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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB MedDRA Japanese Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION Standardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Addition Version. Version of MedDRA in which term was added to the SMQ. 105460
SMQ_TERM_CAT Standardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Category. A single alphabetical letter indicating the category of the term for application of the SMQ algorithm. If the SMQ does not use algorithms, then all Term_category values are assigned "A." For a child SMQ, this field is assigned "S." 105460
SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION Standardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Last Modified Version. Version of MedDRA in which term was last modified in the SMQ. 105460
SMQ_TERM_SCOPE Standardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Scope. Defines the MedDRA term as a member of the broad scope (1), narrow scope (2) of the SMQ search, or a child SMQ (0) (zero). 105460
SMQ_TERM_STATUS Standardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Status. Identifies a term as active ("A") or inactive ("I") within this SMQ. 105460
SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT Standardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Weight. Used for some SMQ algorithms; "0" is used as default. 105460
SMQ_TERM_LEVEL Standardised MedDRA Query (SMQ) Term Level. The MedDRA hierarchy level of a term (4=PT, 5=LLT) or 0 (zero) for a child SMQ. 34655
MISO MedDRA Serial Code International SOC Sort Order Digit (01-26) 26


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C0700225 R97479393 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 7.1 血清クレアチニン増加
C0151905 R97492739 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 8.0 グルタミン酸ピルビン酸トランスアミナーゼ増加
C0580380 R97489484 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 8.0 網状赤血球数異常NOS
C0858619 R97472435 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 8.1 術後角膜浮腫
C0234958 R97472855 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 8.1 筋変性
C0235137 R97473840 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 9.0 薬物精神依存
C0235401 R97465698 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 9.0 耐糖能異常
C0155731 R97484870 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 9.1 非化膿性頭蓋内静脈洞血栓症
C0265372 R97476044 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.0 胎児フェニトイン症候群
C0162678 R97484597 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.0 神経線維腫症
C0191988 R97481129 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.0 口唇病変部切除
C1535908 R97503536 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.0 外陰腟腺症
C0858948 R97468977 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.1 凝血塊排泄
C1328486 R97502937 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.1 結石性胆嚢炎
C0034074 R97488511 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.1 肺梗塞
C0857388 R97484751 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.1 非脱分極性筋弛緩薬
C0520966 R97472384 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.1 協調運動異常
C0435650 R97485440 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.1 舟状骨開放性骨折
C0856182 R97467802 RUI SMQ_TERM_ADDVERSION 10.1 無力性人格障害


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C0018790 R97467634 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 心停止
C0341439 R97470927 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 慢性肝疾患
C2711227 R97478237 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 脂肪肝
C0392319 R97494243 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT B 声帯浮腫
C0020479 R97501917 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 3型高脂血症
C0857322 R97501743 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 貧血性
C0424109 R97494402 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 涙もろい
C0017565 R97478015 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 歯肉出血
C0014591 R97484913 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 鼻出血
C0338380 R97487784 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 術後血腫
C1510416 R97495731 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A コーヒー残渣様吐物
C0015967 R97488638 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT B 発熱NOS
C0155730 R97470396 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 脳動脈瘤、非破裂性
C0858958 R97490297 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A ショック症状
C0857603 R97472017 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 先天性視神経障害NOS
C0040021 R97492248 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 血栓性閉塞性血管炎
C0586354 R97495954 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 食道異形成
C1318543 R97477054 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 腱鞘の巨細胞腫瘍
C0149745 R97483725 RUI SMQ_TERM_CAT A 口腔内潰瘍


