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FAQ: Hospital Information

For current information on hospitals and health facilities in the United States (US), consult the directories found on the Web. You can also look in print directories at your local library. The NLM does not recommend or evaluate health care facilities. Visit to find suggestions for comparing facilities.

MedlinePlus® is the NLM Web site for consumer health information. Visit the MedlinePlus Directories page for listings of hospitals and healthcare facilities, or visit one of the following topic pages:

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUPnet) allows you to search for data on hospital use, access, charges, quality and outcomes. The information provided is not for specific hospitals, but gives overall statistics for different types of hospitals.

To compare hospitals, use Hospital Compare.

Some states also have tools available on the Web to compare hospitals or other health facilities operating in the state. Check with your state’s health department or other state agencies to see if your state has such a site.

For information on hospitals or health facilities outside the United States, check government health organizations in that country.

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