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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AB SNOMED CT Spanish Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
CHARACTERISTICTYPE SNOMED CT indication of whether a relationship specifies a defining characteristic of the source concept or a possible qualification of that Concept. 1444672
REFINABILITY Indicates whether it is possible or mandatory to refine the atom when this relationship is used as a template for clinical data entry. 1444672
DESCRIPTIONSTATUS SNOMED CT description status which indicates whether a description (concept name) is in active use and, if not, the reason it is inactive. 1124173
DESCRIPTIONTYPE SNOMED CT term type, indicating whether the term is the Preferred Term, Synonym or the Fully Specified Name for the associated concept. 1124173
INITIALCAPITALSTATUS SNOMED CT capital status, indicating whether the capitalization of the first character of the SNOMED CT term is significant. 1124173
LANGUAGECODE SNOMED CT string identifying a language and, if appropriate, a dialect in which this description is valid. 1124173
SUBSETMEMBER Indicates the subset(s) to which an atom belongs and its status (e.g., active, inactive) in the subset(s). 702511
CONCEPTSTATUS SNOMED CT status which indicates whether a concept is in active use and, if not, indicates the reason it is inactive. 395346
CTV3ID The Read Code for a SNOMED CT concept taken from the United Kingdom?s Clinical Terms Version 3 terminology. 395346
ISPRIMITIVE SNOMED CT indicator of whether concept is primitive or fully defined by its defining characteristics. 395346
SNOMEDID SNOMED RT identifier for a SNOMED CT concept 395346
AQ SNOMED CT "allowable qualifier" attribute for representing certain relationships (those having a characteristic type of "Qualifier" and a refinability of "Mandatory") which indicate one of several allowable types of qualifiers, such as laterality or severity, that a concept may have 343083
UMLSREL The UMLS Metathesaurus REL relationship (SY, CHD, RN, RB, RO) assigned to SNOMED CT relationship identifiers. 65
UMLSRELA UMLS relationship attribute 65
SUBSETCONTEXTID SNOMED CT identifier of a subset 1
SUBSETLANGUAGECODE SNOMED CT identifier of a language and, if appropriate, a dialect to which a subset applies. 1
SUBSETORIGINALID SNOMED CT identifier for the first version of the subset on which this subset is based. 1
SUBSETREALMID "Realm" or context in which a SNOMED CT subset is used, e.g., nation, speciality, institution, etc. to which it applies. A four-character ISO6523 identifier followed by an optional series of concatenated subdivisions codes defined by the registered organization. 1
SUBSETTYPE Single digit integer indicating the nature of a SNOMED CT subset and the type of SNOMED CT component that may be a member of the subset. The meaning of the non-zero values can be found in the SNOMED CT documentation; a value of 0 is not defined as a type. 1
SUBSETVERSION SNOMED CT identifier for the version of a subset. An integer increased for each revised release. 1


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C1274013 R84798332 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 Transposition of pulmonary veins
C0156263 R67018203 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 fstula de urter hacia el colon
C1288289 R67254286 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 miedo a cruzar las calles
C2586094 R108736064 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 clorhidrato de ciclizina, 50 mg, comprimido
C0043250 R67175463 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 herida espontnea
C0701833 R67498624 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 tenacero
C1268119 R67485907 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 estructura del lumen gstrico
C0337430 R66811518 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 medicin de anticuerpos porcinos antinsulnicos
C1274021 R108723587 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 [X]neoplasia benigna de meninges, no especificada
C1276325 R67262770 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 linfoma maligno, centroblstico - centroctico, difuso
C0357929 R66695359 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 calamina + clioquinol + xido de cinc
C1445639 R67173478 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 lactosa
C0320847 R66699641 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 Haematoxenus separatus
C0447850 R67167277 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 estructura del ligamento auricular
C0008051 R66813493 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 gallina Barnevelder
C0233517 R67161915 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 agresin redirigida
C1285259 R67014406 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 plan de accin sanitaria para trastornos del aprendizaje revisado
C0684257 R67036435 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 incisin de vena torcica
C0237987 R67368893 RUI CHARACTERISTICTYPE 0 anemia variante G - 6 - PD clase IV


