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Cataloging: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Module 2—Using the Online NLM Classification

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Class Number Types

  • Form numbers—Group of numbers in each schedule ranging generally from 1-49 which are used to classify materials by publication type (e.g., dictionaries, atlases) or special topic (e.g., history or legislation) (Cf. Module 6—Form Numbers)
  • Table G—Annotated numbers which allow for geographic breakdown. Linked to auxiliary Table G listing. Always paired with .1 (Not Table G) number. (Cf. Module 5—Table G)

Screen capture of an example of a class number from Table G.

  • A-Z— l sub arrangement of subordinate concepts. The .5 number is a placeholder and is not used alone. The A-Z number remains the same even if the caption changes. For example, the former caption for WZ 80.5.O6 was Orientals.

    Screen capture of class number type from A to Z.

  • Canceled numbers— Numbers made obsolete for the NLM Classification. Canceled class numbers are enclosed in brackets with the caption: [This number not used]. A cumulative list of canceled numbers is available at

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