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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB MeSH Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
TERMUI Term unique identifier 733657
TH MeSH Thesaurus ID - identifies thesauri other than MeSH in which the MeSH heading or cross-reference is included. 639692
HM MeSH Heading Mapped To - heading mapped to attribute in C-MeSH containing repeating (MH or MH/SH) elements (e.g. HM = PYRROLIDINONES, HM = *TARTRATES, HM = ESTRONE/* analogs & derivatives) 296319
RN Registry Number - series of numbers and hyphens (any leading zeros in an RN are dropped) or a series of numbers and periods, preceded by EC 256473
MDA MeSH date of entry YYYYMMDD - date the term was added to the MeSH file, which is prior to the date the term became available for indexing and searching MEDLARS citations. Terms that have been part of MeSH for many years may have no value in this element. 236262
SRC MeSH Literature source of chemical name - a citation to an article in a journal indexed for MEDLINE in which the chemical has been identified. (Note: Not to be confused with source abbreviation of SRC) 213761
FR MeSH Frequency 209326
SC MeSH Supplemental record class. 209326
SOS Scope Statement 178741
MMR MeSH revision date YYYYMMDD - date of the last major revision to the term's MeSH record. 159382
MN MeSH hierarchical number for the concept in the MeSH tree structures. This number also appears in the HCD subelement of the REL and CXT elements. 55059
PI MeSH heading or heading/subheading combination(s) followed by a date range in parentheses (YYYY). 49062
II MeSH Indexing Information - for MeSH chemical terms (Term Type=NM), MeSH headings that may be relevant to articles that are also assigned the NM term. 42149
DC MeSH Descriptor class - type of MeSH term the concept name represents. 26853
AQL MeSH Allowable Qualifier - list of allowable qualifier abbreviations for MeSH main headings (e.g. AA, CL, CS, DF, DU, IM, I,P ME, PK) 25854
RR The Chemical Abstracts Registry numbers for salts, optical isomers, or isotope-labeled versions of the concept followed by the relationship of this RR to the RN (in parentheses.) Applies to chemicals only. These numbers can be used as links to information in a number of chemical and toxicological databases. 23601
HN History Note - for MeSH history notes, the year when the current form of the MeSH term was established as a major and/or minor descriptor. 22877
PM Public MeSH note - combines key information from the HN and PI elements in a format that is printed in the MeSH publications. 22427
DX MeSH Date major descriptor established YYYYMMDD - first day of the Index Medicus publication month in which the descriptor (in any form) was available for searching as a major descriptor. 21637
AN MeSH Annotation - an informative MeSH note written primarily for indexers or catalogers that may also be useful in explaining the use of a MeSH term to online searchers. 15571
PA Pharmacologic Action of MeSH main headings (MH) for drugs and supplementary concept names (NM). The information in this element is also represented by an "isa" relationship between the MH or NM concept and the MeSH concept name for the class of drugs with a particular pharmacologic action. 10916
FX MeSH MH Mapping - maps a MeSH MH to a 'See Related' MH. 7726
OL MeSH Online Note - information helpful to online searchers of MEDLINE, especially when the history of a term or cross-reference has implications for online searching. This is a potential source of useful information for rules for search interface programs. 3241
EC Specifies the MeSH main heading to be used instead of the Descriptor/Qualifier combination specified in the EC_OF attribute. 928
DQ MeSH Date Qualifier Established YYYYMMDD - date the qualifier became available for indexing MEDLARS citations. 83
CX MeSH Consider Also Note - other word roots or prefixes that should be consulted for concepts related to this MeSH concept, e.g., the value for "Heart" is "consider also terms at cardi- and myocardi-". 66


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C0000929 A0018150 L0000917 S0009434 AUI D000061 TERMUI T000159 Accident, Home
C0002670 A1354701 L0002670 S1394475 AUI D000664 TERMUI T002002 Amphibian Venom
C0006784 A0034068 L0277769 S0021636 AUI D002154 TERMUI T006167 Calcium-Activated Neutral Proteinase
C0086061 A1141703 L0637093 S1084320 AUI D004083 TERMUI T012384 beta-Cholestan-3 beta-ol, 5
C0013126 A0051354 L1222437 S0035386 AUI D004328 TERMUI T013227 Drives
C0019034 A0067086 L0019034 S0047617 AUI D006450 TERMUI T019476 Hemoglobin SC Disease
C0021488 A0074097 L0021488 S0052994 AUI D007270 TERMUI T021798 Injection, Intra-Articular
C0024591 A0070907 L0024590 S0050471 AUI D008305 TERMUI T024766 Hyperpyrexia, Malignant
C0042345 A0131548 L0042339 S0097670 AUI D014648 TERMUI T042856 Varix
C0018626 A0065901 L0018625 S0046777 AUI D015386 TERMUI T045373 Hazardous Materials
C0079429 A0132462 L0079429 S0098364 AUI D016341 TERMUI T048786 vif Genes
C0085236 A0107783 L0086610 S0078641 AUI D016676 TERMUI T049953 Pulmonary Macrophage
C0524967 A0867949 L0716661 S0807991 AUI D019843 TERMUI T059042 Archaeal Peptides
C0601425 A1376327 L1183347 S1416597 AUI C002380 TERMUI T072927 morpholinoamidine
C0602888 A1359422 L1167848 S1399263 AUI C006829 TERMUI T079621 BTBA
C0053853 A0167267 L0286131 S0137968 AUI C009705 TERMUI T084621 BL-P1654
C0607722 A1321870 L1134589 S1361516 AUI C018029 TERMUI T099235 cyanine dye 10
C1446958 A6989814 L5165352 S5921181 AUI C424303 TERMUI T444153 seminal plasma protein PDC-109, Bos taurus
C0059118 A2787454 L0059118 S3152829 AUI D043224 TERMUI T103433 Endodeoxyribonuclease (Pyrimidine Dimer)


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C0011853 A0057222 L0011853 S0039777 AUI D003921 TH NLM (1992) Experimental Diabetes Mellitus
C0017626 A0063483 L0017627 S0044958 AUI D005904 TH UNK (19XX) Glial Intermediate Filament Protein
C0031306 A0100018 L0031306 S0072613 AUI D010585 TH NLM (1972) Phagocyte Bactericidal Dysfunction
C0034937 A0110393 L0034937 S0081004 AUI D012023 TH NLM (1968) Reflex, Monosynaptic
C0038879 A0121411 L0038879 S0089669 AUI D013497 TH NLM (1971) Sural Nerve
C0040990 A0128503 L0040990 S0095418 AUI D014274 TH NLM (1972) Trifluralin
C0020305 A0941327 L0823633 S0883093 AUI D015160 TH NLM (1998) Fetal Edema
C0012166 A0048544 L0012166 S0032753 AUI D015623 TH NLM (1990) Diet, Macrobiotic
C0162854 A0293138 L0190185 S0259092 AUI D017517 TH NLM (1993) CIS Nations
C0251211 A1047845 L0283928 S0989659 AUI D019764 TH NLM (1998) Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase (ATP)
C0020202 A2364608 L2303481 S2718321 AUI D006824 TH NLM (2003) Crossbreeding
C0699240 A7761355 L0028211 S0066938 AUI D005996 TH UNK (19XX) Nitrospan
C0750995 A7797092 L1403800 S1674699 AUI D002528 TH NLM (2000) Benign Cerebellar Neoplasms
C1564031 A8411362 L5557347 S6357708 AUI D011803 TH NLM (2006) Foy Brand of Quinine Sulfate
C1564130 A8408635 L5560195 S6354981 AUI D019382 TH MX Cryo-Tropin
C0149521 A8396356 L0159232 S0476218 AUI D050500 TH NLM (2006) Chronic Pancreatitis
C0950901 A13000097 L5834178 S7826210 AUI D054390 TH NLM (2008) CCR2a Receptor
C0601356 A1337167 L1148255 S1376877 AUI C002221 TH NLM (1973) N-(4'-amino-n-butyl)-3-aminoacetylstrophanthidin
C0298771 A0528923 L0362328 S0465580 AUI C094171 TH NLM (1995) 4-S-cysteaminylcatechol