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C0222499 R67246586 RUI REFINABILITY 0 estructura del tejido celular subcutneo de la cara lateral de dedo de la mano
C0013221 R67270828 RUI REFINABILITY 0 intoxicacin por agente electroltico
C0004587 R67483878 RUI REFINABILITY 0 Bacillus laevolacticus
C1276217 R67013477 RUI REFINABILITY 0 estructura de la superficie articular del cuarto metacarpiano
C1290865 R67252548 RUI REFINABILITY 0 neoplasia maligna de partes blandas y tejido conjuntivo de pared abdominal
C0417499 R67380248 RUI REFINABILITY 0 accidente causado directamente por lmpara de aceite
C0441184 R67487652 RUI REFINABILITY 0 alambre de pas
C1292933 R112347174 RUI REFINABILITY 0 revisin de aumento artroscpico con aloinjerto de ligamento
C1533693 R66830179 RUI REFINABILITY 0 enoxacino
C0185030 R67398091 RUI REFINABILITY 0 injerto - puente
C0021579 R84754671 RUI REFINABILITY 0 p-clorofenilo-p-clorobencilo sulfuro
C1274012 R67514683 RUI REFINABILITY 0 sndrome cerebeloso
C1692327 R66928410 RUI REFINABILITY 0 Vogesella
C0411273 R67491811 RUI REFINABILITY 0 aneurisma sifiltico
C1290868 R125794965 RUI REFINABILITY 0 fstula cutnea de regin inguinal
C0226013 R67127607 RUI REFINABILITY 0 tejido periartico [como un todo]
C0191838 R66696198 RUI REFINABILITY 0 aplicacin de pezonera
C1306459 R67470815 RUI REFINABILITY 0 linfoma no hodgkiniano (categora)
C0042839 R67511531 RUI REFINABILITY 0 retinaldehdo


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C0571048 A5285441 L3843673 S4527142 AUI 294131001 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 alergia a la ciproheptadina (trastorno)
C0238552 A17100114 L3767166 S4450639 AUI 307724003 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 8 [D]dolor en el cuadrante superior izquierdo
C0587227 A16679035 L3723802 S4407274 AUI 309743009 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 8 (X)infeccin de herida de cesrea luego del parto
C0582422 A5411160 L3966007 S4649476 AUI 304535004 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 caractersticas de parkinsonismo (hallazgo)
C0478580 A16646639 L3793169 S4476641 AUI 316777008 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 8 [X]otra atencin de seguimiento quirrgico especificado
C1284733 A6040621 L4580287 S5263755 AUI 362490000 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 porcin lumbar del sistema nervioso simptico [como un todo] (estructura corporal)
C0461560 A5433000 L3987238 S4670709 AUI 348608005 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 cinta adhesiva quirrgica
C0948530 A6058314 L4597408 S5280878 AUI 371053008 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 procedimiento quirrgico sobre cartlago
C0499011 A17629746 L5245907 S5983331 AUI 375866003 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 1 torsemida, 10 mg/ml, solucin inyectable, ampolla
C0877860 A5668086 L4217386 S4900857 AUI 396051001 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 felbinaco
C0066967 A7850570 L3847937 S4531408 AUI 411281009 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 almizcle de tibetina
C0010608 A5432476 L3986732 S4670204 AUI 13722006 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 cimarina
C0332443 A6049047 L4588377 S5271847 AUI 10425005 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 1 presencia normal (concepto no activo)
C0334660 A5309561 L3867306 S4550781 AUI 17158006 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 8 angioendoteliomatosis
C0228032 A19331909 L4184328 S4867798 AUI 29250003 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 1 estructura del lumen del epiddimo (estructura corporal)
C0222595 A5623830 L4173640 S4857112 AUI 49058007 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 estructura de la porcin central de la mama
C0304053 A5910536 L4454007 S5137479 AUI 61505004 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 mitgeno vegetal
C0270522 A6254322 L4788593 S5472064 AUI 64334007 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 transvestismo primario
C0312531 A5166864 L3726033 S4409503 AUI 87116002 DESCRIPTIONSTATUS 0 5, 25 - dihidroxicolecalciferol (sustancia)


