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NLM Logos and Images

The NLM logo is for the official use of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health and not for use on private sector materials. To the public, such use would send a message that NLM favors or endorses a private sector organization or the organization’s activities, products, services, and/or personnel (either overtly or tacitly), which NLM does not and cannot do.

Contact: If you need a higher-resolution file or if you have specific questions about logo usage, please contact NLM Customer Service.

NLM Logos

All NLM logos have been created in blue, blue/grey, black, grey and white. Save the ZIP file provided to download all color variations of a particular logo style.

If the logos here do not meet your needs, contact the NLM Office of Communications and Public Liaison to request one of the additional logo versions available.

Logo Guidelines

Includes color, size and typography details.

Primary Logo

Download the primary logo in alternative colors.

All color options | ZIP

Blue Primary NLM NIH logo

Tri-Agency Logo

Download the tri-agency logo in alternative colors.

All color options | ZIP

Blue Tri-agency HHS NIH NLM logo

Abbreviated Logo

Download the abbreviated logo in alternative colors.

All color options | ZIP

Blue Abbreviated NLM NIH logo

Division, National Network, and Product Logos

Many of these logos represent product names with registered trademarks. Please review the National Library of Medicine Trademarks page for information on referring to these product names in your publications.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

White NCBI logo  Blue NCBI logo

National Network of Libraries of Medicine

NNLM logo



MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus Connect

English MedlinePlus logoSpanish MedlinePlus logo MedlinePlus Connect Logo

PubMed Logo