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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB Multum Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
NDC National Drug Code corresponding to a clinical drug (e.g. 000023082503) 158087
DCSA Controlled Substance Act designation code (e.g. 0,2,3n) 36067
DDF Drug Doseform (e.g. chewable tablet) 36067
DDFA Drug Doseform Abbreviation (e.g. SOLN) 36067
DRT Drug Route of Administration (e.g. Injection (systemic) ) 36067
DRTA Drug Route of Administration Abbreviation (e.g. INJ) 36067
DST Drug Strength (e.g. 0.01%, 0.02 MG, 0.02 MG/ML) 36067
TYPE Multum Medical Supply Category (e.g. natural supplements) 9836
DHJC Multum HCPCS J-code Multum clinical drugs linked to HCPCS J-codes where applicable (e.g. J7507) 4944
DPC Multum Pregnancy Hazard Classification Code assigned to Multum clinical drugs. (e.g. X, D) 3000


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C0688579 A1511541 L1319673 S1562362 AUI 2773 NDC 68115010660 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride, 10 mg oral capsule
C0689729 A1525979 L1332362 S1575919 AUI 2255 NDC 54868296600 Naproxen, 500 mg oral tablet
C0691089 A1525457 L1331889 S1575393 AUI 3826 NDC 63874002230 Acetaminophen, 500 mg oral tablet
C0692180 A1513006 L1321026 S1563820 AUI 1149 NDC 54868002303 Doxycycline Hyclate, hyclate 100 mg oral capsule
C0706367 A1508686 L1317130 S1559709 AUI 1052 NDC 00074470401 Bupivacaine Hydrochloride, 0.75% injectable kit
C0706938 A1515761 L1323470 S1566442 AUI 1424 NDC 54569030601 Cleocin HCl, 150 mg oral capsule
C0714615 A1521983 L1328884 S1572205 AUI 5464 NDC 00122082166 Aspirin, 325 mg oral tablet
C0715783 A1515625 L1323336 S1566302 AUI 6281 NDC 00085410025 Complex-15, topical cream
C2940081 A1542608 L1342209 S1587033 AUI 6369 NDC 00322222203 Percy Medicine, oral suspension
C0874656 A1886823 L1716066 S1949317 AUI 185 NDC 74300000922 Cortizone-10 Anal Itch Cream, 1% rectal cream with applicator
C0980097 A1527152 L1333327 S1576956 AUI 2968 NDC 58016022160 Salsalate, 750 mg oral tablet
C0689175 A1527466 L1333583 S1577237 AUI 2072 NDC 58016024315 Ibuprofen, 800 mg oral tablet
C0709682 A9440798 L5859210 S6706997 AUI 14703 NDC 00283087112 Hurricaine, 20% mucous membrane gel
C1646228 A9442275 L5863696 S6708450 AUI 15413 NDC 38779212105 Magnesium Salicylate, compounding powder
C0980399 A9446735 L1325803 S6712816 AUI 3234 NDC 00247009659 Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim, 200 mg-40 mg/5 mL oral suspension
C0692630 A9440179 L1329484 S6706384 AUI 4937 NDC 00378401301 Glimepiride, 4 mg oral tablet
C0977679 A9440847 L1326958 S6707045 AUI 1837 NDC 63874030445 HydrOXYzine Hydrochloride, hydrochloride 25 mg oral tablet
C0975440 A10928316 L1332046 S7016390 AUI 584 NDC 63874011277 Cephalexin Monohydrate, 500 mg oral capsule
C0975652 A9437586 L1447408 S6703850 AUI 202 NDC 45802013818 Ciclopirox Olamine, 0.77% topical cream


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C0978376 A1510546 L1318721 S1561380 AUI 1849 DCSA 0 medrysone ophthalmic 1% ophthalmic suspension
C0689473 A1521843 L1328750 S1572058 AUI 1939 DCSA 4 mephobarbital 32 mg oral tablet
C0689708 A1527430 L1333553 S1577204 AUI 2126 DCSA 0 nadolol 80 mg oral tablet
C0977123 A1510318 L1318506 S1561148 AUI 3855 DCSA 0 gentian violet topical 1% topical solution