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C0048782 A0152061 L0048782 S0120927 SDUI C009028 HM D011279/Q000031 5 beta-pregnane-3alpha,17alpha,20alpha,21-tetrol
C0764303 A1628454 L1398861 S1666347 SDUI C117711 HM D007651 4-oxo-4-(3-pyridyl)butanoic acid
C0612135 A1325259 L1137358 S1364917 SDUI C028157 HM D010197/Q000031 3 alpha,17 beta-dibutyryloxy-2 beta,16 beta-dipiperidino-5 alpha-androstane dimethobromide
C0311944 A1320687 L0456878 S1360317 SDUI C046332 HM D010770 glucose-1-phosphate phosphodismutase
C0127271 A0202458 L0135219 S0176325 SDUI C069478 HM D001578 MDL 74366
C0765506 A1629593 L1399861 S1667507 SDUI C118280 HM D001569 DMP 406
C2603453 A16472679 L8597532 S10696915 SDUI C532583 HM D029742 TAF-12 protein, C elegans
C0390900 A0632133 L0465465 S0577111 SDUI C100364 HM D013777 2-dodecyl-alpha-phenyl-N-(2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl)-2H-tetrazole-5-acetamide
C0297971 A0568775 L0362084 S0498290 SDUI C093793 HM D000241/Q000031 N(6)-(4-methoxybenzoyl)adenosine
C0650157 A0225750 L0150463 S0202076 SDUI C073257 HM D000111/Q000031 S-(3-hydroxy-3-carboxy-n-propyl)-N-acetylcysteine
C0673743 A1328616 L1140406 S1368282 SDUI C111715 HM D007980/Q000031 levodopa 2,2-dimethylcyclopentyl ester
C0759691 A1625677 L1396481 S1663525 SDUI C115518 HM D011073 2,10-dioximino-3,9-dimethyl-4,8-diazaundeca-3,8-diene
C0913283 A2627011 L2506106 S2968340 SDUI C406267 HM D008565 pFsA protein, Vibrio alginolyticus
C0379040 A0828134 L0556033 S0766740 SDUI C071412 HM D007769 cytoblastin
C0657737 A0373028 L0258726 S0339342 SDUI C080085 HM D000971 MOPLEC protocol
C2355263 A15588654 L7969859 S10007441 SDUI C530277 HM D010880 2-hydroxymethyl-6-dodecylpiperidin-3-ol
C0963360 A2057041 L1880518 S2202236 SDUI C418475 HM D014753 vinyldichlorosilane
C1434466 A6815465 L5109601 S5804595 SDUI C481123 HM D007783 pityrialactone
C1455070 A6983109 L5170205 S5914477 SDUI C488311 HM D005960 calycosin-7-O-glucopyranoside


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C1449434 A7833375 L5181174 S5899477 SCUI D000111 RN 0 Frekatuss
C0971863 A7813538 L1856063 S2178146 SCUI D005998 RN 50610-35-0 Glycine Carbonate (2:1), Monopotassium Salt
C0028094 A0092340 L0028094 S0066795 SCUI D009553 RN 66085-59-4 Nimodipine
C1450014 A7833860 L5174855 S5902474 SCUI D013974 RN 0 L-Thyroxin beta
C0878397 A7760801 L0025579 S0061667 SCUI D014308 RN 0 Metasqualene
C0700676 A7788576 L0871053 S0945333 SCUI D015766 RN 0 Metiazol
C0961403 A2050349 L1868045 S2195485 SCUI C414550 RN 0 insulin, Lys(B29)-(N(epsilon)-myristoyl)-des(b30)
C0070252 A0215673 L0070252 S0191094 SCUI C003059 RN 0 pentaacetyldigitoxin
C0952670 A7821272 L1857025 S2200328 SCUI C014185 RN 56276-04-1 seldomycin factor 1
C0055531 A0172414 L0055531 S0143538 SCUI C019881 RN EC cholestanetriol-26-al 26-dehydrogenase
C0769169 A1641511 L1405946 S1679946 SCUI C119955 RN 0 coralline hydroxyapatite
C0058966 A0182380 L0058966 S0154354 SCUI C038906 RN 82163-55-1 EG 1088
C0964830 A2030435 L1860748 S2175699 SCUI C421984 RN 0 D-21744
C0632857 A1368792 L1176296 S1408800 SCUI C054907 RN 0 fibrinogen Magdeburg
C0914947 A1930432 L1752488 S2031067 SCUI C409523 RN 0 RAP 60 protein, insect
C0904878 A7799296 L1744664 S1997610 SCUI C069707 RN 119181-27-0 (S)-isomer of 2-(4-(4-chlorophenyl)oxy)-2-phenylacetic acid
C0532854 A2403544 L2337310 S2768085 SCUI C102953 RN 0 TomF216 protein, Lycopersicon esculentum
C0531637 A1143274 L0827803 S1085930 SCUI C102324 RN EC 5.3.99.- epoxypropane isomerase
C0646094 A7810650 L1748737 S2168850 SCUI C069152 RN 859-97-2 3,7-dioxocholanoic acid, (5 beta)-isomer


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C0053152 A0165062 L0053152 S0135574 SDUI C004528 MDA 19720101 benzarone
C0049335 A0153576 L0049335 S0122739 SDUI C015393 MDA 19770101 5-nitrosalicylaldehyde
C0056083 A0174083 L0056083 S0145234 SDUI C026097 MDA 19800902 cognin
C0067447 A0207056 L0067447 S0181405 SDUI C026951 MDA 19801120 N-(2,4-dinitrophenyl)ethylenediamine
C0377337 A0830207 L0586304 S0768979 SDUI C029232 MDA 19810501 ilmenite
C0061913 A0190504 L0061913 S0163246 SDUI C039278 MDA 19831028 grotan OX
C0073820 A0225760 L0073820 S0202093 SDUI C042768 MDA 19841029 S-(5'-deoxyadenosyl-5')-S-methylthioethylhydroxylamine
C0623376 A1343572 L1153900 S1383302 SDUI C044217 MDA 19850222 immunoglobulin A-sepharose 4B
C0623472 A1360747 L1169035 S1400594 SDUI C044337 MDA 19850322 fluorescein thiocarbamoyl casein
C0084890 A2405822 L2339257 S2770348 SDUI C052558 MDA 19870715 tulipin protein, Tulipa
C0631415 A1310533 L1123606 S1350035 SDUI C053180 MDA 19870814 2-(1,4-diazobicyclo-2,2,2-octyl)-4-(1-ethoxy-4'-naphthyl)-6-(morpholinyl)-1,3,5-triazine
C1307857 A6964847 L5176804 S5896216 SDUI C054621 MDA 19880226 CEL protein, human
C0632782 A1315216 L1128236 S1354783 SDUI C054839 MDA 19880316 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycerol 3-((((4-azido-2-nitrophenyl)amino)ethyl)phosphate)
C0633888 A1318442 L1131382 S1358041 SDUI C056115 MDA 19880706 1,3-di-tert-butyl-5-methylcyclohexane
C0645226 A1330193 L1141946 S1369872 SDUI C068283 MDA 19910513 2,3-O-isopropylideneerythrose
C0527753 A0377942 L0263403 S0344503 SDUI C082496 MDA 19930903 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-benzyl-3-(methylcarbamoyl)triazene
C0662708 A2622789 L2508718 S2964119 SDUI C084493 MDA 19931228 RPT1 protein, S cerevisiae
C0299205 A0552150 L0361936 S0484590 SDUI C094375 MDA 19950801 F 382
C0380529 A0634291 L0463710 S0579278 SDUI C095180 MDA 19950918 7a,17a-diaza-7,17-dioxo-B,D-dihomo-5-androsten-3-yl 4-N,N-bis(2-chloroethyl)aminophenylacetate


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C0067505 A0207309 L0067505 S0181708 SDUI C003944 SRC Biochim Biophys Acta 446:166;1976 N-(3-pyrene)maleimide
C0054306 A0168850 L0054306 S0139725 SDUI C013334 SRC Arzneim Forsch 26(11):2080;1976 butylvinal
C0283073 A0150279 L0273681 S0118906 SDUI C013785 SRC J Neurochem 33(1):343;1979 4-amino-5-hexynoic acid
C0061155 A0188211 L0061155 S0160757 SDUI C014884 SRC Dokl Akad Nauk SSSR 234(1):242;1977 GD 7
C0610576 A1331229 L1142943 S1370910 SDUI C025419 SRC Biochemistry 1980;19(9):1971 2,4-dimethyl-gemini-octaethylisobacteriochlorin
C0073720 A0225529 L0073720 S0201824 SDUI C027646 SRC Health Phys 1980;39(3):543 ruthenium tetraoxide
C0622414 A1317660 L1130630 S1357249 SDUI C042950 SRC Neurosci Lett 1984;48(2):161 oxytocin, 1-desaminopenicillamyl-Leu(2)-
C0074827 A0228979 L0074827 S0205565 SDUI C043024 SRC Febs Lett 1984;175(1):21 somatostatin 14, Tyr(7)-Gly(10)-
C0130316 A0207342 L0138608 S0181750 SDUI C043039 SRC Mol Pharmacol 1984;26(2):170 N-(4-(2-chloromethylpyrrolidino)-2-butynyl)-2-pyrrolidone
C0630303 A1353373 L1162362 S1393131 SDUI C051996 SRC J Inorg Biochem 1987;29(2):119 copper(II)-cimetidine-alanine complex
C0643026 A1322741 L1135293 S1362396 SDUI C065966 SRC J Biol Chem 1990;265(29):17995 somatostatin, azidonitrobenzoyl-Lys(4)-iodo-Tyr(11)-
C0132233 A0210153 L0140660 S0184988 SDUI C068031 SRC Agents Actions Suppl 1990;31:205 neurokinin A (3-10), lysyl(3)-glycyl(8)-R-lactam-leucine(9)-
C0148592 A6806732 L0158274 S5795862 SDUI C069187 SRC J Virol 1991;65(7):3964 VP1 protein, Rotavirus
C0143116 A2403271 L2336526 S2767813 SDUI C070725 SRC Nucleic Acids Res 1991;19(16):4479 SoxS protein, E coli
C0659659 A3835877 L3146940 S3665126 SDUI C081811 SRC Virology 1993 Jul;195(1):229-38 P14 protein, Borna disease virus
C0250550 A0384536 L0274542 S0351313 SDUI C085179 SRC Synapse 1993 Nov;15(3):169-76 5-fluoropropylepidepride
C1447271 A6965479 L5174374 S5896848 SDUI C086843 SRC J Biol Chem 1994 Apr 15;269(15):11279-84 CatR protein, bacteria
C0300397 A0598803 L0390473 S0524283 SDUI C094945 SRC J Nucl Biol Med 1994 Dec;38(4 Suppl 1):104-8 indium polylysine-EAK
C1438099 A6796312 L5099313 S5785443 SDUI C095588 SRC Mech Dev 1995 May;51(1):17-30 Gnot1 protein, chicken