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C0149938 R97467122 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 8.0 鎮痛薬ネフロパシー
C0746783 R97503672 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 8.1 食後悪心
C0578454 R97495480 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 8.1 頚部腫脹
C0020457 R97484692 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 9.0 非ケトン性高血糖性高浸透圧性昏睡
C0858571 R97489653 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 9.0 からだのこわばり
C0038454 R97491353 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 9.1 脳卒中
C0855223 R97477670 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.0 混合性幻覚
C0034155 R97488601 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.0 血栓性血小板減少性紫斑病
C0853468 R97468626 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.0 直腸生検異常
C0860330 R97487339 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.0 胸膜コバルト療法
C0235151 R97475227 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 不適切な気分高揚
C0856724 R97498110 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 非抱合型ビリルビン血症
C0312422 R97468708 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 黒くらみ(非記憶喪失)
C0221170 R97491195 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 筋硬直
C1285577 R97465991 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 急性錯乱状態
C1291710 R97466705 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 情動変化
C0012689 R97480291 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 関節脱臼NEC
C0856557 R97483674 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 10.1 オートバイ事故
C0856672 R97468844 RUI SMQ_TERM_LMVERSION 11.0 直腸出血(腸出血と痔核を除く)


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C0574002 R97491667 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 足部腫脹
C0340865 R97467147 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 2 アナフィラキシー様反応
C0036685 R97490120 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 グラム陰性菌性敗血症、詳細不明
C0853619 R97481291 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 局所腫脹
C1535980 R97503641 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 2 非高比重リポ蛋白コレステロール減少
C0002871 R97467066 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 詳細不明の貧血
C0020557 R97496903 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 トリグリセリド高値
C0740409 R97488364 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 精神病的行動
C0858062 R97487233 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 血漿クレアチンホスホキナーゼ増加
C0159051 R97490307 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 2 外傷の記載のないショック
C0859019 R97483306 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 急性一過性精神異常
C0149871 R97472833 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 2 深部静脈血栓症NOS
C0278079 R97473069 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 2 精神依存
C0010598 R97472712 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 循環性人格障害
C0011253 R97472932 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 妄想NOS
C0546817 R97478923 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 2 血液量増加症
C0948162 R97496605 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 2 骨髄浮腫
C1869091 R97506522 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 心不全(SMQ)
C1869024 R97508276 RUI SMQ_TERM_SCOPE 1 重症皮膚副作用(SMQ)


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C0018790 R97470146 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 心停止
C0858829 R97478337 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 肝細胞異常
C0162565 R97466150 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 急性間欠性ポルフィリン症
C0013604 R97474295 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 浮腫
C0476454 R97505013 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 血圧低値
C0085649 R97474317 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 四肢浮腫
C0860494 R97492981 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 栄養性浮腫
C0235649 R97497786 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 乳房浮腫
C0149854 R97477495 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 小脳出血
C0854172 R97498641 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 新生児くも膜下出血
C0342302 R97473184 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 不安定型糖尿病
C0856281 R97488570 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 不明熱
C0343205 R97500501 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A ループス血管炎
C0235887 R97489870 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 硬化性腹膜炎
C1704423 R97496484 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A ミルロイ病
C0919719 R97496159 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 動脈手術NOS
C0854579 R97494537 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 膀胱レントゲン照射療法
C0854219 R97476732 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 閉塞性出血性胃潰瘍
C0496758 R97482305 RUI SMQ_TERM_STATUS A 口腔底側部の悪性新生物


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C0425449 R97476639 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 あえぎ
C0475858 R97502747 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 全身性そう痒
C0013604 R97485173 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 浮腫NOS
C1697538 R97504116 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 注入部位出血
C0020649 R97481460 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 血圧低下
C0036749 R97500770 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 3 漿膜炎
C0919982 R97495868 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 下肢両麻痺
C0027562 R97484363 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 拒絶症
C0009081 R97491986 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 先天性内反尖足
C2931264 R97496542 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 先天性多発性関節拘縮
C1275126 R97505428 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 腫瘍壊死因子受容体関連周期性症候群
C0014544 R97474792 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 てんかん、詳細不明
C0190869 R97475748 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 大腿動脈塞栓摘除
C0375200 R97468291 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 良性発作性振戦
C1699648 R97504218 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 回腸閉塞
C0424332 R97469362 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 息どめ発作
C0858613 R97485541 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 視神経うっ血
C0154659 R97492692 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 中毒性脳炎
C0040822 R97492911 RUI SMQ_TERM_WEIGHT 0 振戦


