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Select NLM Associate Fellowship Projects

NLM Associate Fellows select three projects to work on during the fellowship year. One project, in the Fall, is a smaller project, and complements the curriculum phase of the fellowship. The other two projects are bigger, and take place in the Spring from approximately February through July each year. The projects can range from operational to research; from something applied, like developing a video, to exploratory, like exploring use of common data elements in NIH-funded research. NLM Associate Fellows write reports for each project; a selection of the most recent project reports are presented below.

Associate Fellow Fellowship Year Project Report
Kudryashov, Luke 2021-2022 NLM Accessibility Needs Assessment
Kennefick Wilairat, Samantha; Frank, Vitale 2021-2022 Associate Fellowship Program Curriculum Recommendations
Cruise, Allison 2020-2021 A Community Engagement Toolkit for NLM and NNLM
Cruise, Allison 2020-2021 RxFAQ: Improving the RxNav FAQ Page Through Analysis of Customer Service Emails
Cox, Brenna 2019-2020 The Role of Legislation at the National Library of Medicine
Han, Sharon 2019-2020 Analysis of NLM DOCLINE Interlibrary Loan system usage data during selected public health events
Han, Sharon 2019-2020 Global Health Exhibition Online Education Resource
Han, Sharon 2019-2020 Shaping an NLM Roadmap for Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science
Kinzel, Eden 2019-2020 An Analysis of Health and Science LIS Courses and Faculty Experience at ALA-Accredited Schools Across the United States
Brody, Stacy 2018-2019 Improving Outreach and Evaluation for the NNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon
Brody, Stacy 2018-2019 The Unified Medical Language System: A Scoping Review of its Use in Research
Clarke, Sarah 2018-2019 MeSH on Demand as a Tool to Enhance Keywords in Disaster Lit Records
Llorens, Amelia 2018-2019 A Longitudinal Assessment of Bioinformatics Training for Librarians
Llorens, Amelia 2018-2019 Helping MedlinePlus Users Evaluate Online Health Information
Vetter, Cecilia 2018-2019 Designing a Workshop on Literature Searching for School Nursing Policy Writing
Vetter, Cecilia 2018-2019 Online Exhibit Content conversion for the History of Medicine Division
Barr, Gabrielle 2017-2018 Developing Finding Aids for Unprocessed Collections in HAV
Sheridan, Shannon 2017-2018 Comparing Literature and the Real-World: using data science to track temporal trends
Strayhorn, Nicole 2017-2018 Visualizing NNLM
Fratta, Megan 2016-2017 PubMed Training Needs Assessment of Cancer Researchers
Godwin, Kendra 2016-2017 Briefing Memo on Open Science
Moses, Tyler 2016-2017 Bridging the Information Gap: Assessing the Medical Information Needs of Families at The Children's Inn
Moses, Tyler 2016-2017 Leveraging GovDelivery for MedlinePlus Email Campaigns and Outreach
Norton, Candace 2016-2017 Investigating the Inpact of NLM Resources Using Bibliometric Analysis
Norton, Candace 2016-2017 Enhancing 'safety' and 'case report' search filters applied in MEDLINE to support PubMed/EMERALD Literature 'Alerts' for pharmacovigilance
Baltich Nelson, Becky 2015-2016 Open Discovery Initiative: Recommended Core Metadata Elements for Content Providers
Deardorff, Ariel 2014-2015 Making Sense of the Data: Analyzing RFI Responses on Data Management Educational Tools
Deardorff, Ariel 2014-2015 Seeing a Path to Understanding: Visualizing SIS data
Deardorff, Ariel 2014-2015 Assessing the National Library of Medicine's Informationist Awards
Elliott, Kristina 2014-2015 Exploring MEDLINE Journals that Publish Randomized Controlled Trial Results, Trial Registry Unique Identifiers, and Journal Policies
Foster, Erin 2014-2015 Examination and Evaluation of Publications Resulting from Research Projects Listed in HSRProj
Foster, Erin 2014-2015 Analyzing Submitted Requests from the US SNOMED CT Content Request System (USCRS)
Foster, Erin 2014-2015 Developing an NLM Nursing Terminology Resource
Foster, Erin 2014-2015 Exploring Use of NIH Common Data Elements in NIH-funded Research
Jason, Don 2013-2014 NLM Recruitment Video: A Video for the “Careers@ NLM” Web page and YouTube
Jason, Don 2013-2014 NLM Minority Professions Database Training Program, Phase 1
Jason, Don 2013-2014 Competencies and the Network: Defining Professional Competencies and Personal Characteristics for Health Information Outreach
Jason, Don 2013-2014 Turning Data Insights into Action: Developing a Google Analytics Customization Plan for the Division of Specialized Information Services
Masterton, Kate 2013-2014 Assessing the quality of automatic classification of NLM customers' requests and corresponding automatically generated responses to customers' requests
Masterton, Kate 2013-2014 Creating a homepage for SciENcv
Masterton, Kate 2013-2014 Uses of MeSH and MeSH Indexing in Biomedical Informatics Research