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C0067372 A0206816 L0067372 S0181125 SDUI C001054 FR 10 N,N-dimethyl-2-phenylaziridinium
C0075315 A0230338 L0075315 S0207055 SDUI C009328 FR 1 streptonicozid
C0058142 A0179990 L0058142 S0151692 SDUI C015821 FR 3 dihydroxymethylfuratrizine
C0071039 A0217805 L0071039 S0193301 SDUI C022401 FR 5 picolinic acid carboxylase
C0070211 A0215583 L0070211 S0191005 SDUI C027637 FR 0 pelargonoyl-cyclic decapeptide polymyxin B(1)
C0066302 A0203863 L0066302 S0177814 SDUI C027906 FR 2 methyl-4-azidobenzoylaminoacetimidate
C0614094 A1377620 L1184579 S1417904 SDUI C031267 FR 1 octatriacontane
C0057514 A0178452 L0057514 S0150116 SDUI C035262 FR 3 desaminotyrosylfibrinopeptide A
C0046219 A0144809 L0046219 S0112391 SDUI C036207 FR 2 2-hydroxyisonicotinic acid N-oxide
C0620921 A1345786 L1155801 S1385526 SDUI C040951 FR 1 6-hydroxynicotinic acid N-oxide
C0622279 A1380053 L1186840 S1420361 SDUI C042812 FR 1 VCH protocol
C0626028 A1368582 L1176103 S1408585 SDUI C047362 FR 1 falisan
C0628150 A1327311 L1139123 S1366973 SDUI C049615 FR 1 adenylyl-(2'-5')-adenylyl-(2'-5')-adenylyl-(2'-5')-adenylyl-polylysine
C0629975 A1363610 L1171583 S1403549 SDUI C051645 FR 1 cyclo(ornithyl)phenylalanyl-prolyl-valine
C0637901 A1373447 L1180769 S1413700 SDUI C060397 FR 1 viscumneoside III
C0165418 A0296154 L0066559 S0262206 SDUI C060410 FR 2 MiNa protocol
C0639737 A1358701 L1167189 S1398531 SDUI C062681 FR 1 bipinnatifidusoside F1
C0640483 A1337740 L1148810 S1377450 SDUI C063491 FR 1 ribavirin 3',5'-phosphate pentadecamer homoribopolymer
C1429795 A6807078 L5085084 S5796208 SDUI C077866 FR 5 XFD-1 protein, Xenopus


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C0070627 A0216896 L0070627 S0192376 SDUI C003089 SC 1 phenylacetylglutamine
C0601734 A1353617 L1162593 S1393378 SDUI C003209 SC 1 presqualene alcohol
C0602492 A1347638 L1157295 S1387373 SDUI C006135 SC 1 P 778
C0605757 A1365952 L1173794 S1405903 SDUI C013508 SC 1 dioxethedrin
C0606922 A1373973 L1022722 S1414219 SDUI C015955 SC 1 isopentaquine
C0607516 A1341586 L1152187 S1381312 SDUI C017511 SC 1 methyl-O(4)-palmitoyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside
C0068876 A0210832 L0068876 S0185713 SDUI C024960 SC 1 nitrotyrosine ethyl ester
C0611407 A1326752 L1138581 S1366407 SDUI C026923 SC 1 1A-4N oxide
C0611410 A1336895 L1147991 S1376605 SDUI C026928 SC 1 5-(4-biphenylyl)-3-methylvaleric acid
C0069032 A0211246 L0069032 S0186165 SDUI C030224 SC 1 northiaden
C0312176 A1368134 L0570452 S1408126 SDUI C033322 SC 1 euphorbain
C0616699 A1380304 L1187070 S1420611 SDUI C035340 SC 1 quinamine
C0062552 A0192294 L0062552 S0165255 SDUI C038119 SC 1 heptakis(2,6-O-dimethyl)beta-cyclodextrin
C0078247 A0237898 L0078247 S0215412 SDUI C038627 SC 1 vinconate
C0066131 A0203493 L0066131 S0177382 SDUI C042205 SC 1 methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine
C0284941 A7766905 L0105890 S0126906 SDUI C043877 SC 1 acamprosate
C0623991 A1315626 L1128646 S1355198 SDUI C044989 SC 1 1',2'-dihydro-2',6-dihydroxyrotenone
C0049573 A0154393 L0049573 S0123749 SDUI C045174 SC 1 6-fluoromevalonolactone
C0073662 A0225392 L0073662 S0201680 SDUI C046120 SC 1 RU 25055


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C0044319 A0138590 L0044319 S0105013 SDUI C000316 SOS RN given refers to unlabeled cpd 1-bromomercuri-2-hydroxypropane
C0605460 A1325972 L1138003 S1365632 SDUI C012874 SOS includes 20alpha and 20beta isomers; structure 17-deoxycortolonic acid
C0613069 A1343821 L1154140 S1383553 SDUI C029741 SOS 5'-AMP antigens synthesized by conjugating with serum albumin N(6)-carboxymethyl-5'-AMP
C0613845 A1362523 L1170617 S1402407 SDUI C030904 SOS serine alkaline protease from Bacillus polymyxa var. colistinus colistinase
C0618803 A1314985 L1128004 S1354549 SDUI C038268 SOS structure given in first source 2-methyl-5,6-dihydro-1,3-thiazino(2,3-b)quinazolin-4-one
C0619386 A1340604 L1151253 S1380327 SDUI C039050 SOS synthetic analog of gramicidin S which contains diaminopropionic acid residues instead of phenylalanine residues (4,4'-diaminopropionic acid)gramicidin S
C0043888 A0137207 L0043888 S0103358 SDUI C040056 SOS RN & structure from first source; RN given refers to parent cpd 1,3,5-triacetylbenzene tris(guanylhydrazone)
C0058815 A0181848 L0058815 S0153700 SDUI C040522 SOS from Streptomyces cinnamoneus; contains rare amino acids such as lanthionine & lysinoarginine duramycin
C1437144 A6808751 L5093045 S5797881 SDUI C043328 SOS from human plasma and urine; crystal structure has been solved apo-retinol-binding protein, human
C0622888 A1373792 L1181046 S1414043 SDUI C043493 SOS structure given in first source pregnenolone iopanoate
C0631334 A1330042 L1141803 S1369722 SDUI C053116 SOS structure given in first source 2,3-dehydrococaine
C0378193 A0828747 L0515927 S0767385 SDUI C056778 SOS from Arthrobacter sp., strain N-CM; type II endonuclease EC; recognizes & cleaves AT/TAAT-3' at the slash endodeoxyribonuclease AsnI
C0165153 A0295837 L0047089 S0261886 SDUI C057837 SOS potent & selective in vivo antagonist of adenosine analogs 3,7-dimethyl-1-propargylxanthine
C0057782 A0179245 L0057782 S0150942 SDUI C058517 SOS dibenzothiophene degradation product dibenzothiophene 5-oxide
C0644475 A1328196 L1139992 S1367860 SDUI C067567 SOS structure given in first source 2-desamino-2-methyl-5,8-dideazaisofolic acid
C0252650 A0384346 L0274452 S0351125 SDUI C086234 SOS structure given in first source 5'-O-(N-(seryl)sulfamoyl)adenosine
C1429981 A6803435 L5091836 S5792565 SDUI C086515 SOS a regulatory gene product affecting rhamnolipid biosurfactant synthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa; MW 28 kDa; amino acid sequence given in first source; GenBank L08962 RhlR protein, Pseudomonas aeruginosa
C0254246 A0484060 L0312252 S0422129 SDUI C086991 SOS a lipophilic prodrug of RB 105; structure given in first source mixanpril
C0383651 A0633363 L0454612 S0578346 SDUI C096650 SOS structure in first source 4-acetamido-5-amino-1,2,3-cyclohexanetriol