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C0565618 A8297261 L5512735 S6306003 AUI 288273009 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 3 sufrimiento fetal, antes del trabajo de parto (hallazgo)
C0563194 A5924005 L4467002 S5150473 AUI 285288003 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 1 mltiples brotes de levaduras
C0729816 A5889536 L4433645 S5117115 AUI 312468003 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 medicin de caliemia
C1278452 A19926671 L4375831 S5059301 AUI 315219008 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 lapso entre el arribo al hospital y el inicio del tratamiento
C1591289 A5548600 L4100007 S4783479 AUI 374254009 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 ditriazoato sdico, 50%, solucin para inyectar en vial
C1760003 A6011430 L4552287 S5235756 AUI 367570001 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 3 parte fetal (estructura corporal)
C1270666 A5790223 L4336688 S5020156 AUI 388060003 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 3 inmunoglobulina E especfica contra Citrus paradisis (sustancia)
C1272044 A17062630 L3806425 S4489896 AUI 391067006 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 absorciometra de rayos X de energa dual de cadera, estimacin de riesgo simple calculado de osteoporosis Z
C0226403 A5616853 L4166668 S4850140 AUI 22770007 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 1 estructura de la arteria cremastrica
C0224683 A5625671 L4175481 S4858951 AUI 27756000 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 3 estructura de la sincondrosis condrocostal (estructura corporal)
C0579254 A19977556 L3744690 S4428161 AUI 41938007 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 Leptospira interrogans, serogrupo sejroe
C0194379 A5383940 L3939648 S4623117 AUI 36503003 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 3 biopsia de vejiga (procedimiento)
C0229075 A5627577 L4177384 S4860856 AUI 35428002 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 1 estructura de las fibras parasimpticas a la vejiga
C0019562 A5575186 L4125884 S4809353 AUI 46659004 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 enfermedad de Lindau
C0269755 A5609861 L4159802 S4843272 AUI 43651009 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 1 estenosis adquirida de vagina que afecta el embarazo
C0310692 A19329947 L4820711 S5504201 AUI 69405004 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 vacuna contra la enfermedad de las bolsas serosas
C0018129 A6123163 L4660584 S5344055 AUI 72627004 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 2 rechazo celular del injerto
C0185793 A5438433 L3992461 S4675933 AUI 69162008 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 1 cleidotoma
C0186878 A6058989 L4598077 S5281546 AUI 72140008 DESCRIPTIONTYPE 3 procedimiento retirado - RETIRADO - (concepto no activo) [P1-16B12]


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C0572243 A12601916 L4739399 S5422870 AUI 295350000 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 sobredosis por antagonistas del receptor de histamina H2
C0581594 A17094599 L4194339 S4877810 AUI 303879000 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 estudio del abdomen con radioistopos
C0554646 A6143394 L4680376 S5363847 AUI 303651009 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 remocin de lunar de piel de cabeza o cuello por reseccin
C0792387 A7002590 L3947115 S4630583 AUI 325991000 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 bromocriptina, 10 mg, cpsulas (producto)
C1284010 A5901370 L4445166 S5128634 AUI 361476001 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 mesodermo intermedio (estructura corporal)
C0975321 A5422078 L3976615 S4660090 AUI 376805009 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 cefaclor, 375 mg, comprimido
C0973926 A15856221 L3993687 S4677157 AUI 374877004 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 clorhidrato de alfentanilo, 500 mcg/ml, inyectable
C1304049 A5748218 L4295559 S4979031 AUI 402172000 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 hipermelanosis por fitofotodermatitis
C1303188 A5528756 L4080623 S4764093 AUI 401222009 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 determinacin de ndice tobillo/brazo con arteria pedia izquierda
C0188628 A19321378 L3915124 S4598594 AUI 14513002 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 artroscopia de tobillo con remocin de un artrofito
C0266933 A17667399 L4412508 S5095976 AUI 1284000 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 maloclusin de la mandbula
C0271957 A5306105 L3863967 S4547435 AUI 32094009 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 anemia megaloblstica por tenia solitaria (trastorno)
C0229877 A5620080 L4169892 S4853364 AUI 23528009 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 estructura de la cripta de la amgdala palatina
C0192361 A5304259 L3862165 S4545635 AUI 37179000 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 anastomosis esofagoduodenal con interposicin de intestino delgado
C0197329 A6061419 L4600507 S5283976 AUI 40437002 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 procedimiento retirado - RETIRADO - (concepto no activo) [P1-A2A26]
C0326507 A6265704 L4799811 S5483279 AUI 37293002 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 trepador americano (organismo)
C0425531 A6158658 L4695509 S5378980 AUI 47861000 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 resonancia ausente
C0546992 A5574033 L4124795 S4808263 AUI 44685003 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 enfermedad de Addison por autoinmunidad - RETIRADO -
C0242073 A5465750 L4019038 S4702506 AUI 67599009 INITIALCAPITALSTATUS 0 congestin pulmonar (trastorno)