C2949548 A1516707 L1324264 S1567263 AUI 4640 DCSA 0 APAP/chlorpheniramine/phenylephrine 325 mg-2 mg-5 mg oral tablet
C0874295 A1889382 L1718157 S1954689 AUI 5699 DCSA 0 multivitamin with minerals Therapeutic Multiple Vitamins with Minerals oral tablet
C0976337 A1515538 L1323255 S1566216 AUI 6619 DCSA 0 fluoromethane topical 15%-85% topical spray
C0688060 A1517230 L1324744 S1567774 AUI 1036 DCSA 0 Bumetanide, 2 mg oral tablet
C0692181 A1524916 L1331395 S1574858 AUI 1147 DCSA 0 Doxy-D, hyclate 50 mg oral capsule
C0706736 A1508045 L1316520 S1559049 AUI 1317 DCSA 0 Genoptic, 0.3% ophthalmic ointment
C0707722 A1527265 L1333413 S1577053 AUI 1797 DCSA 2 Dilaudid, 8 mg oral tablet
C0707937 A1512142 L1320235 S1562957 AUI 1949 DCSA 0 Prinivil, 10 mg oral tablet
C0689534 A1527147 L1333323 S1576951 AUI 2193 DCSA 0 Methocarbamol, 750 mg oral tablet
C0709273 A1526453 L1332760 S1576346 AUI 2826 DCSA 0 Q-Fed, 60 mg oral tablet
C0690601 A1520368 L1327565 S1570796 AUI 2922 DCSA 0 Tolazamide, 250 mg oral tablet
C0709407 A1526047 L1332420 S1575988 AUI 2923 DCSA 0 Tolinase, 500 mg oral tablet
C0980496 A1888550 L1716593 S1952845 AUI 3279 DCSA 0 Terazosin Hydrochloride, 2 mg oral capsule
C0691155 A1995926 L1833171 S2140597 AUI 4946 DCSA 0 Analgesic Pain Reliever, 400 mg-32 mg oral tablet
C1951498 A1515542 L1323258 S1566219 AUI 498 DCSA 0 Aminosyn II, Amino Acids 15% (Aminosyn II) intravenous solution


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C0975075 A1512934 L1320960 S1563747 AUI 1111 DDF tablet butabarbital 100 mg oral tablet
C0977097 A1507278 L1315763 S1558255 AUI 1320 DDF ointment gentamicin topical 0.1% topical ointment
C0702849 A1525830 L1332213 S1575758 AUI 1938 DDF tablet ethotoin 500 mg oral tablet
C0689474 A1525296 L1331747 S1575243 AUI 1940 DDF tablet mephobarbital 50 mg oral tablet
C0689553 A1507061 L1315558 S1558044 AUI 2258 DDF tablet methyclothiazide-reserpine 2.5 mg-0.1 mg oral tablet
C0689569 A1518241 L1325656 S1568743 AUI 2295 DDF tablet methylphenidate 20 mg oral tablet
C1695669 A1507651 L1316124 S1558634 AUI 5199 DDF solution LVP solution Dextrose 5% with 0.2% NaCl intravenous solution
C0874278 A1889320 L1717662 S1954627 AUI 5291 DDF capsule multivitamin Multiple Vitamins oral capsule
C0705303 A1511372 L1319511 S1562192 AUI 5953 DDF ointment undecylenic acid topical 10% topical ointment
C0705876 A1516656 L1324215 S1567213 AUI 6750 DDF lotion coal tar/lactic acid/salicylic acid topical 2%-5%-3% topical lotion
C0693834 A1889072 L1716680 S1954005 AUI 6953 DDF tablet clotrimazole topical 200 mg vaginal tablet
C0976872 A1889153 L1716670 S1954178 AUI 7089 DDF capsule fenofibrate 200 mg oral capsule
C0307881 A1506840 L1315333 S1557813 AUI 1093 DDF gel Topicort, 0.05% topical gel
C0688673 A1515770 L1323479 S1566453 AUI 1115 DDF capsule Doxepin Hydrochloride, 150 mg oral capsule
C0706942 A1521601 L1328551 S1571838 AUI 1426 DDF capsule Cleocin HCl, 300 mg oral capsule
C1622032 A1508980 L1317409 S1560000 AUI 1449 DDF tablet Wigraine, 100 mg-1 mg oral tablet
C0707011 A1523205 L1329898 S1573279 AUI 1458 DDF tablet, extended release Stamoist LA, 400 mg-75 mg oral tablet, extended release
C0980226 A1511625 L1319752 S1562448 AUI 3181 DDF solution Sodium Chloride, Inhalation, 10% inhalation solution
