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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB NCBI Taxonomy Source Information


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Relationship Relationship Attribute Count (MRREL.RRF)
PAR * 813184
SY has_expanded_form 7


Sample data are taken from MRREL.RRF. Associated strings(str) from MRCONSO.RRF are also included

  • See relationships definitions below.
  • Every relationship has a separate row in MRREL.RRF.
  • Relationships are assigned based on source documentation or NLM understanding of the source.
  • Metathesaurus relationships in MRREL.RRF are read from right to left.
  • All relationships in MRREL.RRF are expressed in both directions, for example: 'has_ingredient/ingredient_of'. Inverse relationships in each pair are indicated on this page.
  • An asterisk (*) in the relationship attribute column indicates that no relationship attribute (RELA) was assigned.
  • Every even row (indicated by orange colored rel/rela pairs) indicates that the current row is an inverse relationship of the row above it.
  • See Section 2.4 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on Relationships in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Relationship Definitions

  • AQ: allowed qualifier
  • CHD: has child (narrower hierarchical term)
  • DEL: deleted concept
  • PAR: has parent (broader hierarchical term)
  • QB: can be qualifier by
  • RB: has a broader relationship
  • RL: has similar or like relationship
  • RN: has narrower relationship
  • RO: has relationship other than synonymous, narrower or broader
  • RQ: related and possibly synonymous
  • SIB: has sibling
  • SY: source-asserted synonymy

Sample Data


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C2637539 A16515845 SCUI Flavobacterium sp. 01WB02.1-39 PAR Flavobacterium SCUI A0059662 C0016216
C0016216 A0059662 SCUI Flavobacterium CHD Flavobacterium sp. 01WB02.1-39 SCUI A16515845 C2637539
C2658252 A16542872 SCUI fungal sp. AB39 PAR unclassified Fungi SCUI A2228186 C0320212
C0320212 A2228186 SCUI unclassified Fungi CHD fungal sp. AB39 SCUI A16542872 C2658252
C2761584 A17488532 SCUI Pseudomonas sp. A19 PAR Pseudomonas SCUI A0107147 C0033808
C0033808 A0107147 SCUI Pseudomonas CHD Pseudomonas sp. A19 SCUI A17488532 C2761584
C2809642 A17525349 SCUI Polygonum serpyllaceum PAR Polygonum SCUI A0103211 C0032503
C0032503 A0103211 SCUI Polygonum CHD Polygonum serpyllaceum SCUI A17525349 C2809642
C3030519 A19226388 SCUI Lepidoptera sp. BOLD:AAA6594 PAR unclassified Lepidoptera SCUI A16561892 C2628818
C2628818 A16561892 SCUI unclassified Lepidoptera CHD Lepidoptera sp. BOLD:AAA6594 SCUI A19226388 C3030519
C3031327 A19252351 SCUI Lepidoptera sp. BOLD:AAA9203 PAR unclassified Lepidoptera SCUI A16561892 C2628818
C2628818 A16561892 SCUI unclassified Lepidoptera CHD Lepidoptera sp. BOLD:AAA9203 SCUI A19252351 C3031327
C3123782 A19161927 SCUI Phyllodocida sp. BOLD:AAN8670 PAR unclassified Phyllodocida SCUI A12907457 C2987891
C2987891 A12907457 SCUI unclassified Phyllodocida CHD Phyllodocida sp. BOLD:AAN8670 SCUI A19161927 C3123782
C3425007 A20462639 SCUI Sicyos acarieanthus PAR Sicyos SCUI A2199146 C1024655
C1024655 A2199146 SCUI Sicyos CHD Sicyos acarieanthus SCUI A20462639 C3425007
C1230736 A2724384 SCUI Neivamyrmex CHD Neivamyrmex legionis SCUI A20509415 C3298279
C3298279 A20509415 SCUI Neivamyrmex legionis PAR Neivamyrmex SCUI A2724384 C1230736
C1671463 A9312928 SCUI Cylindrophiidae PAR Henophidia SCUI A2713717 C1005375
C1005375 A2713717 SCUI Henophidia CHD Cylindrophiidae SCUI A9312928 C1671463
C0328359 A12834382 SCUI Ariopsis felis PAR Ariopsis SCUI A7102592 C1493339
C1493339 A7102592 SCUI Ariopsis CHD Ariopsis felis SCUI A12834382 C0328359
C1670004 A9295236 SCUI alpha proteobacterium HRG1 PAR unclassified Alphaproteobacteria (miscellaneous) SCUI A2749950 C1081851
C1081851 A2749950 SCUI unclassified Alphaproteobacteria (miscellaneous) CHD alpha proteobacterium HRG1 SCUI A9295236 C1670004
C1462662 A7114683 SCUI Anomoeoneidaceae PAR Cymbellales SCUI A2132302 C1044455
C1044455 A2132302 SCUI Cymbellales CHD Anomoeoneidaceae SCUI A7114683 C1462662
C1925899 A12853265 SCUI Merodon nigritarsis PAR Merodon SCUI A2721667 C1232585
C1232585 A2721667 SCUI Merodon CHD Merodon nigritarsis SCUI A12853265 C1925899
C1648260 A9272265 SCUI Perbrinckia morayensis PAR Perbrinckia SCUI A9272268 C1685957
C1685957 A9272268 SCUI Perbrinckia CHD Perbrinckia morayensis SCUI A9272265 C1648260
C1465507 A7110408 SCUI Machidatrema PAR Lecithasteridae SCUI A2159687 C1055926
C1055926 A2159687 SCUI Lecithasteridae CHD Machidatrema SCUI A7110408 C1465507
C1004434 A2125646 SCUI Cimicoidea PAR Cimicomorpha SCUI A2125647 C1004433
C1004433 A2125647 SCUI Cimicomorpha CHD Cimicoidea SCUI A2125646 C1004434
C0999503 A2195802 SCUI Saguinus mystax PAR Saguinus SCUI A0113614 C0036052
C0036052 A0113614 SCUI Saguinus CHD Saguinus mystax SCUI A2195802 C0999503
C1904912 A12883973 SCUI Dedeckera eurekensis PAR Dedeckera SCUI A12832230 C1904911
C1904911 A12832230 SCUI Dedeckera CHD Dedeckera eurekensis SCUI A12883973 C1904912