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C0559895 A6023459 L4563966 S5247435 AUI 282032007 LANGUAGECODE es perodos de la vida (calificador)
C0185398 A12534488 L4771146 S5454614 AUI 288076008 LANGUAGECODE es tendn reinsertado (procedimiento)
C1013879 A12254908 L6550041 S7631863 AUI 425081007 LANGUAGECODE es subfamilia Chordeilinae
C0569192 A5808616 L4354947 S5038417 AUI 291852007 LANGUAGECODE es intoxicacin accidental por liotironina
C1304695 A5386077 L3941766 S4625236 AUI 307986005 LANGUAGECODE es biopsia quirrgica de paratiroides
C0585145 A5762794 L4309744 S4993214 AUI 307236005 LANGUAGECODE es ileostoma con alto dbito
C0481703 A12602132 L3775201 S4458671 AUI 316048004 LANGUAGECODE es [V]problemas del gusto o del olfato (categora dependiente del contexto)
C0040905 A6266252 L4800337 S5483808 AUI 333887003 LANGUAGECODE es tricloroetileno, producto
C0360035 A6212146 L4747918 S5431387 AUI 347094003 LANGUAGECODE es sulfato de atropina, 0,1%, colirio (producto)
C1268952 A19955540 L4588257 S5271728 AUI 372294007 LANGUAGECODE es presencia de invasin tumoral en el tejido de la vescula seminal (prstata)
C1270294 A5723655 L4271455 S4954926 AUI 388514008 LANGUAGECODE es gnero Speothos
C1271778 A13228205 L4073283 S4756751 AUI 391277002 LANGUAGECODE es deteccin selectiva de enfermedad de aparato digestivo (procedimiento)
C1711936 A5685207 L4233978 S4917445 AUI 392641000 LANGUAGECODE es fosfato de disopiramida, 100 mg, cpsula de liberacin modificada (producto)
C0009316 A5452818 L4006457 S4689925 AUI 387412007 LANGUAGECODE es colistina (sustancia)
C1876920 A14671581 L7635010 S8834950 AUI 429392006 LANGUAGECODE es bitartrato de hidrocodona, 10 mg/ibuprofeno, 200 mg, comprimido
C1274171 A5916524 L4459868 S5143339 AUI 402721001 LANGUAGECODE es mucinosis que afecta la piel
C1273342 A6126729 L4664117 S5347589 AUI 395202001 LANGUAGECODE es recuento de clulas epiteliales
C1446007 A7867731 L5420929 S6204280 AUI 412862009 LANGUAGECODE es medicin de metionina en orina
C0226583 A5718788 L4266689 S4950158 AUI 8133004 LANGUAGECODE es gran vena anastomtica cerebral anterior


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C1295657 A5478565 L4031588 S4715063 AUI 131082001 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ cortisona anormal
C0232997 A5566360 L4117326 S4800795 AUI 22879003 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ embarazos previos: 2 (hallazgo)
C0031507 A5668806 L4218018 S4901536 AUI 387220006 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ fenitona
C1306348 A5793659 L4340097 S5023568 AUI 265106004 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ insercin de prtesis de Austin-Moore
C1267364 A5350333 L3906941 S4590407 AUI 13914008 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ arteria ilaca externa izquierda [como un todo] (estructura corporal)
C0446477 A6051298 L4590509 S5273982 AUI 117133000 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~2~ primer espacio intercostal
C1446403 A10965277 L6115076 S7034740 AUI 413333007 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ el paciente recibi consejo verbal (situacin)
C0255813 A5337717 L3895055 S4578524 AUI 103167004 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ antgeno linfocitario CD120B
C1827509 A12459922 L6549624 S7628475 AUI 422593004 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ insuficiencia renal aguda por inhibidor de la enzima convertidora de angiotensina (trastorno)
C0401684 A6283679 L4817216 S5500685 AUI 176339000 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ uretroplastia anastomtica (procedimiento)
C0004095 A5364879 L3920928 S4604405 AUI 70323002 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~2~ astenopa
C1287681 A5405353 L3960400 S4643868 AUI 366151006 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ capacidad vital forzada - hallazgo
C0310935 A6287329 L4820750 S5504224 AUI 85192002 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ vacuna contra la enteritis del visn - vacuna bacteriana - toxoide contra Clostridium botulinum tipo C
C0277505 A6220500 L4755933 S5439402 AUI 54034003 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ sndrome de Behcet, tipo intestinal
C0569116 A5814785 L4361090 S5044560 AUI 291773000 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ intoxicacin por vacuna antiamarlica, con intencin indeterminada
C2919788 A18524427 L9504972 S11825993 AUI 445321006 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ sindactilia compleja de dedos de los pies (trastorno)
C0368885 A6096846 L4635399 S5318868 AUI 96313007 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ quenodesoxicolilglicina conjugada (sustancia)
C2317261 A15867896 L8088189 S10152602 AUI 430179004 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~3~ sumatriptn, forma farmacutica de uso nasal (producto)
C2960293 A19332098 L9964101 S12450929 AUI 446490007 SUBSETMEMBER 1160037~1~ extraccin extracapsular de cristalino en una etapa e insercin de lente intraocular protsica por va temporal inferior