C0711258 A1534583 L1337773 S1581980 AUI 3859 DDF solution Multitest CMI, intradermal solution


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C0978363 A1519596 L1326851 S1570016 AUI 1827 DDFA TC meclizine 25 mg oral tablet, chewable
C0978377 A1520324 L1327527 S1570752 AUI 1854 DDFA TAB mefloquine 250 mg oral tablet
C1123025 A4369423 L1323707 S4040696 AUI 2303 DDFA TAB methylPREDNISolone 16 mg oral tablet
C0690835 A1512170 L1320263 S1562987 AUI 2977 DDFA TAB torsemide 10 mg oral tablet
C0979624 A1519512 L1326773 S1569931 AUI 3700 DDFA EFT potassium bicarbonate-potassium citrate 25 mEq oral tablet, effervescent
C0691949 A1513493 L1321446 S1564310 AUI 4058 DDFA TAB zinc gluconate 100 mg oral tablet
C0704420 A1521303 L1328271 S1571539 AUI 4586 DDFA TAB paraaminobenzoic acid 30 mg oral tablet
C0981800 A1997767 L1832724 S2142073 AUI 7212 DDFA CAP zonisamide 100 mg oral capsule
C2719765 A1511147 L1319307 S1561981 AUI 864 DDFA TAB chlorpheniramine/phenylephrine/PPA/pyrilamine 4 mg-10 mg-50 mg-25 mg oral tablet
C1168825 A2606807 L2489321 S2943926 AUI 8791 DDFA DT lansoprazole 15 mg oral tablet, disintegrating
C0706348 A1515884 L1323597 S1566573 AUI 1040 DDFA TAB Norpramin, 150 mg oral tablet
C0707804 A1519481 L1326744 S1569900 AUI 1822 DDFA TAB Antivert, 25 mg oral tablet
C1692274 A4370472 L3504481 S4041744 AUI 204 DDFA TAB Tri-Sprintec, triphasic 35 mcg oral tablet
C0709841 A1522814 L1329524 S1572886 AUI 3144 DDFA SOLN Neut, 4% intravenous solution
C0710162 A1511727 L1319845 S1562545 AUI 332 DDFA LIQ Desquam-X Wash, 10% topical liquid
C0712145 A1524226 L1330758 S1574179 AUI 4185 DDFA GEL Ramses Crystal Clear, 5% vaginal gel
C0305303 A1530414 L1335321 S1579200 AUI 5035 DDFA LOT Aquanil Lotion, topical lotion
C0713597 A1522478 L1329228 S1572571 AUI 5100 DDFA TAB Tussend, 4 mg-5 mg-60 mg oral tablet
C0595424 A1522851 L1329557 S1572923 AUI 5385 DDFA TAB Zanaflex, 4 mg oral tablet


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C0977021 A1511827 L1319936 S1562639 AUI 1205 DRT topical formaldehyde topical 10% topical solution
C0690184 A1526682 L1332964 S1576564 AUI 1782 DRT oral acetaminophen-propoxyphene hydrochloride 650 mg-65 mg oral tablet
C1948854 A1506929 L1315422 S1557903 AUI 1937 DRT inhalation isoproterenol 0.08% inhalation aerosol
C0690606 A1523254 L1329949 S1573335 AUI 2960 DRT oral tolmetin 400 mg oral capsule
C0705213 A1520923 L1327950 S1571197 AUI 5828 DRT topical salicylic acid topical 3% topical shampoo
C0691850 A1519895 L1327136 S1570324 AUI 6264 DRT oral calcium carbonate-sodium fluoride 250 mg-3 mg oral tablet
C0688257 A1507491 L1315965 S1558467 AUI 692 DRT oral chlorothiazide-reserpine 500 mg-0.125 mg oral tablet
C0976517 A1997531 L1832851 S2141852 AUI 7198 DRT oral dofetilide 125 mcg oral capsule
C0937518 A2606859 L2490019 S2943978 AUI 8392 DRT oral mirtazapine 45 mg oral tablet, disintegrating
C0706454 A1518715 L1326096 S1569216 AUI 111 DRT oral Iodrol NR, 200 mg oral tablet
C0706484 A1524642 L1331135 S1574585 AUI 1143 DRT oral Prolixin, 5 mg oral tablet
C0706679 A1513440 L1321397 S1564257 AUI 127 DRT oral Ethatab, 100 mg oral tablet
C0706980 A1510096 L1318298 S1560924 AUI 1450 DRT topical Cleocin T, 1% topical gel
C0358005 A1510161 L1318359 S1560991 AUI 1666 DRT topical MD Hydrocortisone, 1% topical cream