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C0601214 A1375598 L1182679 S1415861 SDUI C001851 MMR 19920618 Mekcase
C0045556 A0142682 L0045556 S0109884 SDUI C004771 MMR 20000524 2,5-dihydroxybenzyl alcohol
C0055606 A0172584 L0055606 S0143702 SDUI C025782 MMR 20010130 chorionic alpha(2)-microglobulin
C0610903 A1325090 L1137230 S1364752 SDUI C026035 MMR 20000929 BRL 15268
C0047759 A0149420 L0047759 S0117907 SDUI C030518 MMR 20010302 4'-deoxy-6'-N-methylamikacin
C0613846 A1375590 L1182671 S1415853 SDUI C030909 MMR 19900928 sulfalene meglumine
C0621469 A1328257 L1140054 S1367922 SDUI C041619 MMR 20010313 2,5-di-(2'-thienyl)selenophene
C0067016 A0205976 L0067016 S0180130 SDUI C042850 MMR 20010511 Mycoplasma pneumoniae receptor
C0313278 A1371883 L0581857 S1412128 SDUI C044393 MMR 20010315 hemoglobin Harbin
C0148403 A0237901 L0158076 S0215415 SDUI C044616 MMR 20011212 vindeburnol
C0070370 A2053244 L1868083 S2198396 SDUI C052724 MMR 20040205 peptidoglycan-lytic enzyme, Bacillus megaterium
C0631016 A1343666 L1153990 S1383397 SDUI C052779 MMR 20010508 5'-methylthio-5'-deoxy-9-deazaadenosine
C0379067 A0836048 L0455347 S0774896 SDUI C071675 MMR 20010605 sulfosuccinimidyl 4-(N-maleimidomethyl)cyclohexane-1-carboxylate
C0648675 A1356982 L1165651 S1396787 SDUI C071760 MMR 20010605 kansuiphorin B
C0659880 A0376956 L0262471 S0343469 SDUI C082006 MMR 19930803 conioidine B
C1429983 A6803579 L5095517 S5792709 SDUI C086522 MMR 20040116 RsbV protein, Bacteria
C0386993 A2363787 L2301179 S2717516 SDUI C098219 MMR 20040120 CEN protein, Antirrhinum majus
C0387763 A0633489 L0475860 S0578473 SDUI C098563 MMR 20010730 4-phosphothreonine
C0669658 A1335503 L1146815 S1375214 SDUI C109870 MMR 20010330 GYKI 24479


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C0038209 A3879767 L0038209 S0101094 SDUI Q000706 MN Y09 statistics & numerical data
C0752275 A1638390 L1404750 S1676692 SDUI D020908 MN D12.776.543.585.400.150.585.867 Calcium Channels, R-Type
C1031571 A2164625 L2015065 S2315090 SDUI D031121 MN B03.660.250.550.500 Mannheimia
C0001130 A0135339 L0001130 S0101145 SDUI D000145 MN D02.241.152 Acids, Aldehydic
C0001990 A0021427 L0001990 S0012135 SDUI D000446 MN D08.811.520.224.062 Aldehyde-Lyases
C0003842 A0026415 L0003842 S0015808 SDUI D001158 MN A07.231.114 Arteries
C0004768 A0029222 L0004768 S0017839 SDUI D001472 MN A05.360.319.887.220 Bartholin's Glands
C0011696 A0047413 L0011696 S0031885 SDUI D003893 MN D12.776.220.475.200 Desmin
C0013364 A0051979 L0013364 S0035887 SDUI D004402 MN C10.500.310.309 Dysautonomia, Familial
C0019588 A0014123 L0019588 S0005648 SDUI D006632 MN D02. Histamine
C0033559 A0106104 L0033559 S0077239 SDUI D011458 MN D10.251.355.255.100.637.250 Prostaglandins E
C0034417 A0014303 L0034417 S0005672 SDUI D011803 MN D03.132.206.719 Quinine
C0085163 A0043515 L0085915 S0028727 SDUI D016578 MN D03.605.869.388.250 Crack Cocaine
C0377274 A2364442 L0547571 S2718159 SDUI D037222 MN D12.776.503.280.249 Collectins
C0007361 A0035695 L0007361 S0022841 SDUI D002372 MN C01.252.400.200 Cat-Scratch Disease
C0009410 A0041118 L0009410 S0026638 SDUI D003125 MN E04.210.338.225 Colostomy
C0036622 A0115251 L0036622 S0084895 SDUI D012665 MN A09.246.631.663 Semicircular Canals
C0037400 A0117257 L0037400 S0086498 SDUI D012922 MN N01.824.737 Social Change
C0037815 A0118276 L0037815 S0087283 SDUI D013059 MN E05.196.867.890 Spectrum Analysis, Raman


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C0376255 A0202792 L0065919 S0176692 SDUI C001157 PI *OILS (71-75) melilot
C0101744 A0158547 L0106855 S0128480 SDUI C001569 PI *NITRILES (72-75) aeroplysinin
C0601162 A1340794 L1151440 S1380518 SDUI C001732 PI AMIDES (71-75) 4-methoxy-6-hydroxybenzofuran-5-carboxamide
C0054571 A0169880 L0054571 S0140869 SDUI C001926 PI *AMINO ACIDS (70-75) canaline
C0601284 A1365397 L1173251 S1405346 SDUI C002036 PI ALKENES (73-76) dibromobutenediol
C0601366 A1347797 L1157423 S1387534 SDUI C002242 PI *ETHERS, CYCLIC (73-76) beta-apo-8'-carotenyl acetate epoxide
C0092592 A0143936 L0095079 S0111346 SDUI C002447 PI *AMINES 2-aminotridecane undecylenate
C0057203 A0177613 L0057203 S0149219 SDUI C002810 PI LACTONES (74-78) deacetyleupaserrin
C0071156 A0218098 L0071156 S0193581 SDUI C003161 PI *BENZOPYRANS (1983-2002) pisatin
C0602021 A1325419 L1137510 S1365077 SDUI C004229 PI *NORGESTREL (73-75) 16 beta-hydroxynorgestrel
C0064303 A0197506 L0064303 S0170896 SDUI C012395 PI CYCLAZOCINE/*analogs (76-90) ketazocine
C0605608 A1381234 L1187852 S1421528 SDUI C013263 PI *TETRACYCLINES (76-80) streptocycline
C0062914 A0193565 L0062914 S0166580 SDUI C013559 PI *DITERPENES (1980-2002) holacanthone
C0605961 A1341392 L1152000 S1381117 SDUI C013955 PI *BIGUANIDES (77-82) N,N-dimethylbiguanide-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid
C0089958 A6789533 L1877684 S2196983 SDUI C014262 PI OXAZOLES (80-82) mexazolam
C0606604 A1351858 L1160963 S1391596 SDUI C015321 PI LIDOCAINE/*analogs (77-79) lidocaine iminodiacetic acid
C0610293 A1335417 L1146754 S1375130 SDUI C024924 PI *CORTICOTROPIN (1980-85) ACTH (6-24)
C0076027 A0232221 L0076027 S0209246 SDUI C030406 PI *SULFUR (81-84) technetium Tc rhenium-sulfur colloid
C0058853 A0181947 L0058853 S0153813 SDUI C043539 PI DYNORPHIN/*analogs (84-93) dynorphin B (1-29)


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C0074749 A0228758 L0074749 S0205343 SDUI C013683 II D012331 sodium nucleinate
C0760009 A6811925 L1405470 S5801055 SDUI C115679 II D016056 glycoprotein peptide, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus
C0605705 A1352650 L1161665 S1392389 SDUI C013392 II D002301 adonitoxin
C1506619 A7169854 L5307754 S6043949 SDUI C490371 II D019745 FabZ protein, Enterococcus faecalis
C1999346 A13388913 L6932165 S8069704 SDUI C524251 II D043266/Q000031 KW 2581
C0961760 A2036700 L1861259 S2181854 SDUI C415243 II D011958 N-(4-(3-chloro-4-fluorophenylamino)quinazolin-6-yl)acrylamide
C0062021 A0190849 L0062021 S0163622 SDUI C061950 II D018091 GYKI 52466
C0908915 A2372626 L2302566 S2726271 SDUI C121327 II D008938 ccs52 protein, Medicago sativa
C0651549 A2298122 L2232809 S2571836 SDUI C074547 II D006692 Classical swine fever virus glycoprotein gp44-48
C0253384 A0487211 L0269642 S0424270 SDUI C086562 II D010446 preprogastrin (93-101)
C1436644 A18900859 L9589282 S12049089 SDUI C485614 II D009687 Kdm5b protein, mouse
C0250474 A0475333 L0288765 S0416110 SDUI C085139 II D010936/Q000031 calythropsin
C1306970 A3843360 L3147780 S3672609 SDUI C052621 II D017977 px27 protein, human T cell leukemia virus type I
C0634413 A1376649 L1183653 S1416925 SDUI C056671 II D010936 N-normethylskytanthine
C0073555 A0225034 L0073555 S0201276 SDUI C059940 II D002314 Roe cardioplegic solution
C1098289 A2301050 L2238507 S2574860 SDUI C437907 II D015035 Tubuliseal
C0672801 A2619607 L2508147 S2960938 SDUI C111280 II D012441 ERV2 protein, S cerevisiae
C0642954 A1332077 L1143752 S1371759 SDUI C065901 II D005710 gallium(68)-ethylenediamine-N,N'-bis(2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid)
C0535255 A1146737 L0855029 S1089716 SDUI C104102 II D009097 pristinamycin I synthetase