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C0523610 A5890181 L4434285 S5117756 SCUI 104640001 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 medicin de dihidrolipoamida deshidrogenasa
C0523377 A5889039 L4433148 S5116618 SCUI 104391006 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 medicin de anticuerpos anti - corteza suprarrenal
C2937270 A5762817 L4309757 S4993231 SCUI 173980008 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 ileostoma temporaria
C0232538 A5700103 L4248719 S4932197 SCUI 106082003 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 funcin gstrica
C0203054 A6058436 L4597528 S5280999 SCUI 108278003 CONCEPTSTATUS 2 procedimiento radiolgico en el tubo digestivo
C0193826 A6058122 L4597219 S5280689 SCUI 107994000 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 procedimiento quirrgico en el sistema hematopoytico
C1531741 A8290134 L5505626 S6298895 SCUI 413774005 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 caucsico, de origen no hispano
C0422524 A6288647 L4822068 S5505538 SCUI 185691009 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 vacunacin del adulto - tercera reconvocatoria
C0422102 A5502949 L4055089 S4738559 SCUI 184970006 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 demanda de atencin de la polica: no pagada
C0557604 A5308997 L3866769 S4550241 SCUI 224648002 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 anexo privado
C0556729 A5915517 L4458890 S5142360 SCUI 229383005 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 movilizacin fisiolgica de la articulacin tibiofemoral
C0404463 A5674162 L4223251 S4906722 SCUI 237049007 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 fibrosis tubrica
C0397468 A5513584 L4065542 S4749012 SCUI 233190007 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 descompresin cerrada de taponamiento cardaco
C0429818 A5751485 L4298748 S4982218 SCUI 252021003 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 hipoactividad uretral
C0079506 A6304072 L4836712 S5520183 SCUI 243580008 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 virus del herpes humano tipo 7
C0423381 A6161531 L4698321 S5381792 SCUI 247106007 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 retinitis caseosa
C0441244 A5419889 L3974499 S4657969 SCUI 257245000 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 catter de succin Yankauer
C0448461 A5483928 L4036779 S4720250 SCUI 245006005 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 cuarto msculo interseo dorsal de la mano
C0197528 A5717576 L4265500 S4948975 SCUI 265293008 CONCEPTSTATUS 0 goniopuncin


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C0403150 A7053487 L5218801 S5956226 SCUI 160206006 CTV3ID 0IZ8. cuidador de bienes
C0422323 A6003546 L4544708 S5228179 SCUI 185379005 CTV3ID 9N71. paciente "convocado" - prevencin
C0325232 A17608392 L9303556 S11547588 SCUI 107005007 CTV3ID XU1pQ familia Antilocapridae
C0317330 A5200381 L3759354 S4442825 SCUI 105773005 CTV3ID Xa95t Salmonella, grupo O:58
C0454228 A5546913 L4098361 S4781833 SCUI 228822003 CTV3ID Ub0yq distancia aumentada del foco a la piel
C0341469 A6005770 L4546861 S5230330 SCUI 235951009 CTV3ID X308u pancreatitis crnica por clculo en la vescula biliar
C0399445 A5840931 L4386687 S5070158 SCUI 235006007 CTV3ID X20Q4 lesin periodncica y endodncica
C0328073 A7031763 L5197186 S5934609 SCUI 112560005 CTV3ID XU37S Hybopsis labrosa
C0026703 A5916622 L4459934 S5143437 SCUI 11380006 CTV3ID XU3PH mucopolisacaridosis
C0155357 A5595116 L4145387 S4828859 SCUI 267660007 CTV3ID XE171 escleritis posterior
C1265308 A16626993 L3765485 S4448957 SCUI 114017006 CTV3ID XU3SK Veillonella alcalescens, subespecie ratii
C1017388 A7032552 L5197973 S5935397 SCUI 113789004 CTV3ID XU3P4 Lactobacillus lindneri
C0348018 A6076375 L4614789 S5298710 SCUI 260419006 CTV3ID X80xu proyeccin
C0459976 A6151854 L4688763 S5372234 SCUI 261555005 CTV3ID X90RE reparacin por obstruccin de reservorio urinario
C1292270 A5542137 L4093638 S4777110 SCUI 116182005 CTV3ID XU40h disfibringeno adquirido
C0316531 A13205128 L6853324 S7961195 SCUI 11579007 CTV3ID Xa8wA Salmonella Cullingworth
C1292197 A5669274 L4218498 S4901972 SCUI 115795001 CTV3ID XU3u6 fenotipo P>1<
C0413940 A6117455 L4655152 S5338624 SCUI 292515001 CTV3ID Xa5Mr reaccin adversa a la clonidina
C0586813 A5522031 L4073906 S4757376 SCUI 309297008 CTV3ID XaBnr deteccin selectiva, monitoreo y vigilancia