C0697656 A1887577 L1716689 S1951136 AUI 2065 DRT oral Motrin Migraine Pain, 200 mg oral tablet
C0709670 A1513015 L1321034 S1563829 AUI 3065 DRT oral Elixophyllin, 100 mg oral capsule
C0709722 A1521589 L1328539 S1571826 AUI 3087 DRT oral Slo-Bid Gyrocaps, 300 mg oral capsule, extended release
C0710025 A1510722 L1318883 S1561546 AUI 325 DRT topical Benzashave 10, 10% topical cream
C0711407 A1524769 L1331255 S1574709 AUI 38 DRT oral Phrenilin Forte, 650 mg-50 mg oral capsule


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C0689459 A1519796 L1327041 S1570221 AUI 1893 DRTA PO mepenzolate 25 mg oral tablet
C0542711 A1510526 L1318701 S1561359 AUI 1922 DRTA TOP lindane topical 1% topical lotion
C0982730 A1506516 L1315015 S1557485 AUI 3136 DRTA TOP fluocinolone topical 0.01% topical solution
C0704051 A1533355 L1337064 S1581125 AUI 3941 DRTA PO psyllium oral capsule
C0979113 A1507336 L1315814 S1558309 AUI 5992 DRTA OPH olopatadine ophthalmic 0.1% ophthalmic solution
C2362843 A4369830 L2245222 S4041102 AUI 5 DRTA PO phentermine 37.5 mg oral capsule
C0693759 A1524790 L1331274 S1574729 AUI 6404 DRTA PO zinc acetate 50 mg oral capsule
C1177482 A1506596 L1315094 S1557566 AUI 6474 DRTA TOP capsaicin topical 0.025% topical stick
C0978165 A1522715 L1329432 S1572788 AUI 6735 DRTA TOP lidocaine topical 4% topical cream
C0775663 A1509836 L1318061 S1560671 AUI 738 DRTA INTO acetylcholine ophthalmic 1% intraocular powder for reconstitution
C1586046 A1514583 L1322401 S1565317 AUI 1177 DRTA TOP Lac-Hydrin, 12% topical lotion
C0707699 A1511382 L1319520 S1562201 AUI 1780 DRTA TOP Actinex, 10% topical cream
C1168936 A2603897 L2489944 S2941410 AUI 1798 DRTA TOP Claripel, 4% topical cream
C0708217 A1518552 L1325950 S1569056 AUI 2157 DRTA PO Oruvail, 200 mg oral capsule, extended release
C0981290 A4370770 L1326603 S4042042 AUI 284 DRTA PO Benazepril-Hydrochlorothiazide, 5 mg-6.25 mg oral tablet
C0710058 A1516837 L1324388 S1567391 AUI 3287 DRTA PO Brethine, 2.5 mg oral tablet
C0711822 A1520731 L1327800 S1571043 AUI 405 DRTA PO Margesic #3, 650 mg-30 mg oral tablet
C1877414 A2604211 L2490036 S2941670 AUI 4218 DRTA OTIC Ear Wax Removal, 6.5% otic solution
C0874963 A1887828 L1716717 S1951595 AUI 505 DRTA PO Orphengesic, 385 mg-30 mg-25 mg oral tablet


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C0974187 A1517934 L1325369 S1568440 AUI 157 DST 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate topical 20% topical solution
C0690135 A1508257 L1316715 S1559261 AUI 2699 DST 0.5 mg-500 mg colchicine-probenecid 0.5 mg-500 mg oral tablet
C0787990 A1512123 L1320218 S1562938 AUI 416 DST 10 mg morphine 10 mg oral tablet
C0783437 A1521961 L1328861 S1572177 AUI 6245 DST 325 mg acetaminophen 325 mg oral granule, effervescent
C0976106 A1507572 L1316046 S1558553 AUI 6883 DST 0.15 mg/inh desmopressin nasal 0.15 mg/inh nasal spray
C0781218 A1889141 L1715794 S1954156 AUI 6985 DST 0.05 mg-0.14 mg/24 hours estradiol-norethindrone 0.05 mg-0.14 mg/24 hours transdermal film, extended release
C0701758 A1889300 L1716000 S1954532 AUI 7031 DST 0.5% malathion topical 0.5% topical lotion
C0874462 A1889050 L1717743 S1953964 AUI 7037 DST varying strength chlorpheniramine/methscopolamine/PSE varying strength oral tablet, extended release
