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FAQ: Clinical Trial Results

Trial results are not always publicly available, even after a clinical trial ends. Sometimes, a trial ends before completion, and/or researchers may never publish results. The company that makes the product or sponsored the trial may be the only source of information.

Some sources for finding published trial results are:

  • MEDLINE/PubMed
    • Search for the name of the study or study number by combining ([si] OR clinical trial[pt]) with the particular disease, condition, or therapy in your search.
    • The first part of the search strategy retrieves references from the databases.
    • The second part of the search strategy retrieves MEDLINE® references identified as reporting on clinical trials.
  • Search for the name of the study's principal investigator or collaborators: (disease AND last name [ir]).
  • MEDLINE/PubMed has journal article citations and abstracts. Some links to free full-text articles are available. Speak to a local librarian about getting full-text articles through interlibrary loan services if you see no links.
  • NIH may write about a trial’s results as NIH News, a Clinical Alert, or an Advisory.

For more information about clinical trials and results, see the following resources:

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