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C0139030 A1057908 L0148149 S0999521 SDUI D019908 DC 1 Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-raf
C0525032 A0974959 L0859939 S0917939 SDUI D019934 DC 1 International Normalized Ratio
C0949645 A2025195 L1863272 S2170540 SDUI D024506 DC 1 5' Flanking Region
C0331292 A2041114 L0606524 S2186241 SDUI D027544 DC 1 Salvia
C0949816 A2036313 L1878091 S2181470 SDUI D027822 DC 1 Myrtaceae
C0376573 A2032427 L0519299 S2177668 SDUI D029406 DC 1 GB virus B
C0997100 A2141211 L1990025 S2292004 SDUI D031283 DC 1 Eucommiaceae
C0997177 A2195692 L2036000 S2345731 SDUI D031786 DC 1 Saccharum
C0000954 A0018210 L0000954 S0009478 SDUI D000073 DC 1 Acenaphthenes
C0002757 A0023300 L0002757 S0013458 SDUI D000694 DC 1 Anal Gland Neoplasms
C0003609 A0025772 L0003609 S0015378 SDUI D001061 DC 4 Appalachian Region
C0003733 A0026102 L0003733 S0015594 SDUI D001106 DC 1 Archaeology
C0003741 A0026126 L0003741 S0015618 SDUI D001111 DC 1 Arcuate Nucleus
C0004651 A0028887 L0004651 S0017620 SDUI D001435 DC 1 Bacteriophages
C0012265 A0048814 L0012265 S0032978 SDUI D004077 DC 1 Digoxin
C0012601 A0049511 L0012601 S0033461 SDUI D004183 DC 1 Dirofilaria immitis
C0012750 A0050455 L0012750 S0034670 SDUI D004214 DC 1 Distamycins
C0013154 A0051445 L0013154 S0035438 SDUI D004334 DC 1 Drug Administration Schedule
C0013879 A0053536 L0013879 S0037099 SDUI D004602 DC 1 Elements


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C0076335 A2791205 L0076335 S3156580 SDUI D045725 AQL AD AE AG AI AN BI BL CF CH CL CS CT DF DU EC GE HI IM IP ME PD PH PK PO RE SD SE ST TO TU UR Tetrapyrroles
C0339543 A0929628 L0569229 S0871322 SDUI D019773 AQL BL CF CI CL CN CO DH DI DT EC EH EM EN EP ET GE HI IM ME MI MO NU PA PC PP PS PX RA RH RI RT SU TH UR US VE VI Epiretinal Membrane
C0475073 A1649336 L0852051 S1688383 SDUI D020206 AQL BL CF CI CL CN CO DH DI DT EC EH EM EN EP ET GE HI IM ME MI MO NU PA PC PP PS PX RA RH RI RT SU TH UR US VE VI Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Traumatic
C0152181 A1643426 L1407050 S1681961 SDUI D020437 AQL BL CF CI CL CN CO DH DI DT EC EH EM EN EP ET GE HI IM ME MI MO NU PA PC PP PS PX RA RH RI RT SU TH UR US VE VI Hypoglossal Nerve Diseases
C0752022 A1644896 L1407632 S1683527 SDUI D020608 AQL CH CL CY DE EN GD GE IM IP ME PH PY RE UL VI Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii
C0949860 A2034225 L1876793 S2179413 SDUI D028421 AQL AD AE AG AI AN BI BL CF CH CL CS CT DF DU EC GE HI IM IP ME PD PH PK PO RE SD SE ST TO TU UR Isoprostanes
C0330911 A2144871 L0576749 S2295619 SDUI D031582 AQL AE AH CH CL CY DE EM EN GD GE IM ME MI PH PO PS RE TO UL VI Galphimia
C3202977 A0023315 L0002766 S0013467 SDUI D000698 AQL AE CL CT EC ES HI IS MO MT NU PX SN ST TD UT VE Analgesia
C0004742 A0029146 L0004742 S0017784 SDUI D001461 AQL CL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA MT OG SN ST TD Barbering
C0004935 A0029584 L0004935 S0018120 SDUI D001522 AQL CL DE ES PH RE Behavior, Animal
C0005712 A0031349 L0005712 S0019544 SDUI D001757 AQL CH CL CY DE EN IM ME MI PA PH PS RA RE RI SE TR UL US VI Blastomeres
C0013360 A0051956 L0013360 S0035882 SDUI D004400 AQL AA AD AE AG AI AN BL CF CH CL CS CT DU EC HI IM IP ME PD PK PO RE SD ST TO TU UR Dyphylline
C0015936 A0058894 L0015936 S0041225 SDUI D005319 AQL AA AD AE AG AI AN BI CF CH CL CS CT DE DF DU EC GE HI IM IP ME PD PH PK PO RE SD SE ST TO TU UL UR Fetal Hemoglobin
C0016720 A2032332 L1873673 S2177577 SDUI D005622 AQL CH CL DE EN GD GE IM IP ME PH PY RE UL Friend murine leukemia virus
C0016848 A0061344 L0016848 S0043189 SDUI D005661 AQL AA AD AE AG AI AN BL CF CH CL CS CT DU EC HI IM IP ME PD PK PO RE SD ST TO TU UR Furagin
C0017855 A0064017 L0017855 S0045335 SDUI D005986 AQL AA AD AE AG AI AN BI BL CF CH CL CS CT DF DU EC GE HI IM IP ME PD PH PK PO RE SD SE ST TO TU UR Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate
C0018106 A0135422 L0018106 S0101245 SDUI D006078 AQL CL EC ED ES HI LJ MA MT OG SD SN ST TD UT Government Programs
C0020273 A0070136 L0020273 S0050036 SDUI D006857 AQL AA AD AE AG AI AN BL CF CH CL CS CT DU EC HI IM IP ME PD PK PO RE SD ST TO TU UR Hydroflumethiazide


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C0001047 A0018432 L0001047 S0009620 SCUI D000111 RR 7218-04-4 ((DL)-isomer) Acetylcysteine
C0005437 A0030708 L0005437 S0019007 SCUI D001663 RR 69853-42-5 ((15E)-isomer) Bilirubin
C0005437 A0030708 L0005437 S0019007 SCUI D001663 RR 93891-87-3 (di-Na salt) Bilirubin
C0008293 A0038366 L0008293 S0024778 SCUI D002751 RR 5892-31-9 (Ca salt) Chlortetracycline
C0008466 A0038803 L0008466 S0025026 SCUI D002809 RR 9082-07-9 (unspecified sulfate, Na salt) Chondroitin Sulfates
C0010648 A0044665 L0010648 S0029530 SCUI D003543 RR 93965-19-6 (maleate (1:1)) Cysteamine
C0012694 A0043763 L0010350 S0028895 SCUI D004205 RR 16110-51-3 (Cromolyn) Cromolyn Sodium
C0013007 A1911337 L0000224 S2000132 SCUI D004290 RR 43061-13-8 ((R)-isomer) 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Methylamphetamine
C0015837 A0058694 L0015837 S0041073 SCUI D005279 RR 34597-40-5 (Ca salt, anhydrous) Fenoprofen
C0017984 A0064297 L0017984 S0045541 SCUI D006033 RR 13059-60-4 (mono-HCl) Glycylglycine
C0020336 A0070341 L0020336 S0050167 SCUI D006886 RR 747-36-4 (sulfate (1:1) salt) Hydroxychloroquine
C0031441 A0100424 L0031441 S0072915 SCUI D010643 RR 63-92-3 (HCl) Phenoxybenzamine
C0892159 A1935980 L1738560 S2042578 SCUI C032761 RR 15263-52-2 (mono-HCl) carbamothioic acid, S,S'-(2-(dimethylamino)-1,3-propanediyl) ester
C0066852 A0205467 L0066852 S0179542 SCUI C029552 RR 67819-80-1 (methanefulfonate(2S-(2alpha,6alpha,11R*))-isomer) Mr 1452
C0072733 A0222252 L0072733 S0198154 SCUI C011342 RR 1317-66-4 (Fe-S2 marcosite) pyrite
C0074911 A0229150 L0074911 S0205757 SCUI C013685 RR 60502-99-0 (sorbistin B) sorbistins
C0066326 A0203924 L0066326 S0177884 SCUI C021313 RR 2739-12-0 (HCl) methylaniline
C0298978 A0591789 L0358092 S0517796 SCUI C094270 RR 105120-95-4 ((11beta,17beta,17(Z))-isomer) ZK 114043
C0048602 A0151540 L0048602 S0120315 SCUI C023379 RR 57042-17-8 (Na salt) 4-nitrophenyl sulfate


