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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2011AB International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) Source Information

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Summary of Changes:

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There have been significant changes since ICNP2_0 was processed for 2009AB:

a)  Instead of the entire data file, ICNP submitted only the DC and IC axes to the Metathesaurus (comprising Interventions, Diagnosis and Outcomes). 
b)  In the 2.0 version, there were many duplicate strings with different CODE values.  It was difficult to distinguish the meaning of each string.  ICNP_2011 does not contain duplicate strings
c)  The OWL ("KnowledgeName" is no longer included
d)  The VSAB now indicates the year of release (2011) instead of a version number (2_0)

e)  SNOMED CT Mappings have been included.   Mapping relationships are represented in MRSAMAP.RRF and MRMAP.RRF, as well as in MRREL.RRF, with rel =  "RQ" (related and possibly synonymous), rela = "mapped_to/mapped_from." 

Source-Provided Files: Summary

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The file ICNP2011-NLM_Submission_29_June.xlsx includes the following tabs:

DC Asserted   
IC Asserted
DC Inferred
IC Inferred
ICNP-SCT Mapping

In addition, .pdf files showing the hierarchy were provided for reference:
ICNP 2011-DC_29_June.pdf
ICNP 2011-IC_29_June.pdf

Source-Provided Files: Details

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The following is a list of fields available for ICNP_2011 data:

File:  ICNP2011-NLM_Submission_29_June.xlsx
tabs:  DC Asserted, IC Asserted

Field Representation
Preferred Term
Axis (inferred from tab label)
value is DC or IC, based on tab label

File:  ICNP2011-NLM_Submission_29_June.xlsx
tabs:  DC Inferred, IC Inferred

Field Representation
Parent Code
Used to build hierarchy
Preferred Term (Parent)
Not directly processed
Child Code
Used to build hierarchy
Preferred Term (Child)
Not directly processed