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Cataloging: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Module 2—Using the Online NLM Classification

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Searching the NLM Classification

Screen capture of the search boxes for the N L M classification.

Index Searches

  • The index can only be searched via the search box on the left side. Index is the default mode
  • Terms or class numbers appearing in the index may be searched
  • Terms may be truncated; punctuation and capitalization are ignored
  • Multiple terms are automatically "anded" together; Boolean operators are not used
  • The search may be enclosed in quotes to increase search precision

Schedule Searches

  • Click schedule radio button beneath the left search box to search the Schedules
  • Class numbers or terms appearing in the schedules may be searched
  • The search results is a compilation and not a page of the Schedule itself. Click on the shaded class numbers to view them in proper context within the Schedule

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