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C0317758 A0748234 L0597455 S0691850 SDUI D019912 HN 98 Mycobacterium xenopi
C0017215 A1647051 L1408683 S1685876 SDUI D020862 HN 2000 GC Rich Sequence
C0343398 A0682101 L0555527 S0625912 SDUI D021866 HN 2001 Cyclosporiasis
C0949774 A2027503 L1865089 S2172862 SDUI D026923 HN 2002; use AMINO ACID TRANSPORT SYSTEMS, BASIC (NM) 1992-2001 Amino Acid Transport Systems, Basic
C0949833 A2027313 L1865888 S2172684 SDUI D027902 HN 2002 Adhatoda
C0008720 A0039287 L0008720 S0025390 SDUI D031202 HN 2003; use PYRETHRUM 1977-2002 Chrysanthemum
C0330574 A2366616 L0583493 S2720316 SDUI D031285 HN 2003 Hippomane
C0331601 A2144147 L0575973 S2294903 SDUI D031410 HN 2003 Fritillaria
C1135905 A2367823 L2305886 S2721498 SDUI D032128 HN 2003 Madhuca
C0001584 A0020194 L0001584 S0011168 SDUI D000297 HN 67 Adolescent Psychology
C0012398 A0049082 L0012398 S0033170 SDUI D004119 HN 91(78); was see under IMIDOESTERS 1980-90; was see under IMIDES 1978-79 Dimethyl Adipimidate
C0012800 A0050609 L0012800 S0034805 SDUI D004234 HN 74 Diuretics, Osmotic
C0013787 A0053263 L0013787 S0036898 SDUI D004599 HN 90; was ELECTROTHERAPY 1966-89 Electric Stimulation Therapy
C0015690 A0058368 L0015690 S0040788 SDUI D005231 HN 73 Fatty Acids, Unsaturated
C0017996 A0064316 L0017996 S0045552 SDUI D006038 HN 66 Glyoxylates
C0018894 A0289939 L0189356 S0255844 SDUI D006377 HN 93; was HELPER CELLS 1983-92; was see T-LYMPHOCYTES 1979-82; was see LYMPHOCYTE COOPERATION 1978 T-Lymphocytes, Helper-Inducer
C0018941 A0066784 L0018941 S0047469 SDUI D006403 HN 78; was NON MESH before 1978 Hematologic Tests
C0020514 A0070904 L0020514 S0050469 SDUI D006966 HN 1986 Hyperprolactinemia
C0028217 A0092579 L0028217 S0066943 SDUI D009611 HN 91(75); was see under NITROPHENOLS 1975-90 Nitroxinil


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C0012972 A0561413 L0398474 S0492317 SDUI D019451 PM 97 Information Management
C0330208 A0864146 L0504214 S0804273 SDUI D019684 PM 98 Angiosperms
C0524919 A1102614 L0886619 S1045243 SDUI D019712 PM 98 Thermococcus
C0525044 A0897461 L0781090 S0838921 SDUI D019963 PM 98 Clinical Chemistry Tests
C0525045 A0436014 L0026517 S0388246 SDUI D019964 PM 98; see AFFECTIVE DISORDERS 1981-97 Mood Disorders
C0270853 A1645526 L0391417 S1684253 SDUI D020190 PM 2000 Myoclonic Epilepsy, Juvenile
C0600511 A2783923 L0277764 S1392033 SDUI D020228 PM 2004; see CHEMICAL ACTIONS 1999-2003 Pharmacologic Actions
C0520459 A0054792 L0014357 S0038022 SDUI D020345 PM 99; see ENTEROCOLITIS, PSEUDOMEMBRANOUS 1980-98 Enterocolitis, Necrotizing
C0600593 A1350576 L1159756 S1390326 SDUI D020408 PM 99 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
C0751959 A1640152 L1405372 S1678504 SDUI D020523 PM 2000 Chemokines, CX3C
C0315259 A0713099 L0500520 S0657958 SDUI D020611 PM 2000 Hafnia alvei
C0023036 A0078163 L0023036 S0056187 SDUI D020706 PM 2000; see ENDOSCOPES 1998-1999 Laparoscopes
C0056262 A1641362 L0292999 S1679790 SDUI D020866 PM 2000; CONUS GEOGRAPHUS TOXIN (now OMEGA-CONOTOXIN GVIA) was indexed under PEPTIDES 1994-1999 & MOLLUSK VENOMS 1984-1993 omega-Conotoxin GVIA
C0949808 A2038163 L1869665 S2183309 SDUI D027701 PM 2002 Organic Cation Transport Proteins
C0004039 A0027093 L0004039 S0016254 SDUI D001234 PM 78; see ASPERGILLUS 1975-77 Aspergillus niger
C0012373 A0049001 L0012373 S0033119 SDUI D004110 PM 87; was see under BENZAZEPINES 1979-86; was CRD 401 see under BENZAZEPINES 1975-78 Diltiazem
C0012752 A0050459 L0012752 S0034672 SDUI D004215 PM 66 Distance Perception
C0017318 A0062628 L0017318 S0044229 SDUI D005792 PM 67 General Practice, Dental
C0017464 A0063024 L0017464 S0044592 SDUI D005850 PM 66 Geriatric Dentistry


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C0524847 A0956719 L0850083 S0899746 SDUI D019625 DX 19980101 Halococcus
C0086511 A0026652 L0003896 S0015995 SDUI D019645 DX 19980101 Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee
C0314657 A1366066 L1173899 S1406015 SDUI D020022 DX 19990101 Genetic Predisposition to Disease
C0319527 A1071542 L0605700 S1013685 SDUI D020103 DX 19990101 Rhizomucor
C0699828 A1380939 L0884800 S1421238 SDUI D020230 DX 19990101 Serotonin Syndrome
C0282402 A0558044 L0396852 S0489467 SDUI D020249 DX 19990101 Hormone Replacement Therapy
C0600555 A1367206 L1174924 S1407183 SDUI D020350 DX 19990101 Graft vs Tumor Effect
C0887823 A1915093 L1757254 S2005421 SDUI D021343 DX 20010101 Antifreeze Proteins, Type III
C0059586 A1957412 L0059586 S2099039 SDUI D022361 DX 20010101 Escherichia coli Vaccines
C0108685 A1916242 L0114923 S2007932 SDUI D022762 DX 20010101 CCAAT-Enhancer-Binding Proteins
C0969688 A2039030 L1857266 S2184183 SDUI D025203 DX 20020101 Phosphofructokinase-1, Muscle Type
C0949764 A2039781 L1861784 S2184898 SDUI D026721 DX 20020101 RNA 3' End Processing
C0291786 A2038164 L1856817 S2183310 SDUI D027702 DX 20020101 Organic Cation Transporter 1
C0949946 A2035237 L1877373 S2180411 SDUI D029561 DX 20020101 Lythraceae
C1135881 A2364871 L2303784 S2718583 SDUI D032022 DX 20030101 Delegation, Professional
C1080877 A2130456 L1977653 S2281445 SDUI D032181 DX 20030101 Craterostigma
C0331203 A2163243 L0592791 S2313752 SDUI D032305 DX 20030101 Lycium
C0000784 A0017856 L0000784 S0009165 SDUI D000021 DX 19910101 Abortifacient Agents, Steroidal
C0002645 A0023037 L0002645 S0013308 SDUI D000658 DX 19800101 Amoxicillin


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C0227791 A0815737 L0042250 S0754374 SDUI D019522 AN note category; nonbloody; IM; coord with cause of discharge (IM) Vaginal Discharge
C0524830 A0956713 L0850080 S0899742 SDUI D019613 AN a genus of archaea "found in neutral saline environments" Haloarcula
C0887816 A1931963 L1773438 S2034184 SDUI D021161 AN DF:NASBA Self-Sustained Sequence Replication
C0000929 A0018163 L0000917 S0009444 SDUI D000061 AN IM; coord with specific inj (IM) Accidents, Home
C0000932 A0018166 L0000932 S0009447 SDUI D000063 AN implies automobile accid so do not coord with AUTOMOBILES unless the auto is especially discussed; coord IM with BICYCLING (IM) or MOTORCYCLES (IM) if pertinent; not for railroad accidents ( = RAILROADS + ACCIDENTS) or all-terrain vehicles, motorbikes or snowmobiles ( = OFF-ROAD MOTOR VEHICLES + ACCIDENTS) Accidents, Traffic
C0002882 A0023692 L0002882 S0013767 SDUI D000746 AN do not use /congen & do not coord with INFANT, NEWBORN, DISEASES; DF: ANEMIA HEMOL CONGEN NONSPHER Anemia, Hemolytic, Congenital Nonspherocytic
C0004045 A0027126 L0004045 S0016260 SDUI D001238 AN do not use /congen & do not coord with INFANT, NEWBORN, DISEASES; tag INFANT, NEWBORN Asphyxia Neonatorum
C0012933 A0050887 L0012933 S0035027 SDUI D004275 AN DNA, RIBOSOMAL SPACER is also available DNA, Ribosomal
C0014362 A0054803 L0014362 S0038029 SDUI D004764 AN a metab concept, not a hemodynamic circ concept; bile-to-intestines-to-portal circ-to-liver-to-bile; DF: ENTEROHEPATIC CIRC Enterohepatic Circulation
C0014518 A0055161 L0014518 S0038300 SDUI D004816 AN a toxic reaction to drugs; do not confuse X ref NONSTAPHYLOCOCCAL SCALDED SKIN SYNDROME with STAPHYLOCOCCAL SCALDED SKIN SYNDROME Epidermal Necrolysis, Toxic
C0015148 A0056774 L0015148 S0039414 SDUI D005052 AN chiefly Australian Eucalyptus
C0019220 A0067616 L0019220 S0047983 SDUI D006534 AN TN 111 for eff on insects Heptachlor Epoxide
C0027442 A0090276 L0027440 S0065240 SDUI D009305 AN inflammation = NASOPHARYNGITIS Nasopharynx
C0029185 A0095134 L0029185 S0069083 SDUI D009918 AN neopl of bony cavity & its contents except eyeball ( = EYE NEOPLASMS or specifics); /blood supply /chem /second /secret /ultrastruct permitted; coord IM with histol type of neopl (IM) Orbital Neoplasms
C0029461 A0095867 L0029461 S0069604 SDUI D010025 AN bone necrosis after radiation inj; coord IM with bone/dis (IM), not organ /inj Osteoradionecrosis
C0032291 A0102682 L0032291 S0074533 SDUI D011016 AN don't forget also CATTLE (NIM) & check tag ANIMALS Pneumonia, Atypical Interstitial, of Cattle
C0032704 A0103670 L0032704 S0075301 SDUI D011162 AN /biosyn /physiol permitted Porphobilinogen
C0032974 A0104473 L0032974 S0075978 SDUI D011257 AN GEN; prefer specifics; DF: PREGN PROTEINS Pregnancy Proteins
C0036118 A0113777 L0036118 S0083801 SDUI D012481 AN exper or vet; don't forget to check tag ANIMALS Salmonella Infections, Animal


