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Karen Gutzman and Diana Almader-Douglas (2012-2014) work a shift at the reference desk. Salima M’seffar (2010-2011) represents NLM at a Native American Pow Wow in North Carolina. 2011-2012 Associates and librarian Kimberly Santoro learn about NLM’s scanning procedures. Stephen Kiyoi (2010-2012) presents a poster on one of his projects at the 2012 MLA Conference.

Associate Fellowship Program for Librarians

The National Library of Medicine Associate Fellowship Program is a one-year postgraduate training fellowship at the NLM in Bethesda, Maryland, with an optional second year program component. The program is designed to provide a broad foundation in health sciences information services, and to prepare librarians for future leadership roles in health sciences libraries and in health services research.

During the program, Associates will:

  • Learn about the collections, databases, terminologies, research and development, training, outreach, and exhibits that comprise the work and achievements of the National Library of Medicine
  • Understand strategic planning and development at a national level
  • Work on real-life projects that affect libraries and users throughout the country
  • Join a dynamic and successful cohort of alumni
  • Attend professional development conferences and seminars