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C0746869 A11496226 L6229902 S7167738 CODE 10062976 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 神経筋脱力
C0041948 A11551754 L3469956 S3997450 CODE 10046369 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 尿毒症
C0876986 A11512393 L6226656 S7142149 CODE 10048565 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 うっ血性心不全増悪
C0239949 A11421487 L6241876 S7170947 CODE 10051448 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 4 肝頚静脈逆流
C0877430 A11473211 L6263463 S7160818 CODE 10049106 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 慢性喘息
C0423600 A11413875 L6297020 S7154694 CODE 10051180 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 咽頭腫瘤感
C1696700 A13348001 L6286066 S7159117 CODE 10065689 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 後天性C1エステラーゼ欠損
C0856828 A11546321 L6265833 S7179466 CODE 10018962 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 造血障害
C0684256 A11441519 L5458913 S6243969 CODE 10053840 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 4 細菌性敗血症
C0745528 A11434363 L6249971 S7143980 CODE 10054168 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 クレブシエラ性敗血症
C0858342 A11509389 L6263991 S7165024 CODE 10034078 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 炭酸ガス分圧低下
C0948437 A11548062 L6243301 S7182399 CODE 10026849 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 骨髄異形成症
C0427544 A11499672 L6228117 S7153349 CODE 10027905 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 4 単球減少症
C0423717 A11453530 L6298646 S7167645 CODE 10050800 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 神経因性疼痛
C1536128 A11516286 L6308506 S7155078 CODE 10064074 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 嚥下反射不良
C0017181 A11486831 L3475961 S4003455 CODE 10018991 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 消化管出血
C0019064 A11427311 L6309094 S7159280 CODE 10019575 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 心嚢内出血
C1096644 A11553838 L6285710 S7156130 CODE 10054982 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 大動脈瘤出血
C0549543 A11524665 L6250984 S7151741 CODE 10009795 SMQ_TERM_LEVEL 5 凝固時間NOS異常


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C0851353 A11438085 L6242579 S7176650 SDUI 10005329 MISO 03 血液およびリンパ系障害
C0018799 A11497749 L5452933 S6237989 SDUI 10007541 MISO 11 心臓障害
C0851352 A11517647 L6250793 S7150157 SDUI 10010331 MISO 21 先天性、家族性および遺伝性障害
C0851354 A11438087 L6276041 S7170193 SDUI 10013993 MISO 10 耳および迷路障害
C0014130 A11398603 L6285093 S7151078 SDUI 10014698 MISO 05 内分泌障害
C0015397 A11418381 L5457747 S6242803 SDUI 10015919 MISO 09 眼障害
C0017178 A11478148 L5460016 S6245072 SDUI 10017947 MISO 14 胃腸障害
C0267792 A11438088 L6287565 S7170878 SDUI 10019805 MISO 15 肝胆道系障害
C0021053 A11537497 L6227794 S7150846 SDUI 10021428 MISO 04 免疫系障害
C0009450 A11438059 L6286285 S7160705 SDUI 10021881 MISO 01 感染症および寄生虫症
C0947733 A11537498 L6284983 S7150122 SDUI 10022117 MISO 24 傷害、中毒および処置合併症
C1261322 A11418382 L3484960 S4012454 SDUI 10022891 MISO 23 臨床検査
C0851358 A11478152 L6296410 S7149540 SDUI 10027433 MISO 06 代謝および栄養障害
C0263660 A11497753 L6310263 S7168294 SDUI 10028395 MISO 17 筋骨格系および結合組織障害
C0027651 A11398604 L6288127 S7175174 SDUI 10029104 MISO 02 良性、悪性および詳細不明の新生物(嚢胞およびポリープを含む)
C0027765 A11458328 L6310208 S7167767 SDUI 10029205 MISO 08 神経系障害
C0851363 A11438089 L6228515 S7156768 SDUI 10036585 MISO 19 妊娠、産褥および周産期の状態
C0004936 A11398605 L3480662 S4008158 SDUI 10037175 MISO 07 精神障害
C0042075 A11497755 L6253550 S7173199 SDUI 10038359 MISO 18 腎および尿路障害