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C0058674 A1956913 L1764106 S2097873 AUI C005521 LT TRD Dolo-Menthoneurin
C0616629 A1377828 L1184763 S1418113 AUI C035225 LT TRD Osspulvit
C0647799 A1347588 L1157264 S1387325 AUI C070809 LT TRD Butvar 76
C0116078 A0183213 L0122893 S0155310 AUI C075654 LT TRD Engerix-B
C0917887 A0059677 L0016218 S0041851 AUI D001455 LT TRD Flavomycins
C0123563 A2057489 L0130955 S2202685 AUI C027473 LT TRD Inkasan
C1137860 A2370843 L2300088 S2724495 AUI C460782 LT TRD Sulfix-60
C1433885 A6809135 L5091740 S5798265 AUI C480625 LT TRD biphasix-vaccine targeting adjuvant
C0591120 A7756285 L0003924 S0016093 AUI D000721 LT TRD Arvin
C0687740 A7757906 L0011706 S0031899 AUI D002745 LT TRD Desopimon
C0085898 A7756670 L0005542 S0019235 AUI D002927 LT TRD Biomet
C0023807 A7760411 L0023807 S0057878 AUI D003314 LT TRD Lipomul
C0678204 A7757971 L0011952 S0032447 AUI D005907 LT TRD Diamicron
C0699448 A7755841 L0001915 S0012018 AUI D007741 LT TRD Albetol
C0600265 A7758369 L0013918 S0037161 AUI D008466 LT TRD Embichin
C0699679 A7759158 L0017561 S0044745 AUI D008795 LT TRD Gineflavir
C0011542 A7757873 L0011542 S0031594 AUI D013034 LT TRD Depasan Retard
C0592073 A7762854 L0035777 S0083164 AUI D015474 LT TRD Roaccutane
C0148118 A7815856 L0157761 S2188238 AUI C003135 LT TRD Valekson


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C0075061 A0186928 L0075061 S0159349 SDUI C046965 PA D000959 fosinoprilic acid
C0076291 A0232800 L0076291 S0209850 SDUI C050950 PA D016166 tetrakis(N-methyl-4-pyridiniumyl)porphine manganese(III) complex
C0165264 A0295967 L0192666 S0262015 SDUI C058876 PA D002491 nefiracetam
C0101334 A0157751 L0106355 S0127616 SDUI C058956 PA D000975 acteoside
C0065818 A0296149 L0192778 S0262203 SDUI C060344 PA D000932 dolasetron mesylate
C0046181 A0144750 L0046181 S0112323 SDUI C060533 PA D009153 2-hydroxyamino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo(4,5-b)pyridine
C0084392 A0224863 L0084392 S0201081 SDUI C064755 PA D010975 Ro 31-7549
C0108443 A0170292 L0114668 S0141288 SDUI C068301 PA D005456 carboxy-seminaphthorhodaminefluoride
C0961781 A2055557 L1880210 S2200746 SDUI C415329 PA D007306 spinosad
C0004475 A0028304 L0085632 S0017183 SDUI D001374 PA D000964 Azacitidine
C0005578 A0031047 L0005578 S0019293 SDUI D001712 PA D000978 Biperiden
C0005661 A0031224 L0005661 S0019442 SDUI D001735 PA D000891 Bithionol
C0006168 A0032634 L0006168 S0020561 SDUI D001950 PA D000959 Bretylium Tosylate
C0006506 A0033494 L0006506 S0021133 SDUI D002083 PA D002273 Butylated Hydroxyanisole
C0010372 A0043827 L0010372 S0028955 SDUI D003436 PA D003879 Croton Oil
C0010581 A0044501 L0010581 S0029435 SDUI D003518 PA D000959 Cyclopenthiazide
C0011602 A0047205 L0011602 S0031712 SDUI D003871 PA D000925 Dermatan Sulfate
C0012522 A0049261 L0012522 S0033313 SDUI D004155 PA D006634 Diphenhydramine
C0013030 A0051092 L0013030 S0035184 SDUI D004298 PA D002316 Dopamine


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C0872245 A2039219 L1713319 S2184348 SDUI D026902 FX D000889 Potassium Channel Blockers
C0949806 A2034980 L1877107 S2180169 SDUI D027641 FX D007845 Laughter Therapy
C1136154 A2369407 L2303881 S2723065 SDUI D037081 FX D005413 Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
C0002016 A0021493 L0002016 S0012169 SDUI D000453 FX D002609 Aleutian Mink Disease
C0005769 A0031507 L0005769 S0019631 SDUI D001770 FX D023181 Blood Bactericidal Activity
C0005778 A0031542 L0005778 S0019648 SDUI D001777 FX D003029 Blood Coagulation
C0007836 A0037105 L0007836 S0023966 SDUI D002568 FX D008004 Certification
C0007996 A0037508 L0007996 S0024271 SDUI D002621 FX D000422 Chemistry
C0008328 A0038487 L0008328 S0024828 SDUI D002766 FX D005765 Cholecystokinin
C0008633 A0039175 L0008633 S0025279 SDUI D002875 FX D007621 Chromosomes
C0009449 A0041283 L0009449 S0026770 SDUI D003140 FX D017053 Communicable Disease Control
C0376298 A0679109 L0551519 S0623229 SDUI D032921 FX D003245 Consensus
C0015153 A0056793 L0015153 S0039424 SDUI D005054 FX D015035 Eugenol
C0016204 A0059635 L0016204 S0041836 SDUI D005414 FX D000934 Flatulence
C2267059 A0416108 L0286355 S0374502 SDUI D005730 FX D011978 Ganglionic Blockers
C0017387 A0062828 L0017387 S0044434 SDUI D005818 FX D030801 Genetic Engineering
C0017574 A0063274 L0017574 S0044776 SDUI D005891 FX D010497 Gingivitis
C0025255 A0084587 L0025255 S0061099 SDUI D008566 FX D009685 Membranes
C0026609 A0088109 L0026609 S0063708 SDUI D009046 FX D016472 Motor Neurons