C0693490 A1889513 L1716993 S1955098 AUI 7229 DST 62.5 mg simethicone 62.5 mg oral tablet
C2684036 A1506719 L1315212 S1557689 AUI 732 DST dipropionate, augmented 0.05% betamethasone topical dipropionate, augmented 0.05% topical ointment
C0694340 A1997738 L1833413 S2142049 AUI 7794 DST 90 mg thyroid desiccated 90 mg oral capsule
C1329076 A4370346 L3504542 S4041618 AUI 9036 DST buffered 81 mg-40 mg aspirin-pravastatin buffered 81 mg-40 mg oral tablet
C1165062 A4370571 L2488172 S4041843 AUI 9117 DST 10 mg vardenafil 10 mg oral tablet
C0706340 A1508352 L1316811 S1559362 AUI 1034 DST 0.5 mg Bumex, 0.5 mg oral tablet
C0706827 A1509982 L1318186 S1560803 AUI 1357 DST borate 1% Eppy/N, borate 1% ophthalmic solution
C0688391 A1525655 L1332053 S1575586 AUI 1543 DST 500 mg Cloxacillin Sodium, 500 mg oral capsule
C0707293 A1507664 L1316137 S1558647 AUI 1600 DST 0.2% Arm-A-Med Isoetharine HCl, 0.2% inhalation solution
C0976397 A2603725 L2489620 S2941266 AUI 3108 DST 240 mg/24 hours Cardizem CD, 240 mg/24 hours oral capsule, extended release
C0711922 A1524770 L1331256 S1574710 AUI 40 DST 650 mg-50 mg Cephadyn, 650 mg-50 mg oral tablet


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C0724950 A9431300 L1334286 S1578023 AUI NOCODE TYPE ostomy supplies Active Life Cap
C0725080 A9431478 L1334656 S1578433 AUI NOCODE TYPE urine tests Albustix Reagent Strip
C0003382 A9423986 L0003382 S0014977 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Antimony Potassium Tartrate
C1655699 A9449211 L5860413 S6715243 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Arlacel 40
C1655304 A9449661 L5862232 S6715693 AUI NOCODE TYPE blood glucose monitoring supplies Ascensia Elite Test Strips
C1658794 A9452606 L5861896 S6718625 AUI NOCODE TYPE bandages Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Sterile
C0725270 A9452612 L5861892 S6718631 AUI NOCODE TYPE bandages Band-Aid Sesame Street Assorted
C0725429 A9432063 L1336569 S1580569 AUI NOCODE TYPE incontinence supplies Briefs Large
C1657884 A9452993 L5862718 S6719008 AUI NOCODE TYPE blood glucose monitoring supplies Brite Life Thin Lancets
C0108141 A9453396 L0114315 S6719399 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Calcium Propionate
C1650983 A9453485 L5860767 S6719488 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Capsule Size 5 White
C1658545 A9453600 L5862991 S6719602 AUI NOCODE TYPE wound care supplies Carrington Post Healing Cream
C0725549 A9431410 L1334449 S1578199 AUI NOCODE TYPE incontinence supplies Catheter Clear Advanced Small
C0725591 A9429918 L1329393 S1572747 AUI NOCODE TYPE diagnostic tests Chemstrip 4 Strip
C1650985 A9453838 L5863113 S6719836 AUI NOCODE TYPE medical supplies Chix Cleaners
C0056060 A9432359 L0056060 S1582006 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Coconut Oil
C0876330 A9433732 L1717778 S1949270 AUI NOCODE TYPE urine tests Comfort Curve Test Strips
C1330699 A9436165 L3505303 S4039452 AUI NOCODE TYPE respiratory therapy supplies Compressor Ultra
C0725426 A9432054 L1336560 S1580560 AUI NOCODE TYPE incontinence supplies Dignity Plus Brief Large


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C0979818 A1519820 L1327066 S1570249 AUI 2731 DHJC Q0170 promethazine 25 mg oral tablet