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C1015535 A20364512 AUI 7 SY has_expanded_form Vibrio diabolicus Raguns et al. 1997 AUI A2214027 C1015535
C1015535 A2214027 AUI Vibrio diabolicus Raguns et al. 1997 SY expanded_form_of 7 AUI A20364512 C1015535
C1029791 A20399066 AUI xxxx SY has_expanded_form Tokudaia osimensis AUI A2209862 C1029791
C1029791 A2209862 AUI Tokudaia osimensis SY expanded_form_of xxxx AUI A20399066 C1029791
C0317743 A20467591 AUI 4 SY has_expanded_form Moraxella (subgen. Moraxella Lwoff 1939) atlantae (Bovre et al. 1976) Bovre 1984 AUI A2723151 C0317743
C0317743 A2723151 AUI Moraxella (subgen. Moraxella Lwoff 1939) atlantae (Bovre et al. 1976) Bovre 1984 SY expanded_form_of 4 AUI A20467591 C0317743
C1017367 A20467741 AUI 92 SY has_expanded_form Xanthomonas populi (ex Ride 1958) Ride and Ride 1992 AUI A16509760 C1017367
C1017367 A16509760 AUI Xanthomonas populi (ex Ride 1958) Ride and Ride 1992 SY expanded_form_of 92 AUI A20467741 C1017367
C1007977 A2146237 AUI Glaucidium (Ranunculaceae) SY has_expanded_form Glaucidium AUI A2146234 C1007977
C1007977 A2146234 AUI Glaucidium SY expanded_form_of Glaucidium (Ranunculaceae) AUI A2146237 C1007977
C1075446 A2224411 AUI notaspid gastropod SY has_expanded_form Umbraculum AUI A2212806 C1075446
C1075446 A2212806 AUI Umbraculum SY expanded_form_of notaspid gastropod AUI A2224411 C1075446
C1080913 A2746465 AUI banana (non-hybrid forms) SY has_expanded_form banana AUI A2690255 C1080913
C1080913 A2690255 AUI banana SY expanded_form_of banana (non-hybrid forms) AUI A2746465 C1080913