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C0001688 A3879703 L0001688 S0100741 SDUI Q000009 OL search policy: Online Manual; use: main heading/AE or AE (SH) or SUBS APPLY AE adverse effects
C0376709 A0743536 L0591588 S0687831 SDUI D019565 OL pre-explosion = METALS, LIGHT (PX) Metals, Light
C0001049 A0018438 L0001048 S0009622 SDUI D000112 OL use ACETYLDIGITOXINS to search ACETYLDIGITOXIN 1975-79 & DIGITOXIN 1966-74 Acetyldigitoxins
C0001640 A0388528 L0278401 S0354558 SDUI D000316 OL use ADRENERGIC ALPHA-AGONISTS to search ADRENERGIC ALPHA RECEPTOR AGONISTS 1969-94 (as Prov 1969-72) Adrenergic alpha-Agonists
C0001648 A0388501 L0278400 S0354534 SDUI D000322 OL use ADRENERGIC AGONISTS to search ADRENERGIC RECEPTOR AGONISTS 1975-94 Adrenergic Agonists
C0003072 A0024217 L0003072 S0014178 SDUI D000837 OL search ION EXCHANGE RESINS 1966-74 Anion Exchange Resins
C0003154 A0024528 L0003154 S0014351 SDUI D000870 OL search MOTOR NEURONS 1966-74 Anterior Horn Cells
C0003321 A0024981 L0003321 S0014773 SDUI D000942 OL use ANTIGENS, BACTERIAL to search BACTERIAL ANTIGENS 1971-72 (as Prov) Antigens, Bacterial
C0003719 A0026081 L0003719 S0015577 SDUI D001101 OL use ARBAPROSTIL to search 15-METHYLPROSTAGLANDIN E2 METHYL ESTER & METHYLDINOPROSTONE 1980-93 Arbaprostil
C0004604 A0247631 L0004602 S0225896 SDUI D001416 OL use BACK PAIN to search BACKACHE 1966-92 Back Pain
C0004898 A0029482 L0004898 S0018051 SDUI D001504 OL search ESTHETICS 1966-74 Beauty
C0005220 A0030319 L0005220 S0018688 SDUI D001616 OL use BETA-GALACTOSIDASE to search BETA-GALACTOSIDASES 1978-91 beta-Galactosidase
C0011501 A0046943 L0011501 S0031505 SDUI D003847 OL use GLUCOSE to search DEOXYGLUCOSE 1973-74 & use HEXOSES 1967-72 Deoxyglucose
C0011806 A0047787 L0011806 S0032210 SDUI D003911 OL use DEXTRANS to search DEXTRAN 1966-78 Dextrans
C0013853 A0053450 L0013853 S0037030 SDUI D004584 OL search ELECTROOCULOGRAPHY 1973-74 Electronystagmography
C0014383 A0002213 L0014383 S0000795 SDUI D004770 OL use ENTEROVIRUS to search ENTEROVIRUSES 1975-93 Enterovirus
C0015109 A0056698 L0015109 S0039368 SDUI D005036 OL use ETHYLMORPHINE to search CODETHYLINE 1978-94 Ethylmorphine
C0015889 A0058788 L0015889 S0041131 SDUI D005296 OL use IRON to search FERRIC AND FERROUS COMPOUNDS 1966-74 Ferrous Compounds
C0018597 A0065832 L0018597 S0046730 SDUI D006243 OL search LACRIMAL APPARATUS 1969-74 Harderian Gland


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C0001457 A0019890 L0001457 S0010896 SDUI D000243 EC antagonists & inhibitors:Adenosine Deaminase Inhibitors Adenosine Deaminase
C0002878 A0023687 L0002878 S0013762 SDUI D000743 EC congenital:Anemia, Hemolytic, Congenital Anemia, Hemolytic
C0002903 A0023755 L0002903 S0013817 SDUI D000758 EC education:Anesthesiology/education Anesthesia
C0003241 A0024712 L0003241 S0014499 SDUI D000906 EC biosynthesis:Antibody Formation Antibodies
C0003819 A0026351 L0003819 S0015764 SDUI D001152 EC poisoning:Arsenic Poisoning Arsenicals
C0005847 A0031694 L0005847 S0019766 SDUI D001808 EC radiography:Angiography Blood Vessels
C0005953 A0032003 L0005953 S0020071 SDUI D001853 EC transplantation:Bone Marrow Transplantation Bone Marrow
C0006002 A0032151 L0006002 S0020201 SDUI D001877 EC classification:Book Classification Books
C0006104 A0032433 L0006104 S0020411 SDUI D001921 EC transplantation:Brain Tissue Transplantation Brain
C0006683 A0033992 L0006683 S0021580 SDUI D002120 EC antagonists & inhibitors:Calcium Channel Blockers Calcium Channel Agonists
C0007022 A0034860 L0007022 S0022131 SDUI D002251 EC poisoning:Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning Carbon Tetrachloride
C0007168 A0035145 L0007168 S0022395 SDUI D002304 EC instrumentation:Pacemaker, Artificial Cardiac Pacing, Artificial
C0007226 A0035256 L0007226 S0022490 SDUI D002319 EC abnormalities:Cardiovascular Abnormalities Cardiovascular System
C0009498 A8408417 L5559781 S6354763 SDUI D003165 EC antagonists & inhibitors:Complement Inactivator Proteins Complement System Proteins
C0009985 A0042758 L0009985 S0028144 SDUI D003304 EC deficiency:Coproporphyria, Hereditary Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase
C0012240 A0048766 L0012240 S0032942 SDUI D004064 EC surgery:Digestive System Surgical Procedures Digestive System
C0012634 A0049608 L1222039 S0033544 SDUI D004194 EC radiotherapy:Radiotherapy Disease
C0012920 A2030731 L1872400 S2175998 SDUI D004264 EC antagonists & inhibitors:Topoisomerase I Inhibitors DNA Topoisomerases, Type I
C0013227 A1047492 L0879710 S0989339 SDUI D004364 EC pharmacokinetics:Pharmacokinetics Pharmaceutical Preparations


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C0000769 A3879701 L0000768 S0100733 SDUI Q000002 DQ 19660101 abnormalities
C0001555 A3879702 L0001555 S0100740 SDUI Q000008 DQ 19660101 administration & dosage
C0001688 A3879703 L0001688 S0100741 SDUI Q000009 DQ 19660101 adverse effects
C0002776 A3879704 L0002776 S0100750 SDUI Q000031 DQ 19750101 analogs & derivatives
C1524024 A3879705 L5360085 S0100751 SDUI Q000032 DQ 19670101 analysis
C0002809 A3879706 L0002809 S0100752 SDUI Q000033 DQ 19660101 anatomy & histology
C0003139 A3879707 L0003139 S0100754 SDUI Q000037 DQ 19680101 antagonists & inhibitors
C0005572 A3879708 L0005572 S0100784 SDUI Q000096 DQ 19660101 biosynthesis
C0005768 A3879709 L0005767 S0100785 SDUI Q000097 DQ 19670101 blood
C0005839 A3879710 L0005839 S0100786 SDUI Q000098 DQ 19660101 blood supply
C0007807 A3879711 L0007806 S0100806 SDUI Q000134 DQ 19670101 cerebrospinal fluid
C0007987 A3879712 L0007987 S0100808 SDUI Q000138 DQ 19680101 chemical synthesis
C0007994 A3879713 L0007994 S0100809 SDUI Q000139 DQ 19670101 chemically induced
C0008903 A3879715 L0008902 S0100813 SDUI Q000145 DQ 19660101 classification
C1171258 A3879716 L0009566 S0100816 SDUI Q000150 DQ 19660101 complications
C0009678 A3879717 L0009678 S0100817 SDUI Q000151 DQ 19660101 congenital
C0010820 A3879719 L0010819 S0100828 SDUI Q000166 DQ 19670101 cytology
C1623416 A3879720 L0011155 S0100832 SDUI Q000172 DQ 19750101 deficiency
C1704338 A3879721 L0011900 S0100833 SDUI Q000175 DQ 19660101 diagnosis


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C0005767 A0031497 L0005767 S0019628 SDUI D001769 CX consider also terms at HEM- Blood
C0012984 A0050985 L0012984 S0035106 SDUI D004285 CX consider also terms at CANINE Dogs
C0013443 A0052288 L0013443 S0036095 SDUI D004423 CX consider also terms at OTI- and OTO- Ear
C0015392 A0057445 L0015392 S0039988 SDUI D005123 CX consider also terms at OCUL-, OPHTHALM-, OPT-, and VIS- Eye
C0015426 A0057531 L0015426 S0040053 SDUI D005143 CX consider also terms at BLEPHAR- Eyelids
C0016976 A0061720 L0016976 S0043463 SDUI D005704 CX consider also terms at CHOLECYST- Gallbladder
C0018767 A0066331 L0018767 S0047169 SDUI D006309 CX consider also terms at ACOUSTIC and AUDIO- Hearing
C0018787 A0066368 L0018787 S0047194 SDUI D006321 CX consider also terms at CARDI- and MYOCARDI- Heart
C0019552 A0068175 L0019552 S0048401 SDUI D006615 CX consider also terms at COX- Hip
C0019944 A0069175 L0019944 S0049219 SDUI D006736 CX consider also terms at EQUINE Horses
C0027530 A0090463 L0027530 S0065372 SDUI D009333 CX consider also terms at CERVICAL and CERVICO- Neck
C0027763 A0091423 L0027763 S0066182 SDUI D009420 CX consider also terms at NERVE and NEUR- Nervous System
C0028429 A0093098 L1223051 S0067352 SDUI D009666 CX consider also terms at NAS- and RHIN- Nose
C0029939 A0096079 L0029939 S0069770 SDUI D010053 CX consider also terms at OOPHOR- and THEC- Ovary
C0029974 A0096161 L0029974 S0069834 SDUI D010063 CX consider also terms at OO- Ovum
C0030851 A0098727 L0030851 S0071656 SDUI D010413 CX consider also terms at PENILE Penis
C0034896 A0110234 L0034896 S0080851 SDUI D012007 CX consider also terms at PROCT- Rectum
C0036098 A0113722 L0036098 S0083778 SDUI D012469 CX consider also terms at SIAL- Salivary Glands
C0042149 A0130899 L0042149 S0097169 SDUI D014599 CX consider also terms at HYSTER- Uterus