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C1305176 A5718730 L4266631 S4950100 SCUI 181331008 ISPRIMITIVE 1 gran arteria radicular anterior de Adamkiewicz [como un todo]
C0404171 A5846856 L4392435 S5075906 SCUI 176949009 ISPRIMITIVE 0 ligadura a cielo abierto de la trompa de Falopio izquierda
C0229720 A5615759 L4165575 S4849046 SCUI 143925009 ISPRIMITIVE 1 estructura de ganglio linftico buccinatorio
C1290001 A15853716 L4097491 S4780962 SCUI 108734006 ISPRIMITIVE 1 dispositivo de puncin mltiple para prueba de PPD
C0152156 A15866886 L4785270 S5468844 SCUI 199746004 ISPRIMITIVE 1 trabajo de parto obstruido
C0557524 A17660138 L9273751 S11544254 SCUI 224543004 ISPRIMITIVE 1 enfermera especializada en atencin de diabticos
C1290581 A5654311 L4203913 S4887386 SCUI 109536003 ISPRIMITIVE 1 exfoliacin demorada de un solo diente
C0404538 A5856252 L4400953 S5084423 SCUI 237112004 ISPRIMITIVE 1 liquen plano de la vulva
C0339405 A5586079 L4136490 S4819962 SCUI 231983008 ISPRIMITIVE 0 epitelitis pigmentaria retiniana
C1268355 A5758687 L4305678 S4989148 SCUI 110806003 ISPRIMITIVE 1 hgado y rin, SC
C0393679 A5585086 L4135547 S4819018 SCUI 230391003 ISPRIMITIVE 1 epilepsia amigdalohipocmpica
C0339464 A5517072 L4068979 S4752450 SCUI 232015009 ISPRIMITIVE 1 desprendimiento slido de retina
C1562228 A9032392 L5659204 S6485988 SCUI 416238005 ISPRIMITIVE 1 tcnica de intubacin
C0426025 A6049345 L4588663 S5272134 SCUI 249030002 ISPRIMITIVE 1 presentacin bien encajada
C0205266 A5797091 L4343487 S5026959 SCUI 11163003 ISPRIMITIVE 1 intacto
C0445563 A6183881 L4720152 S5403623 SCUI 262467006 ISPRIMITIVE 1 serotipo Perameles
C0439195 A7060051 L5225347 S5962772 SCUI 258722005 ISPRIMITIVE 1 fmol
C0444610 A6293397 L4826655 S5510126 SCUI 255758004 ISPRIMITIVE 1 vehculo cosmtico
C0568415 A5814704 L4361006 S5044479 SCUI 291046007 ISPRIMITIVE 0 intoxicacin por triazolam


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C0419478 A6024068 L4564567 S5248038 SCUI 170007006 SNOMEDID F-03C31 peso del nio entre percentilos 3 y 9
C0452562 A15853627 L3733574 S4417046 SCUI 226603004 SNOMEDID C-F0313 Coco Pops
C0477220 A16676840 L3797781 S4481253 SCUI 220238004 SNOMEDID DF-D141A [X]persona lesionada por colisin entre automvil y vehculo de transporte pesado (trnsito)
C0231492 A19326043 L9969012 S12444828 SCUI 10947000 SNOMEDID F-11030 accin de msculo sinrgico, funcin
C0480472 A16641414 L3789063 S4472534 SCUI 222285000 SNOMEDID F-030DB [X]lesin autoinfligida intencionalmente al saltar o tirarse ante un objeto en movimiento, en la escuela, rea administrativa pblica u otra institucin
C1304962 A5925279 L4468161 S5151631 SCUI 244827005 SNOMEDID T-13351 msculo milohioideo [como un todo]
C0397382 A5467822 L4021045 S4704516 SCUI 233144004 SNOMEDID P1-08624 construccin de conducto de tronco pulmonar hacia arteria pulmonar derecha
C0031138 A6171243 L4707839 S5391310 SCUI 243973003 SNOMEDID T-D442D saco mayor del peritoneo
C0445273 A5418566 L3973205 S4656677 SCUI 262124007 SNOMEDID A-00BB3 casco protector
C0345233 A6260490 L4794647 S5478117 SCUI 253778009 SNOMEDID D4-56508 trastorno funcional congnito del colon
C3146221 A13207095 L6829453 S7939683 SCUI 282035009 SNOMEDID R-F6B15 Juvenile
C0559595 A6143676 L4680658 S5364129 SCUI 281701004 SNOMEDID P0-057C2 remocin de restauracin dental existente
C0342521 A6255720 L4789967 S5473438 SCUI 276856001 SNOMEDID DF-00321 trastorno androlgico endcrino
C0456379 A6282223 L4815823 S5499293 SCUI 277036008 SNOMEDID F-1182E unidades motoras estables
C0572681 A6203124 L4739038 S5422508 SCUI 295798006 SNOMEDID DF-103F5 sobredosis de vindesina, con intencin indeterminada
C0568532 A5813955 L4360265 S5043738 SCUI 291169007 SNOMEDID DD-81AED intoxicacin por periciazina
C0561144 A6301373 L4834047 S5517517 SCUI 283263009 SNOMEDID D0-755C4 vidrio en glteo
C0586152 A5507608 L4059689 S4743159 SCUI 306165000 SNOMEDID P0-20624 derivacin a servicio de nutricin hospitalario
C0576656 A6181917 L4718239 S5401708 SCUI 299907005 SNOMEDID F-A202A sensacin de fro reducida


