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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB Gold Standard Alchemy Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
NDC National Drug Code corresponding to a clinical drug (e.g. 000023082503) 56420


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C0358005 A12681176 L1828503 S7638117 AUI 921 NDC 0316-0126-03 Hydrocortisone 1% Topical cream
C0358131 A12673601 L0467766 S7638720 AUI 1027 NDC 45802-465-64 Ketoconazole 2% Shampoo
C0359303 A12682941 L6562196 S7642071 AUI 2032 NDC 68516-5213-2 Albutein 25% Solution for Injection
C0361065 A12680723 L0476139 S7633802 AUI 23672 NDC 45809-401-20 Cedax 400mg Capsule
C0688138 A12670617 L5572384 S7633614 AUI 22041 NDC 0093-0292-01 Carbidopa 10mg, Levodopa 100mg Oral tablet
C0689761 A12673822 L6551027 S7640662 AUI 8890 NDC 0067-5038-14 Nicotine 21mg/24h Transdermal Patch - 24 Hour
C0692241 A12681049 L1416909 S7636810 AUI 1114 NDC 41163-207-75 Famotidine 10mg Oral tablet
C0694150 A12673430 L6552193 S7636863 AUI 10001 NDC 0781-3005-71 Fenoldopam Mesylate 10mg/1mL Solution for injection
C0707549 A12681270 L6550859 S7639017 AUI 22918 NDC 0689-1118-01 Levoxyl 50mcg Tablet
C0709145 A12684414 L6559461 S7645717 AUI 5420 NDC 0028-0258-37 Voltaren 25mg Delayed-Release Tablet
C0714615 A12685479 L1420331 S7646869 AUI 798 NDC 47682-805-33 Aspirin 325mg Oral tablet
C2730027 A12673632 L1416307 S7638992 AUI 18032 NDC 0781-5184-10 Levothyroxine Sodium 100mcg Oral tablet
C0789741 A12670915 L3581667 S7636197 AUI 20563 NDC 10892-150-99 Dyphylline 100mg/15mL Oral solution
C0874617 A12673053 L6554955 S7647860 AUI 18110 NDC 0781-1064-01 Bupropion Hydrochloride 100mg Oral tablet
C0875753 A12672822 L6560531 S7641487 AUI 22435 NDC 64764-451-24 Actos 45mg Tablet
C0876682 A16722307 L6559995 S7636136 AUI 34375 NDC 17314-3605-5 Duragesic 100mcg/hr Transdermal Patch
C0974578 A12680530 L6561080 S7646428 AUI 8523 NDC 0304-0643-01 Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 250mg Chewable tablet
C0976461 A12673336 L6550527 S7635927 AUI 1349 NDC 60505-0715-1 Dipyridamole 5mg/1mL Solution for injection
C0976542 A12670902 L6559986 S7636050 AUI 3825 NDC 0378-4250-10 Doxepin Hydrochloride 50mg Oral capsule