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Cataloging: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Module 2—Using the Online NLM Classification

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  • Relationship to MeSH—May or may not be MeSH terms

    Screen capture of captions class example.

    Screen capture of captions MeSH relationship example.

  • Punctuation—A period (".") is used to separate related but different concepts within the same caption.

    Screen capture of captions punctuation example.

Class Notes

  • Associated with individual class numbers

    Types of class notes:

    • E.g.—Gives examples of terms classed at a particular number

      Screen capture of class notes e g example.

    • Cutter—Gives instructions for assigning cutter information for names

      Screen capture of class notes cutter example.

    • Explanatory—Defines what is classed at a particular number or elsewhere

      Screen capture of class notes explanatory example.
  • Serials

    NLM generally classes serials in W1 or W2 or in specifically marked classification numbers with the annotation (Used for both monographs and serials) (Cf. Module 9—Serials)

    Screen capture of format application example.

Hyperlinks in the Schedules

  • Between and among numbers within the text of the schedules
  • To the geographic Table G from designated class numbers

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