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C0342440 A6220689 L4756115 S5439584 SCUI 190501008 AQ episodicidad~episodicidades~1355671025~246456000~288526004~1~2~0 sndrome de Cushing idioptico
C0018816 A5494992 L4047347 S4730815 SCUI 59494005 AQ severidad~severidad~1233003020~246112005~272141005~1~2~0 defecto congnito del tabique cardaco
C0577991 A5819302 L4365542 S5049013 SCUI 301300001 AQ acceso~valores de acceso quirrgico~1620286024~260507000~309795001~1~2~0 inyeccin en articulacin esternoclavicular
C0160122 A7052615 L5217931 S5955355 SCUI 86267000 AQ curso clnico~curso~3168400020~263502005~288524001~1~2~0 conmocin con prdida breve de la consciencia
C0413907 A6120389 L4657900 S5341372 SCUI 293519004 AQ severidad~severidad~1593385028~246112005~272141005~1~2~0 reaccin adversa al lanatsido C
C1266414 A5889449 L4433557 S5117028 SCUI 121462003 AQ prioridad~prioridades~1311899025~260870009~272125009~1~2~0 medicin de biperideno
C0452075 A5838253 L4384039 S5067510 SCUI 213385006 AQ curso clnico~curso~3124363026~263502005~288524001~1~2~0 lesiones de los vasos sanguneos que comprometen mltiples regiones del cuerpo
C0454108 A6263593 L4797716 S5481188 SCUI 228701001 AQ prioridad~prioridades~1467309020~260870009~272125009~1~2~0 tratamiento con estroncio 89
C1283729 A6028096 L4568437 S5251907 SCUI 361023000 AQ lateralidad~lateralidad~1888338020~272741003~182353008~1~2~0 piel de parte del cuarto dedo del pie
C0341786 A5314288 L3871891 S4555361 SCUI 236779000 AQ curso clnico~curso~3130106026~263502005~288524001~1~2~0 anomala congnita del escroto
C0585103 A5391282 L3946759 S4630231 SCUI 307198001 AQ curso clnico~curso~3149006023~263502005~288524001~1~2~0 bridas del intestino delgado
C0343888 A5481813 L4034745 S4718215 SCUI 240724004 AQ episodicidad~episodicidades~1513607021~246456000~288526004~1~2~0 criptococosis cutnea
C2919639 A18516769 L9502666 S11817640 SCUI 445395006 AQ episodicidad~episodicidades~3792255029~246456000~288526004~1~2~0 alergia a Myroxylon pereirae
C0401049 A5674129 L4223219 S4906689 SCUI 236017004 AQ curso clnico~curso~3129649026~263502005~288524001~1~2~0 fibrosis retroperitoneal maligna
C0017296 A6238176 L4772860 S5456331 SCUI 394613000 AQ acceso~valores de acceso quirrgico~2404762027~260507000~309795001~1~2~0 terapia gentica
C3164989 A19951211 L10276646 S12822923 SCUI 449039004 AQ acceso~valores de acceso quirrgico~3828618022~260507000~309795001~1~2~0 conversin a reemplazo total de articulacin de la cadera con prtesis
C3164796 A19966852 L10269916 S12823194 SCUI 448822006 AQ episodicidad~episodicidades~3828499024~246456000~288526004~1~2~0 deficiencia de valva de vlvula auriculoventricular en defecto de tabique auriculoventricular
C0561360 A5741845 L4289424 S4972894 SCUI 283487009 AQ curso clnico~curso~3140061022~263502005~288524001~1~2~0 herida punzante en la pantorrilla
C0394436 A5513652 L4065610 S4749080 SCUI 230980002 AQ acceso~valores de acceso quirrgico~1473488025~260507000~309795001~1~2~0 descompresin de rama temporal de nervio facial


