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Cataloging: Fundamentals of the NLM® Classification

Module 4—General Principles

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Topical Subheadings

  • When a topical subheading is used with the primary subject, check both index and the main schedule to determine whether a specific number has been assigned to cover that aspect of the topic
  • Whenever a main heading/topical subheading concept is indexed to a specific number in the class schedule that matches the primary main heading/subheading chosen, use that class number
  • Example:
    • In the index under Kidney the cataloger is led to WJ 300-378. Specific numbers for $x anatomy and $x physiology are not provided in the index

      Screen capture of Kidney in the index.

  • However, an examination of the schedule leads the cataloger to WJ 301 for Kidney $x anatomy or Kidney $x physiology

    Screen capture of Kidney in the schedule.

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