C0784342 A1511257 L1319404 S1562081 AUI 3498 DHJC J7100 dextran, low molecular weight 10%-5% intravenous solution
C2940736 A1513546 L1321498 S1564365 AUI 349 DHJC J1720 hydrocortisone 100 mg injectable powder for injection
C0979116 A1889410 L1716708 S1954780 AUI 7097 DHJC Q0179 ondansetron 24 mg oral tablet
C0980491 A2606986 L2490122 S2944091 AUI 7728 DHJC J3100 tenecteplase 50 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0938291 A4370230 L3504856 S4041502 AUI 9224 DHJC J2941 somatropin 8.8 mg subcutaneous powder for injection
C0707293 A1507664 L1316137 S1558647 AUI 1600 DHJC J7648 Arm-A-Med Isoetharine HCl, 0.2% inhalation solution
C0709856 A1512169 L1320262 S1562986 AUI 3158 DHJC Q0174 Torecan, 10 mg oral tablet
C0716114 A4369547 L3504673 S4040820 AUI 6498 DHJC J2355 Neumega, 5 mg subcutaneous powder for injection
C0716285 A1517587 L1325054 S1568111 AUI 660 DHJC J2400 Nesacaine, 2% injectable solution
C0688249 A1520978 L1327986 S1571235 AUI 662 DHJC J2400 Chloroprocaine Hydrochloride, 3% injectable solution
C0689944 A1527295 L1333439 S1577081 AUI 2580 DHJC Q0176 Perphenazine, 8 mg oral tablet
C0710425 A1525378 L1331822 S1575325 AUI 3425 DHJC Q0163 Twilite, 50 mg oral tablet
C1329549 A4368370 L3504642 S4039644 AUI 6 DHJC P9045 Alburx, 5% intravenous solution
C0938978 A1997335 L1833357 S2141690 AUI 7207 DHJC J9219 Viadur, 65 mg subcutaneous implant
C0691017 A1508135 L1316609 S1559141 AUI 1802 DHJC J2001 Lidocaine Hydrochloride, Injectable, 5%-0.4% injectable solution
C1177668 A2606664 L2488403 S2943789 AUI 8447 DHJC J7303 ethinyl estradiol-etonogestrel 0.015 mg-0.120 mg vaginal ring
C0789387 A9444161 L1830083 S6710307 AUI 9127 DHJC J0133 Acyclovir Sodium, 25 mg/mL intravenous solution
C0710355 A9448377 L1322234 S6714417 AUI 3420 DHJC Q0163 Antihistamine, 12.5 mg/5 mL oral liquid


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C1873964 A1530278 L1335229 S1579106 AUI d04348 DPC N APAP/chlorpheniramine/codeine/phenylephrine
C1873983 A1530297 L1335247 S1579124 AUI d04167 DPC N APAP/dextromethorphan/phenylpropanolamine
C0002711 A0473508 L0002711 S0414829 AUI d00666 DPC C amyl nitrite
C1176306 A4368135 L2506353 S2966153 AUI d04855 DPC B aprepitant
C0003765 A0473917 L0003765 S0415088 AUI d00578 DPC B arginine
C0939219 A1997435 L1833484 S2141763 AUI d04547 DPC C atovaquone-proguanil
C0717478 A1531676 L1336079 S1580028 AUI d03436 DPC C belladonna-opium
C0717493 A1531821 L1336161 S1580119 AUI d04367 DPC N benzocaine-docusate
C0939220 A1997448 L1833505 S2141774 AUI d04742 DPC C benzoyl peroxide-clindamycin topical
C0006230 A0475070 L0006230 S0415923 AUI d00178 DPC B bromocriptine
C0717521 A1532646 L1336618 S1580631 AUI d03367 DPC C brompheniramine/codeine/phenylpropanolamine
C0717525 A1532731 L1336665 S1580687 AUI d01016 DPC N bulk producing laxatives
C0717534 A1533005 L1336834 S1580873 AUI d04172 DPC N calamine-pramoxine topical
C0054635 A0170020 L0054635 S0141025 AUI d03571 DPC N caramiphen
C0717608 A1534164 L1337547 S1581711 AUI d03337 DPC C chlorpheniramine/methscopolamine/PPA
C0008454 A0476092 L0008454 S0416586 AUI d04419 DPC N chondroitin
C0378366 A4368024 L0559282 S0766955 AUI d04865 DPC C desirudin
C0304706 A1536492 L1338852 S1583147 AUI d03968 DPC C dexamethasone ophthalmic
C0717693 A1536540 L1338881 S1583187 AUI d03354 DPC C dextromethorphan-pseudoephedrine