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C0871161 A6071257 L4610227 S5293716 SCUI 370130000 UMLSREL RO propiedad
C1299991 A5923633 L4466614 S5150105 SCUI 370129005 UMLSREL RO mtodo de medicin
C1829462 A12389189 L6540373 S7622296 SCUI 424361007 UMLSREL RO con uso de sustancia
C0449411 A5269778 L3828256 S4511727 SCUI 246075003 UMLSREL RO agente causal
C0457570 A6245086 L4779541 S5463014 SCUI 370132008 UMLSREL RO tipo de escala
C2745955 A5966184 L4507913 S5191386 SCUI 246454002 UMLSREL RO ocurrencia
C0332304 A5830804 L4376683 S5060173 SCUI 272741003 UMLSREL RO lateralidad
C0449259 A5489759 L4042367 S4725838 SCUI 263502005 UMLSREL RO curso clnico
C1299987 A6130805 L4668165 S5351637 SCUI 370124000 UMLSREL RO reemplazado por
C1320543 A7069144 L5234411 S5971835 SCUI 405816004 UMLSREL RO morfologa de procedimiento
C1443279 A19330878 L9969328 S12447509 SCUI 408730004 UMLSREL RO contexto de procedimiento
C0332281 A5362488 L3918574 S4602046 SCUI 47429007 UMLSREL RO asociado con
C1278418 A6087369 L4626063 S5309535 SCUI 149016008 UMLSREL RO puede ser un[a]
C1278655 A5762469 L4309433 S4992904 SCUI 168666000 UMLSREL SY igual a
C0013153 A7851728 L4840743 S5524221 SCUI 410675002 UMLSREL RO va de administracin
C1828080 A12251983 L6537087 S7622289 SCUI 425391005 UMLSREL RO con uso de dispositivo de acceso
C1285538 A6197500 L4733432 S5416900 SCUI 363698007 UMLSREL RO sitio del hallazgo
C1299988 A6252784 L4787077 S5470549 SCUI 370125004 UMLSREL RO transferido a
C0025663 A5923966 L4466373 S5150436 SCUI 260686004 UMLSREL RO mtodo


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C0871161 A6071257 L4610227 S5293716 SCUI 370130000 UMLSRELA has_property propiedad
C1299991 A5923633 L4466614 S5150105 SCUI 370129005 UMLSRELA has_measurement_method mtodo de medicin
C1829462 A12389189 L6540373 S7622296 SCUI 424361007 UMLSRELA uses_substance con uso de sustancia
C0449411 A5269778 L3828256 S4511727 SCUI 246075003 UMLSRELA has_causative_agent agente causal
C0457570 A6245086 L4779541 S5463014 SCUI 370132008 UMLSRELA has_scale_type tipo de escala
C2745955 A5966184 L4507913 S5191386 SCUI 246454002 UMLSRELA occurs_in ocurrencia
C0332304 A5830804 L4376683 S5060173 SCUI 272741003 UMLSRELA has_laterality lateralidad
C0449259 A5489759 L4042367 S4725838 SCUI 263502005 UMLSRELA has_clinical_course curso clnico
C1299987 A6130805 L4668165 S5351637 SCUI 370124000 UMLSRELA replaced_by reemplazado por
C1320543 A7069144 L5234411 S5971835 SCUI 405816004 UMLSRELA has_procedure_morphology morfologa de procedimiento
C1443279 A19330878 L9969328 S12447509 SCUI 408730004 UMLSRELA has_procedure_context contexto de procedimiento
C0332281 A5362488 L3918574 S4602046 SCUI 47429007 UMLSRELA associated_with asociado con
C1278418 A6087369 L4626063 S5309535 SCUI 149016008 UMLSRELA may_be_a puede ser un[a]
C1278655 A5762469 L4309433 S4992904 SCUI 168666000 UMLSRELA same_as igual a
C0013153 A7851728 L4840743 S5524221 SCUI 410675002 UMLSRELA has_route_of_administration va de administracin
C1828080 A12251983 L6537087 S7622289 SCUI 425391005 UMLSRELA uses_access_device con uso de dispositivo de acceso
C1285538 A6197500 L4733432 S5416900 SCUI 363698007 UMLSRELA has_finding_site sitio del hallazgo
C1299988 A6252784 L4787077 S5470549 SCUI 370125004 UMLSRELA moved_to transferido a
C0025663 A5923966 L4466373 S5150436 SCUI 260686004 UMLSRELA has_method mtodo


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C1368722 A20593843 L5207550 S5944973 AUI 1160037 SUBSETCONTEXTID 0 Spanish Language Edition


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C1368722 A20593843 L5207550 S5944973 AUI 1160037 SUBSETLANGUAGECODE es Spanish Language Edition


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C1368722 A20593843 L5207550 S5944973 AUI 1160037 SUBSETORIGINALID 103030 Spanish Language Edition


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C1368722 A20593843 L5207550 S5944973 AUI 1160037 SUBSETREALMID 0 Spanish Language Edition


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C1368722 A20593843 L5207550 S5944973 AUI 1160037 SUBSETTYPE 1 Spanish Language Edition


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C1368722 A20593843 L5207550 S5944973 AUI 1160037 SUBSETVERSION 22 Spanish Language Edition