pharmacology) schedule was the major area of focus for the 2012 edition.

Some QV schedule outline headers were changed.
For example:
  • QV 610-618 Inorganic Poisons was changed to QV 610-666 Poisons
  • QV 627-633 Organic Poisons and QV 662-667 Gas Poisons. Chemical Agents were deleted
Some QV class number captions and notes were revised to better reflect the scope of the number.
For example:
  • At QV 38, the caption Drug action was changed to Drug metabolism. Pharmacokinetics.
  • At QV 95, the caption Anti-inflammatory analgesics was changed to Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Disinfectants was removed from the caption at QV 220 and added to the caption at QV 250.
  • At QV 240, the caption Dyes and related compounds used in diagnosis or as reagents, indicators, etc. was changed to Coloring agents.
  • At QV 241, the caption Tars. Balsams was changed to Complex mixtures.
  • At QV 310, the caption Gases and their compounds was changed to Noble gases.
  • At QV 663, the caption Chemical agents was augmented with Chemical warfare agents.
  • At QV 772, the caption Non-prescription drugs was changed to Drug catalogs.
  • At QV 778, the caption Pharmaceutical processes. Drug compounding was changed to Drug delivery systems (General or not elsewhere classified).
  • At QV 785, the caption Types of pharmaceutical preparations. Dosage forms was changed to Drug delivery systems.
  • At QV 786, the caption Solutions was changed to Drug dosage forms (General or not elsewhere classified).
  • At QV 800, the caption Vehicles was changed to Pharmaceutic aids.
  • At QV 4, the note was added: Classify here works discussing both pharmacological phenomena and pharmaceutical preparations. Classify works on pharmacological phenomena only in QV 37.
  • At QV 55, the note was added: Classify here general works on pharmaceutical preparations and works on specific drugs not elsewhere classified.
Table G (geographic breakdown) is now permitted with QV 736 and QV 737.

Class Numbers Added and Canceled

Thirty-seven (37) new class numbers were added and four (4) class numbers were canceled.


Class Numbers Added — 2012
New Number Class Name Former Number in the Index
QV 35 Biopharmaceutics QV 38
QV 36 Receptor pharmacology QV 38
QV 37 Pharmacological phenomena and processes QV 38
QV 37.5 Drug interactions QV 38
QV 38.5 Biotransformation. Pharmacogenetics QV 38
QV 57 Nonprescription drugs QV 772
QV 151 Antihypertensive agents. Calcium channel blockers QV 150
QV 152 Anti-arrhythmia agents QV 150
QV 604 Lists of poisons, antidotes, etc. QV 605
QV 633.5 Specific hydrocarbons, A-Z QV 633
QV 633.5.B4 Benzene. Benzene derivatives QV 633
QV 633.5.F6 Fossil fuels QV 633
QV 633.5.H3 Halogenated hydrocarbons QV 633
QV 736.1 [Drug industry. Economics of pharmacy. Advertising] General coverage (Not Table G) QV 736
QV 737.1 [Pharmaceutical services. Community pharmacy. Pharmacies] General coverage (Not Table G) QV 737
QV 745 Drug design. Drug discovery QV 744
QV 771.4 Clinical trials QV 771
QV 779 Drug compounding QV 778
QV 786.5 Special dosage forms, A-Z QV 785
QV 786.5.C3 Capsules QV 785
QV 786.5.C7 Colloids QV 785
QV 786.5.O4 Oils QV 785, etc.
QV 786.5.O5 Ointments QV 785
QV 786.5.P7 Powders QV 785, etc.
QV 786.5.S6 Solutions QV 786
QV 786.5.S8 Suppositories QV 785, etc.
QV 786.5.T3 Tablets QV 787
WA 290 Emergency responders None
WA 320.1 [Child welfare. Child health services] General coverage (Not Table G) WA 320
WA 346 Cutaneous WB 340
WA 510 Trigger points WE 550
WA 520 Peripheral nervous system diseases WL 500-544
WA 530 Peripheral nerve injuries None
WL 704.6 Pain management None
WN 250.5.P7 Proton therapy None
WQ 200.1 [Reproduction. Pregnancy] General coverage (Not Table G) WQ 200
WQ 270 Maternal death None
Class Numbers Canceled — 2012
Canceled Number Class Name Now Classed in
QV 34 Experimental pharmacology (General) QV 20.5
QV 235 Dyes QV 240
QV 618 Irritant poisons Not applicable
QV 667 Systemic poisons. Paralysants Not applicable

Table G (Geographic Notations)

Changes were made to Table G (Geographic Notations)

Other Changes to the Schedule

Changes were made to other class schedules.
For example:

All index entries pertaining to the aforementioned schedule additions and changes were modified.

Changes to the Index

Eighty-eight (88) new index entries were created of which forty-six (46) are from the 2012 MeSH; the remainder are MeSH terms from previous years. All main index headings are linked to the 2012 vocabulary in the MeSH Browser.

Numerous main index entries and cross references were modified to reflect changes in the MeSH vocabulary.
For example:

NLM Classification index entries with Library of Congress Classification G (Geography) and L (Education) class numbers were reviewed for accuracy and relevance.

To learn more about the NLM Classification see the Fact Sheet.

By Sharon R. Willis
Cataloging Section, Technical Services Division

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