Minter, Christian 2013-2014 MedlinePlus Connect: Mapping Dietary Supplement Information to Medication Codes
Minter, Christian 2013-2014 Developing Disaster Health Search Hedges and Pre-formulated PubMed Searches
Minter, Christian 2013-2014 Semantic MEDLINE Quick Tour
Minter, Christian 2013-2014 A User-Centered Approach to Redesigning the Associate Fellowship Program Website
Pettenati, Nicole 2013-2014 NLM History on Pinterest
Thompson, Holly 2013-2014 RxNorm API Usage Analysis
Almader-Douglas, Diana 2012-2013 Evaluation and Enhancement of the NNLM Health Literacy Web-based Resource
Almader-Douglas, Diana 2012-2013 Building a Health and Medicine Blogs Archive
Gutzman, Karen 2012-2013 A Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) extension to support NISO’s Recommended Practices for Online Supplemental Journal Article Materials 
Gutzman, Karen 2012-2013 Examination of carbon dioxide emissions data sources for TOXMAP
Gutzman, Karen 2012-2013 Developing Educational Videos about National Library of Medicine K-12 Resources
Hedberg, RoseMary 2012-2013 Analyzing Lexical Tool Fruitful Variants for Concept Mapping in the Synonym Mapping Tool
Hedberg, RoseMary 2012-2013 Characterizing the Investments in NLM’s Grant Portfolio
Hedberg, RoseMary 2012-2013 Assessing the Need for a Set of Guidelines/Best Practices for NLM API Documentation
Read, Kevin 2012-2013 Links for all: converting class materials for students into topic guides for everyone
Read, Kevin 2012-2013 Building an NIH Data Catalog: Bit by Bit
Read, Kevin 2012-2013 Contributing to NIH-wide Initiatives of Big Data and Data Sharing: Building a Web Portal of NIH Data Sharing Repositories and Data Sharing Policies
Harris, Bethany 2011-2012 Digital Training Development and Best Practices for Library Instruction in Toxicology, Chemistry, and Environmental Health
Mason-Coles, Michele 2011-2012 An Evaluation of an NN/LM Web Based Resource
Mason-Coles, Michele 2011-2012 Cataloging Journal Article Reprints Authored by Seminal Figures of the 19th Century
Mason-Coles, Michele 2011-2012 Creating Structured Evidence Queries for Healthy People 2020 National Objectives
Roy, Suzy 2011-2012 Tracking NLM RO1 Outcomes: An Evaluation with Scopus
Roy, Suzy 2011-2012 Librarian Assistance in the Use of Semantic MEDLINE: Outreach to Scientists
Roy, Suzy 2011-2012 Assessment of MTIFL Indexing Evaluation Methods
Van Der Volgen, Jessi 2011-2012 Analysis of consumer-health questions for development of question-answering technology
Van Der Volgen, Jessi 2011-2012 Disaster Information Specialist Training and Curriculum Review
Adamo, Julie 2010-2011 Analysis of Data from the U.S. Resource Description and Access (RDA) Test
Adamo, Julie 2010-2011 Tagging of Item Records for Medical Heritage Library Digitization
Adamo, Julie 2010-2011 Omeka and the NLM Digital Repository: A New Way of Creating HMD-Curated Websites
Burgess, Kristen 2010-2011 Researching EHR Systems with a Patient Education Component
Burgess, Kristen 2010-2011 MedlinePlus Connect: Planning for Clinical Coding System Changes docx
Burgess, Kristen 2010-2011 MedlinePlus Connect: Planning for Clinical Coding System Changes pdf
Greenland, Kristen 2010-2011 Impact of MEDLINE Selection on Journal Price
Greenland, Kristen 2010-2011 Tagging for Medical Heritage Library Digitization
Greenland, Kristen 2010-2011 Comment Article Indexing Practices For MEDLINE
Kiyoi, Stephen 2010-2011 Outreach to Social Workers 2011
Kiyoi, Stephen 2010-2011 Developing a User-Centered View of DailyMed for Mobile Devices
Kiyoi, Stephen 2010-2011 NLM Facts and Figures
M'seffar, Salima 2010-2011 Adding Arabic Script to Voyager Records for Materials in the History of Medicine Division Collections
M'seffar, Salima 2010-2011 Translation of French Titles to English for OLDMEDLINE Citations
M'seffar, Salima 2010-2011 Development of a Digital Library for the National Institute of Hygiene of Morocco
Sticco, Caitlin 2010-2011 Using the SNOMED CT Error Taxonomy to Maximize the SNOMED CT Content Request System
Sticco, Caitlin 2010-2011 The Gene Indexing Assistant
Cornell, Ada 2009-2010 Develop a Suite of UMLS QuickTour Learning Packages
Davis, MaShana 2009-2010 Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) Quick Tour Learning Packages
Westphal, Sarah 2009-2010 Wiley-Blackwell Open Access Backfiles
Amos, Kathleen 2008-2009 Evaluating the Impact of NLM-Funded Research Grants
Donahue, Amy 2008-2009 FOUND IN TRANSLATION: Tracking & Tagging Translational Research
Donahue, Amy 2008-2009 Disaster Information Specialist Activities: Bethesda Medical Libraries Emergency Preparedness Partnership & Promotion of the Disaster Information Specialist Project
Donahue, Amy 2008-2009 Discovery Interfaces: The Next Generation
Maez, Paula 2008-2009 Arctic Health Information Portal: Collaborations and Enhancements


Last Reviewed: January 27, 2022