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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB NCBI Taxonomy Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
DIV NCBI Division/Phyla (e.g. DIV[NCBI]Viruses) 813207
RANK NCBI Rank (e.g. RANK[NCBI]species) 813207


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C1190371 A2725701 L2570138 S3050359 SCUI 138609 DIV Invertebrates Odontotermes amaniensis
C1068774 A2202994 L2035533 S2352894 SCUI 141998 DIV Plants Streblacanthus roseus
C1073877 A2147007 L1997738 S2297712 SCUI 154680 DIV Plants Gomesa
C1077168 A2214108 L1931570 S2363824 SCUI 161722 DIV Bacteria Vibrio sp. 59
C1195915 A2742320 L2610475 S3066974 SCUI 165487 DIV Plants Trachydium simplicifolium
C1197441 A2705834 L2568699 S3030499 SCUI 169159 DIV Viruses Damselfish virus-like agent from Stegastes partitus
C1212324 A2747826 L2575282 S3072472 SCUI 189077 DIV Bacteria glacial ice bacterium G200-C1
C1215787 A2738429 L2588352 S3063085 SCUI 193536 DIV Invertebrates Steinernema diaprepesi
C1229223 A2691336 L2567686 S3016005 SCUI 217123 DIV Plants Acridocarpus ballyi
C1488879 A7118002 L5281549 S5999726 SCUI 237467 DIV Plants Passalora dodonaea
C1496173 A7132990 L5294446 S6014711 SCUI 257480 DIV Vertebrates Thryothorus modestus
C1673867 A9283804 L5797982 S6603802 SCUI 266411 DIV Plants Septoria obesa
C1679876 A9281688 L5802512 S6601686 SCUI 267254 DIV Plants Rosa sicula
C1480624 A7119718 L5261289 S6001442 SCUI 282727 DIV Plants Achillea clusiana
C1670158 A9317786 L5750125 S6637769 SCUI 293880 DIV Bacteria Escherichia sp. SI-56
C1638196 A9297550 L5750717 S6617541 SCUI 300859 DIV Bacteria beta proteobacterium 6BR18
C1659329 A9314504 L5755340 S6634488 SCUI 317096 DIV Invertebrates Agrodiaetus dagestanicus
C1638483 A9252683 L5785761 S6572688 SCUI 326260 DIV Plants Genlisea pallida
C1639083 A9254714 L5740419 S6574719 SCUI 354395 DIV Bacteria Halomonas sp. B-1212


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C1000737 A2141724 L1990453 S2292512 SCUI 13520 RANK genus Eupomatia
C1011865 A2101917 L1936187 S2253391 SCUI 45264 RANK species Acropora millepora
C1044700 A2196962 L1975361 S2346972 SCUI 97758 RANK species Scaphochlamys concinna
C1188285 A2700584 L2581653 S3025250 SCUI 110201 RANK species Causus resimus
C1059754 A2177710 L2025448 S2327982 SCUI 123867 RANK species Pachycheles rudis
C1060943 A2173899 L1987817 S2324234 SCUI 126545 RANK species Noronhia emarginata
C1191983 A2710023 L2588847 S3034686 SCUI 148698 RANK species Fillaeopsis discophora
C1092077 A2221077 L1989837 S2370700 SCUI 156710 RANK species glacial ice euascomycete GI307
C1458618 A7148864 L5278338 S6030580 SCUI 159662 RANK species Coreopsis douglasii
C1077225 A2172297 L2021371 S2322639 SCUI 161910 RANK species Neoglyphidodon polyacanthus
C1212459 A2708670 L2590769 S3033334 SCUI 189215 RANK species Erechtites hieraciifolius
C1220958 A2721993 L2589503 S3046652 SCUI 201120 RANK species Methylobacterium sp. DV18
C1462764 A7128367 L5287935 S6010089 SCUI 216938 RANK species Spiroplasma helicoides
C1234603 A2750089 L2596166 S3074726 SCUI 228014 RANK no rank unclassified Hepatozoon
C1463277 A7143411 L5273040 S6025128 SCUI 228417 RANK species Burhinus senegalensis
C1234781 A2735587 L2609786 S3060243 SCUI 228737 RANK species Salmonella sp. S14
C1467841 A7143231 L5272808 S6024948 SCUI 245414 RANK species Brymela websteri
C1499451 A7117307 L5296761 S5999031 SCUI 263425 RANK species Pandalus platyceros
C1474757 A7112645 L5290125 S5994371 SCUI 265914 RANK species Micrococcus sp. J89