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Cataloging: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Module 2—Using the Online NLM Classification

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Class Number Format

  • Spaces—Unlike LCC, there is a space between the letter(s) and the number(s). Exception: Even though W1–W9 are displayed online with a space in between, do not input a space when recording these numbers in a bibliographic record.

    QS 16 not QS16
    W2 not W 2

  • Decimals—May or may not indicate subordinate class numbers

    Example of subordinate decimal class number

    Screen capture of a subordinate decimal class number.

    Example of decimal class number that is not subordinate

    Screen capture of decimal class number that is not subordinate.

  • Indentation—Indented schedule captions always indicate class numbers for subordinate concepts

    Example: Class numbers WB 146 through WB 182 are subordinate to WB 143

    Screen capture of class number indentation.

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